When Mom Does A Retail Conference

Whenever I see or hear anything that closely resembles a dollar sign- or any currency, for that matter- my eyes twinkle and glow as they would if I saw Ryan Gosling in the flesh.  Nothing gets my heart pumping like a good business opportunity.  I can probably blame that on the entrepreneurship blood which flows through my veins, as I come from a family of businessmen- and women.

I got somewhat of an adrenaline rush when I heard about this upcoming event: the 21st NRCE or 21st National Retail Conference (NRCE) and Stores Asia Expo.  This happens to be the largest retail industry event in the Philippines, and is set for on August 9 to 10, 2012 at the world-class SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

This event merges with the government’s “It’s more fun in the Philippines” campaign, as it invites Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez to talk about how the campaign is in synch with the retail industry growth, and how it provides for a more fun shopping experience.

The keynote speaker on the opening day will be none other than Coca-Cola’s top honcho, aka. President and CEO, William Schultz. Coke is undeniably one of the better-loved brands in the Philippines, so its participation hopes to further enhance the “fun” part of the conference.

You’ll find the full program here.

What I’m most looking forward to is the topic “Harnessing the Power of Digital Marketing and Online Commerce for Retail Growth”.   Buying and selling products online is the emerging trend today, as almost everyone is on the internet nowadays.  You reach a wider market if you go for digital marketing.

I’m also keenly interested in Living the Brand: Employees as Brand Ambassadors.  Who can better sell a product than its employees, right?

As for improvements in the retail sector, I’d like to see more consumer protection.  More than attracting new customers, retailers should know how to keep them.  Happy retailers make for happy consumers, and vice versa.

If you want to take part in this, register here.

The 21st NRCE is proudly presented by PLDT Alpha Enterprise, SM Department Store, Hewlett Packard, Robinsons Malls, Araneta Center, Ayala Malls, Meralco, IBM Philippines, DHL Supply Chain Phils., Inc., Festival Supermall, Wilcon Depot, Celine, The Philippine Star, BusinessWorld, ABS CBN, Schutzen, Mobext, Inc., Crossover 105.1., Entrepreneur, Focalcast, Q Creatives, Cylix Technologies, Mediamagnet, Catalyst Media, Infinite Grafix, Travel Club, APL Logistics, Avolution, Live Media, Starmall and Bayantel.

For more information about the 21st NRCE visit http://www.nrceph.com/

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  1. Chattie Anonuevo says

    Hi Pepper,

    This sounds great. You’ll never know where and when we might strike gold and find the perfect venture for us. :)

  2. I had to smile at the part where your eyes glow and twinkle at the sight of the dollar sign. Sounds so like me, LOL. I haven’t gotten the chance to take part in events like these yet, but this sure looks like something that will definitely help a lot of people.

  3. This is a good event for retailers to gain experience on new trends and in dealing with customers. In the end, its also for the benefit of customers as they’ll have more equipped retailers handling them.

  4. Would love to attend this conference if only I will have better use of this. I am a teacher by profession so I wouldn’t be able to apply this at work, but the topics do sounds interesting.:)

  5. Me too, I like joining this event but sad to say, I can’t join this because it’s too far from us. If they will make another event here in Mindanao, I might join this.

  6. events as such have a following here in dubai… i hope they get the same in the philippines too…

  7. I hope this pushes through despite the current events that happened lately, with the recent flooding around the metro…

  8. I wish I have enterpreneuring skills too. I so dream about having my own small business so I’ll be more in control of my time but that remains as a dream to this date :)

    Hey, since when did you post your picture in your profile? It’s nice to finally see a face behind the nice blogname ;-)

    Spanish Pinay

  9. I am going tomorrow and attend this event. The more I am convinced to go because of your information thanks.

  10. Hi Pepper! It seems I’m learning on this post. I wish I had an opportunity to join a conference like this.
    P.S. I can relate to that glowing eyes upon seeing the dollars sign. ^^

  11. Looks like an event that you and those who share your enthusiasm would benefit from. The topics would really help out business-minded individuals…

  12. I hope for the success of this event!

  13. This kind of events is a must-not missed event. A lot of the brilliant mind in this industry surely gathered and a lot of things to learn from them :D

  14. wow you are one lucky girl! I just wish I have the same business inclination as you! This is a good project indeed, would help a lot of retailers.

  15. Hey, this is happening today. I’m sure the participants are going to have a lot of things to learn through this seminar. If I were only in Manila, I would have joined.

  16. We should have more events like this. Our retailers and future entrepreneurs need to learn the importance of a good customer care/service rather than being just profit-oriented.

  17. Who doesn’t want a good business opportunity! Thanks for this alert. I hope to learn more about things like this as I slowly wean myself from depending on employers. Must be nice to be running one’s own business no matter how small.

    • Yes, we should gradually wean ourselves from our bosses. We deserve to be our own bosses, and chart our own destiny. Thanks for visiting :)

  18. I like to attend this kind of events, i am a business minded person who loves to shop or just window shopping at the same time .

  19. this sounds great indeed! good luck to everyone! xx

  20. This is a good venue for small and beginners in retail industry.

  21. The entrepreneurship spirit never left me even if I had to consider other options at the moment. I hope I get the chance to attend events like this.

  22. my husband and i were supposed to attend this retail conference, however due to the disaster brought by the monsoon rains, we will not be able to pursue for my husband needs to do his farm rounds to check on his client’s piggery farms being part of his job :(

  23. By reading this I’m sure it is already done. I hope this event became a success.

  24. I missed the fun! Lol! Hope it was a success!

  25. Wow, a seminar for businessmen. I like. I could learn much for my business.

  26. Both the retailers and consumers will
    benefit in this kind of conference. There is
    a need to seek more techniques before engaging
    in small or medium scale businesses. This is a
    useful and perfect venue.

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