Top Tips: When Not To Sell Your House

There will be occasions when you would need to stop selling your house. Those occasions palpably indicate adverse market conditions for property selling and thus, potentially go against the interests of the house owners.

Key areas of not selling your house

  • Sudden fall in property market: If the overall property price is experiencing a sudden fall in your niche market, it is advisable to hold selling a property for the time being. Having said that, we mean, until the property market regains, you should hold selling. After all, each bearish market is followed by a bullish market and the cycle keeps continuing throughout the world. Therefore, you should never sell a property when the market is going down reasonably fast. For instance, immediately after the 2016 BREXIT poll results in UK, the overall property price fell well below the mark all across the UK. Any attempt to sell a property during this period must have caused a huge loss on your investment.
  • Regression in the property market: There are times when the property market suffers from a regression for a sufficiently long period. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the property market will remain so forever. Instead, from our experience, we can tell you that it’s actually preparing for the biggest jump ever just like the lion that takes two steps back before a big jump. However, things like a change in the policies of the local governments work like a catalyst here. Therefore, stop selling your house until the market resurges for some obvious reasons.
  • Interest rate hike: If there is a sudden hike in interest rate in your niche market, it is almost certain that the property market will take a big jolt. Having said that, we mean, a hike in interest rate negatively impacts the property market. Therefore, waiting for the right opportunity to sell will be the biggest differentiator here. In other words, you have to be calculative and market savvy for the purpose of selling a property or two in your niche market.
  • Empty property: Avoid selling an empty property that fails to connect with a buyer’s thought process. What we mean here is that every buyer wants to visualise how a property is actually going to fit into his requirement before an actual buy. It’s the same way how you buy any product for you. In other words, as a house owner, you must think to be in the shoes of a buyer.
  • Property without renovation: A property with a poor maintenance spreads negative impression about it. Therefore, you must avoid selling such a property at the first place.
  • Selling on your own: Hire an expert such as an estate agent to sell your property as the expert has a database of prospective buyers backed by years of hands-on experience and expertise of property selling across the markets. In other words, you must avoid selling a property on your own at the first place.

In short, you must know the right timing for selling your house. It essentially holds the key to success here in terms of your happiness and the return on investment.

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  1. These are really informative tips on when not to sell your house. I agree that, Multiple factors affect while selling a house such as condition, prices, location, and what not. Thanks for sharing an amazing post appreciate your work..!!

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