Unique Confirmation Gifts

When you buy a gift you want it to be meaningful. This is especially true with confirmation gifts. These gifts are given after a person takes a major step forward in life in being confirmed. Finding the perfect gift is actually a lot easier than it seems so you should have to problem finding the perfect one with just a little thought and self reflection.


A rosary is a great gift because it is giving someone a means to communicate with the Lord. They can choose to say the entire rosary or just say parts throughout the day as they need some guidance. These are very beautiful and meaningful. If you want to make one even better, you can have something short engraved on the back of the cross at the bottom of the rosary. Maybe a short saying that means something to both of you.

Writing on Rice

This sounds odd, but you can put a favorite bible verse or another short thing with religious meaning to both of you in a single grain of rice. Of course, this requires a professional, but this kind of service can be easily found online. You can then have the single grain of rice placed into a glass or crystal cross that can be worn around the person’s neck to help them stay focused and on the right path.


Having a cross above your bed is said to keep you close to God as you sleep. Buying someone a cross for their confirmation is telling them that you want them to sleep well and be safe and close to God. This has a lot of meaning and will be a very special gift. The type of cross does not matter. There are some that can be engraved or have something special written on them. This is a good idea if you both have a psalm or line of scripture that means a lot to the both of you.

A Bible

The bible is the guide to living a spiritual life under the Lord. You can find bibles that come in a variety of size and the version that best fits the teachings of your church. You can also find bibles that can have a special message put onto the front cover. Of course, you could also write a special message yourself. The key is that this comes from the heart and has meaning for both of you.


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  1. Rosaries, cross, bible, verses would be great gift for confirmations since this would be their guide and pillar of strength in their faith.

  2. I have it with me always is the Bible and reading verses from the Bible. Inspiring me always.

  3. Really liked what you had to say in your post, Unique Confirmation Gifts
    | The Pepperrific Life, thanks for the good read!
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