Tying The Knot? Easy Ways To Make Your Kids Feel Part Of Your Special Day

When you are preparing for your big day, it’s so important to think about the kids. After all, it’s going to be a big change for them to have a new step-dad. And you don’t want them to feel pushed out of your wedding day. Therefore, it’s so vital to include them in the wedding planning. Here are some easy ways to make your kids feel part of your special day.


Give them a special role

One way you can ensure your kid feels part of your big day is by giving them a unique role. You might want to make them a bridesmaid or an usher. Or you could ask them to be a ring bearer who brings the wedding rings to you and your hubby to be. Also, you could ask them if they would like to read a poem or a prayer at the ceremony. It’s an excellent way to ensure they feel part of the big day.


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Ask them to assist in making decorations

There is so much to do when wedding planning. Therefore, a small pair of helping hands can help you in ensuring the day goes to plan. And if your child does help you when it comes to decorations, they will feel part of your big day. Therefore, you could get them to help make table decorations. Or they could assist you in creating the invites. It might be just as simple as looking online for ideas for your big day. For example, they could help you to choose ceremony essentials. You can see more ideas online to make your big day extra special.


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Make sure they are in the photos

It’s so important that you include your kids in the pictures. After all, you want some new family shots which include their new step-dad. Therefore, make sure you write a list for the photographer and ask the kids to be in as many shots as possible. That way, they will feel part of the big day!

Ask them to walk you down the aisle

Although it’s tradition to get your father to walk you down the aisle, it’s becoming more popular to get your kids to do it instead. After all, it makes them feel incredibly special and proud if they can give you away. And it will make for lovely photographs if your son or daughter does walk you down the aisle.

Make them part of the vows

So many people are including their kids in their vows. As it says in this article, blended families make vows to each other’s children. And it can make for a heartwarming part of the day. Therefore, get your new husband to make a promise to your kids, and you can do the same to his children. It helps to ensure the kids all feel part of your family. And if they are old enough, you might ask them to do a speech!

And you might even want to consider taking your children on honeymoon with you. After all, you are celebrating being a new family, so it makes sense for them to be there!


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