Tonight I Write the Dumbest Lines

Nobody could care less about what I write at this moment.  Ideas on what to write escape me right now.  My brain cells are as dead as dead can be.  I feel the aching urge to just type a hodgepodge of words which have absolutely no coherence with one another whatsoever.

  • I find myself pleasantly amused at my daughter’s penchant for dancing and singing in front of the mirror.  I’m nothing short of amazed at how quickly she learns the lyrics and melody of pop songs.  I wish I could say the same about myself!  I guess, that’s just how kids are nowadays.  She is clearly manifesting a strong desire to make her own MTV.   I’m afraid her Katy Perry dreams will have to take a backseat for now, as I don’t intend to upload her dancing videos on YouTube and have the entire world feast on her talent.  Ellen DeGeneres will have to wait a few more years.
  • I feel an uncontrollable itch on my cheeks.  I was under the impression that at my age, acne should no longer be on my ever-growing list of worries.   I guess, a peaches and cream complexion is a perennial quest for me.  Did somebody just say “dermatologist”?  No can do!
  • What I really want right now is to sit back and watch An Affair to Remember with chips and a can of root beer in hand.  The icing on the cake will have to be wrapping my legs around a loved one’s, while sprawled on the living room couch.  I have this unspoken rule of never watching a romantic flick without a significant other with me.

I hope against all hope that this never happens again… this attack of writer’s block.  It just makes me feel that my IQ has sunk to the depths of the Marianas Trench.  It doesn’t make for an interesting read at all, I know.  Bear with me, please.

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I am a single working mom, trying to raise my kid the best way I know how. Join me as I navigate my way through the jungle that is Single Mom-hood, armed with rose-colored glasses and strength of spirit. As pepper adds spice to food, so does my daughter add spice to my life. She makes life no less than…PEPPERRIFIC!

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  1. Hay sis, you made me laugh on your intro :)

    Just write whatever fancies you at the moment until you get your writing mojo back.

    I’m in the same boat as you are. Well, mine started several weeks ago and I still don’t have the creative juice. I’m already tempted to let my doggie take the rein from me on blogging. I think I need a break ;)

    Ria C

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  2. Pepper! Have you read my blog? Seriously, this was more interesting than a post from me on any given day.

    Even amazingly talented writer’s like you get writer’s block. I liked the post, it was sweet.

    I think I might have to consider taking on your chic flick rule, otherwise, yes, I am a sobbing mess…alone; then I just start drinking and that makes it worse;)

    • Word of caution, Cari: never watch those movies alone! And throw out the vodka, please!

      I’m not trying to kiss ass here, but I do look up to you when it comes to writing, seriously! I love how you weave words together, and how you never fail to make your readers laugh! You can give David Letterman a run for his money. Yours is the witty kind of humor which I so admire. I feel my writing is hardly spectacular.

      So, let’s just get a copy of an old NKOTB magazine spread and cheer ourselves up :)

      • I like the ass kissing, keep going! Just kidding. You are a sweetie though, thank you. I’m just a talker, blessing and a curse, and I like telling stories, sometimes about the most ridiculous things.

        I adore your blog! I am jealous of it! You are so insightful and write beautifully. You put parenting in perspective, a perspective that is often times barely visible these days. I think you should write a book, or have you, is there something I don’t know?

        I might have an old magazine around here somewhere, come on over, I’ll even put in the cd!

        • Writing a book would be a monumental feat for me! If that would rake in the money, why not? :)
          While we’re at it, why don’t you throw in a Mark Paul Gosselaar (is that even how it’s spelled?) poster for me… Ewww!

  3. Very often most important thing, to start writing a post and then everything will happen … or better rest a week)))

  4. ok lang yan Pepper..sometimes I just read some of my favorite blogs and comment..

    like your sweet 3 year old loves to wiggle..sometimes he can wiggle 20 times a day hahaha..even when going upstairs so I am always at his back..he loves to wiggle and my 6 year old daughter she is a born dancer ehe…hip hop nga lang hahaha..

    morning sis *huggggssss* :)

  5. I had experience such thing before and these days was the opposite. I just recently came from a 3-week vacation and I have so many things to do but don’t have much time to write everything in my mind. Attending to a 1 year and 2 weeks lil boy is tough when you still have some work to think of. lol

  6. I’d love to see your daughter dancing to Katy Perry – sounds adorable! My little niece Janie knows ALL the words to a few rap songs (nothing explicit, though) and it baffles me when I hear her recite them – I don’t even know what they’re *saying* half the time!


  7. I snorted a little at the Ellen DeGeneres thing, funny how different kids are these days than when we were growing up. My Lala loves “Party rock anthem” and whatever that song is by Katy Perry that they over play like nobodies business. She is only 21 months but let me tell you, chicka’s got moves, haha.

    I hate writers block!! I have notebooks full of just what you said, a hodgepodge of words and sentences. Things that struck me as interesting or post worthy, but that I haven’t had time to sit and write about. Sometimes looking through them will inspire me, even if it’s just a little spark, it makes me feel better, and gives me a little something to write about.

    Personally I think this post was hilarious, and cute. I have been wanting to curl up and watch “It’s Complicated” with New Beau for like a month. Hopefully soon. :-)

    Have a great week!!


    • Hi Angel. I think I’m going to check out what Party Rock Anthem is all about. My daughter might like it too :). Wow, your Lala is a budding dancer. Thanks for the visit and for the snort :)… I snort too, by the way.

  8. I must be dumber than what you call dumb lines because I liked the randomness! I many times feel like writing something like this because at the end of the day, I am really tried to make my writing interesting and worth reading and yet I have so many things in my mind that I just want to throw out there but then in the end, I would even have time to compose. I’m really bad with time management, you know.

    and you just made me realize I am not romantic at all… inspite of having a husband now, I can watch romantic movies or series alone – not longing for him to be beside me…. even before when I was single LOL

    btw, thanks for dropping by my blog… I’m liking your blog and I believe you’re a keeper :)

    Spanish Pinay

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