Top 5 Signs Your Kid Is Addicted To Video Games

In this fast-paced world, we can do almost anything with the few clicks of a button.  What’s truly amazing is how our kids, who are barely out of their toddler years, are turning out to be much more tech-savvy than we are.  Yes, the technology bug has indeed bitten them real bad.  Do you sometimes ask yourself if you should send your kids to a Videoholics Anonymous meeting?  How do we know that your child is starting to get addicted to video games?

  1. As you go over the alphabet with your preschooler and ask him for a word which starts with the letter W, he gives Wii as an example.
  2. You find him squirming in his seat as he holds back the urge to go to the bathroom, just because he’s in the middle of a nasty Plants vs. Zombies encounter.
  3. Instead of having pancakes for breakfast, he asks you to turn the computer on first thing in the morning.  This holds true for almost every meal of the day.  He’d rather go hungry than miss playing his favorite video game.
  4. He forgets that it’s that time of the day when he’s supposed to help put away the laundry.   Neglecting his chores is a sign of addiction.
  5. He chooses to play video games over his friends.  Your child needs to get out of the house and learn that he cannot avoid reality.  Video games tend to create and alternate world for your child, and that’s what he chooses, since he feels that’s where he can control the universe.

If your child manifests the above symptoms on random days, that’s still considered normal.  But if he shows these signs more than twice a week, then you’re headed for trouble.

Playing video games does have some benefits, though.  We’ve all heard about how playing video games enhances a kid’s hand-eye coordination.  And you have to admit, when your kid is busy zapping away on the computer, that somehow frees you up to do other things.  Just learn to regulate his PC-playing habits, maybe help him find a different hobby which he can alternate with playing video games.


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  1. ayeeeeee..that’s one of my reasons why I hesitate to let my kids play games sa lappy ko hmp..because sis look ha my 3 yr.old got even just my celfone hala he was playing a ball game wahhhhh..ayaw bitawan and umabot to stage 4 amazing because I couldn’t reach that level hahaha..imagine him even when lying down playing with my fone with tongue a bit out from then on ay naku no no on games even on my 6 yr old daughter specially on first..

    magandang umaga Ms.Pepper..breakfast tayo po oh :)

  2. ayeeeee..katakot..I don’t want my son to look like the boy on the pix hahaha :)

  3. My boys definitely love their games! And I love the peace and quiet.

  4. Jen Wynter says

    Aye….I’m reluctant to admit this in a public forum, but last week I found a bucket in our garage (where the Wii is played) filled with….yeah.

    We had a BIG TALKING TO our son.

    And a little vomit.


  5. Shengkay says

    ay oo katakot ang ganun..
    buti na lang we’re on a family na can’t afford to buy those things..hehehe..
    CP gane ba snake lang meron kmi..hahaha..
    thanks for visiting my site once in a while mommy pep..

  6. kakatakot naman to…buti ala pa akong signs na nakikita sa anak ko…lol!

  7. I think my adoptive son is addicted, we think that we should get him to a specialist.

  8. SEO-Adelaide says

    all valid but mykids do the same with their Guitar & keyboard – are they addicted? Where doyou draw the line?

  9. Ankit Saini says

    After reading this post,
    I find’s friend son is really addicted to games..

  10. Phew! That was close. 2 out of 5. I was worried my daughter’s addicted to video games. Thank God she isn’t.

  11. My boys used to be addicted in playing video games. We have seen the signs and we have to do something about it. Now, they are only allowed to play with their gadgets Friday afternoon until Saturday evening, plus a couple of hours during Sundays.

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