Top Five Reasons You Can’t Live Without Internet Access

Despite what some people would like to believe, the Internet has become an essential part of daily life. Whether at work, at home or at play, we rely on the power of the Internet to get things done. It fuels commerce, education, recreation and, increasingly, imagination. Here are the top five reasons you can’t live without Internet access in the 21st century world.

1. The Internet allows for flexibility at work.
Our grandparents might not understand, but the work world today no longer demands that we remain chained to a desk in an office building for 40 hours a week. The power of the Internet means we can work from anywhere, anytime. This increased flexibility to work from home means more people can maintain a work/life balance contributing to overall health and happiness. Internet access also allows employees to respond to work outside of the normal business day from home, taking care of emergencies, last minute preparations and longer projects.

2. It’s how we shop.
Online shopping during the holidays grew yet again in 2012 and there is no reason to believe it will slow anytime soon. Online shopping saves time, often saves money and is far more convenient than shopping in person. Additionally, more stores are merging their online shopping with the in person experience, so you can use the Internet to download coupons or make a list at home and then access it at the store.

3. Stay connected to family and friends.
We are a mobile nation, which means we don’t always live near the people we love the most. Internet access, video applications like Skype, FaceTime and Google Hangout, and social media channels make it possible to stay connected with family and friends in far off places while still pursuing our dreams wherever our dreams may take us.

4. Enhance your education.
The nature of education has changed with the advent of the Internet. With Internet access, you can earn a college degree, join lectures at Stanford or MIT, or take professional development courses. You can check your child’s progress at school, help out with homework and some K-12 students can now access online charter schools as well. The Internet provides a wealth of education options today that simply weren’t available before.

5. That’s entertainment!
Sports, movies, television, viral videos — it’s all available through the Internet now. Before, you had to rely on cable, satellite or a really great antenna to get the entertainment you wanted. But now, a host of entertainment options are available through a plethora of media channels and hardware like video game systems, Blu Ray players and mobile devices. Maintaining an Internet connection means you can enjoy the diverse range of entertainment options available today.

The world has both shrunk and grown because of the World Wide Web. And while yes, you could live without Internet access, the real question is, why would you? ($9.66)

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  1. I am one of those people who can’t live without internet. I can’t imagine not having an internet in the office or even at home. Life would be a dull.


  2. Agree on all points! Being an OFW wife, I need 24/7 connectivity, which is why I finally switched to an unli-data mobile plan last year. Viber and Skype keep our marriage alive, haha! :)

  3. Hahahahaha…great post here sis. I am thinking now what life without internet. We are planning to have our Holy week vacation at our province and thinking then..OH NO! NO INTERNET ACCESS…I will miss everyone.

  4. yup, especially if you’re paying religiously your monthly obligation and there’s no net… and you needed it the most… very frustrating indeed. Yahweh bless.

  5. True! Internet has been my life for years!!! It has brought a lot of people together, made our world smaller and a great way/means to communicate!

  6. Yes, I can now consider myself as member of the “Can’t Live without internet Access’ Club, wanna join me? LOL

  7. It basically life simpler and the world smaller so its very critical in our day to day life.

  8. Agree, internet today is part of our lives and work. daming kailngang gawin sa internet especially kids doing their homework at si mommy for FB and blogging.

  9. Haha.. This is so true! :D There was a time I didn’t have internet connection for 3 days, and it drove me nuts! However, I think we all should have a balance of the online world and the real world.

  10. internet is part of my work, so I guess it’s the main reason why I am always connected to www.

    I wish to have the speediest connection. The faster, the better. My hubby, kids and especially me will definitely enjoy to the max. It’s a necessity nowadays for a home to be connected to be updated, education and entertainment wise.

  12. This article rings true because the Internet has changed the way we do things. We are no longer locked in on just one place, we can be anywhere and do a lot of things.

  13. You got all the reasons right. The question is, what are the reasons why you should live without the Internet? I can’t think of any. It’s like food already on your platter but you won’t accept it because you’re weird.

  14. I do agree that mobile and e-shopping “has grown” but I seriously doubt that it has reached such epic numbers in the Philippines that it would be a “can’t live without” reason enough. Just my 2 cents! :)

  15. Also, references when stating numbers would REALLY help, especially when justifying probable cause.

  16. for people like me working in a remote environment, an internet is a way good help to stay connected with families and friends and of course some entertainment.

  17. I couldn’t agree more with the top 5 reasons you came up with. It has been making our lives easier and i must say having no internet even for a day or if an internet provider sucks up, it’ll totally ruin my whole day.

  18. Its like you gave me a few tools to my defense on why I do a lot of net surfing.
    Surely, its more like having the tool and accesibility of it.
    We just have to remind ourselves though to keep away from it when outside,
    communicate with people instead of playing with the android

  19. Indeed! Interenet creates a new world, a new market, a deeper meaning of what socialization is

  20. Indeed! Internet creates a new world, a new market, another definition of what socialization is.

  21. Mai Flores says

    I’m with you on #’s 1 and 3. Those are inevitable for me. But not much for #2 (since I prefer to touch and feel the actual material that I may potentially buy) and #4 (since I prefer a more personal experience, while reading actual books and other resources). =)

  22. for the mean time, i cannot pass a day without internet .. but when I got back to ship as my work, i really cannot do without it because there is no internet at sea.. but if i have a choice, i would love to live always connected.

  23. I can’t live without it.. but from a different perspective, it actually takes away our social life outside the world wide web..

  24. Great analogy on why we can’t live without internet access. One question though, what’s the ($9.66) price tag at the end of article?

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