Trends in Rings for Women

Thinking about buying yourself a new ring? Before you begin shopping, make sure you know about the latest trends in women’s rings; you want to get yourself something stylish and not something dated, right? Or maybe you want to look fashionable but you also want to stand out in the crowd. Either way, we have a few ideas to make your style pop.

Big Colored Gemstones

One of the most popular trends for women’s rings this year may seem a little out there at first; it turns out the ladies are loving big gemstone rings. These rings boast gemstones the size of a knuckle, sometimes larger. Additionally, instead of using a traditional diamond, the rings use colored diamonds or other colored gemstones.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Many women report that they only want to wear jewelry made of eco-friendly materials. Eco-friendly rings are made of conflict-free diamondsor gemstones. They are often set in recycled gold settings, or a non-gold setting. Examples of non-gold settings include copper, titanium, stainless steel, and silver.

Twisted Bands

Twisted bands are huge ring trend right now. These rings featuring curved or interlaced bands that are filled with diamonds, or lead to one single gemstone. Many of these twisted bands also use a tension setting to hold the focal gemstone in place.

Vintage Rings

A lot of women are opting for thrift store glamour, coveting vintage rings. From vintage cocktail rings to vintage wedding rings, vintage jewelry is definitely in style. Some vintage rings are extremely cheap, while others cost thousands of dollars. There are also many rings currently on the market that imitate vintage style, for a lower price than actually buying vintage.

Geometric Rings

Geometric rings are a big thing right now in terms of women’s fashion. These sleek, industrial looking rings are all the rage among working, independent women. Partially inspired by the fashion of Lady Gaga, girls across the globe are hoping to get some geometric bling to put on their finger. Geometric fashions are popular in both costume jewelry and high-end jewelry; teenage girls are buying up cheap geometric rings, while brides are paying thousands to have geometric wedding rings custom-made for them.

Out There

When it comes to women’s ring trends this year, think of the phrase “out there.” Women want something a little different, a bit funky, and a whole lot of fresh. Do you have any friends sporting black diamond engagement rings? That’s what I mean by out there because it screams personality without being crazy.

Jewelry is about expressing yourself, so do it!

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  1. I for one, prefer those cheap big ring accessories than gold ones. I like ’em really big! :)

    Spanish Pinay

  2. I’ve been stocking up on huge gemstones. I love all the trends in rings these days. You’re right, it’s all about expressing yourself and it’s fun!

  3. Hi,
    thanks for the update on the latest trends in jewellery purchases. Black diamond engagment rings ? wow…that’sreally something new to me. But I guess diamonds mesmerize…ehatever the colour….cheeers…:}}

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