Top 5 things you wish you could tell your mother-in-law

Sure, she only has the best intentions in mind when she comes over almost everyday and unmindfully moves things around the house.  But sometimes this habit tends to be an irritating pain in the arse, and you’re left helplessly sitting in a corner, pulling your hair out.  If you had enough guts, these are probably the things you’d tell her to her face:

  1. I wish you would give me prior notice when you plan on coming for a visit.  This is so I can put on my happy face, at least for as long (or short) as you’re there.
  2. When I say you can’t come over, it’s not because I’m keeping your grandchildren away from you.  It’s just because we just want some quiet time as a family.  We’ll just see you next weekend.  We’ll be the ones to come over.
  3. Why do you have to be so overbearing?  Your son is no longer a boy who has to be told what to do, especially when it comes to our problems at home.  If we need your help, we’ll go ahead and ask you.
  4. Can you blame me if I’m an opinionated woman who stands up for myself, and for my family?  When I voice out what I think, I’m not trying to disrespect you.  I’m merely trying to make a point.
  5. This bottle of tequila in my hand? I plan to down it all, just so I could wash away evil thoughts of you.

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  1. Nice post! Couldn’t agree more, especially on no. 1 and 3 please! :)

  2. MommyLES says

    i had that thoughts :) before but everything changed when FIL passed away. I had to be there for my MIL the entire family was not prepared for his untimely demised. In fact all my FIL’s messages for my MIL are sent through my dreams. :)

  3. Funny, but the thing is … even if you said those things you’d still see her just as often – in fact it might even encourage her to visit more often just to wind you up!

  4. hahaha natawa naman ako dito pep. buti na lang hindi ganyan ang mother in law ko. though we live with them, i pretty much get my way hehehe

    Bouncing on a Trampoline

  5. natuwa naman ako sa post na ito. buti nlng i need not tell this to my MIL when she were still alive, i was very lucky to have her as my MIL

  6. At least you don’t live with your MIL, we live with her and it sucks! I like the tequila part, wish I could do that too but ever since the kidney scare I haven’t had any liquor.. :P

  7. my mom-in-law has already given up the ghost, and my dad-in-law is nowhere near that, so i guess i consider myself … lucky? sometimes though, i wish my mom-in-law lived long enough to see her grandkids. but i see your point(s). you got me teary-eyed at number 5. laughed so hard. :))

  8. Nice post, Pepper.

    Thank you for dropping at my blog and left a comment. The title of the movie is A Teacher’s Crime (2008 release).

  9. Lucky me, I didn’t need those things when my MIL was still alive.. :D

  10. awww! being a single mom (and proud of it!) is the best blessing from suffering from a “not so kind and sensitive” MIL. you have a really nice blog pepper, am glad you visited me and i returned the favor. :) will be back for more. tc! :)

    btw.. i super love your header~ ru into digital scrapbooking also?

  11. Wahahahah I am glad I am far away from my MIL now. I honestly had most of these thoughts before.

  12. naaliw ako dito, sis. how I wish we could say this to our MIL’s face. hehehe. natawa ako sa #5! :) appreciate the visit, sis. :)

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