When Should You Hire Home Care?

As your loved ones grow older, you might notice that changes start to occur. All of a sudden, your aging parents are having difficulties performing their hobbies or doing simple tasks around their home. Good thing there are caregiver services available in Illinois and all over the US! Home care will allow your elderly loved ones to obtain the assistance and care that they need without moving in to a medical facility. Instead, in the comfort of their own home, they can receive medical or non-medical home care services.

Despite its obvious advantage, some people are hesitant to hire home care for their loved ones. This tentativeness sometimes stem from the fact that they do not know if their elderly relatives are eligible to receive home care services. See if the situations below are somehow similar with your aging parents’ current situation. Only then will you know if home care is needed.


One of Your Loved Ones Underwent Surgery

If one of your aging parents recently underwent a surgery, he or she might have difficulties in achieving his or her daily activities. Housekeeping and performing basic tasks such as grocery shopping or paying the bills might become a struggle. To top it all off, he or she might find it hard to take care of his or her personal hygiene.

In cases like this, hiring home care services is important. A caregiver can assist your aging parents with duties in and out of the house while one of them is currently recovering from surgery. The assistance of a health professional will not only benefit your parent who underwent surgery but his or her spouse as well. Both of them will reap the benefits of having an extra set of hands helping them with their day-to-day routine, making the recovery as painless, hassle-free, and comfortable as possible.


Your Aging Parents Need Help With Daily Activities

Everyone needs help every now and then; however, if your loved ones need constant assistance, then it’s time to consider hiring a caregiver. Housekeeping, cooking, shopping, and bathing are some of the things that most adults accomplish on their own. If your aging parents often struggle with any of these tasks, offer them the assistance and support that they need through home care services.

It is important to understand that hiring a health professional is not necessarily a bad thing; in reality, it actually helps your aging parents continue to live independently, with the help of trained and skilled professionals. Needing help to perform basic tasks is a good and acceptable reason to hire home care services. Actually, when you think about it, with the assistance of a caregiver, your loved ones will not have to struggle in doing simple errands, helping them live happily and more comfortably!


There Are No Skilled Family Caregivers Available

Most of the time, when loved ones are sick or having difficulties, your first instinct is to help them yourself. This is noble but what will happen if you or one of your relatives are not around? If your aging parents need round the clock care but you or your family members are not available, hire home care services. A caregiver can provide your elderly loved ones with medical or non-medical support, depending on what your parents need assistance with.

What if there is a family caregiver available? Being a family caregiver is gallant but it is not always the best option. As mentioned above, health professionals undergo trainings and certifications to help them fulfill the role of caregivers. Even if your intentions are good, most family caregivers are neither skilled nor trained to deal with the various situations that health professionals often face in their line of work. It is likely that instead of helping, a family caregiver might end up worsening the situation.

If your aging parents’ situation is in line with any of the circumstances mentioned above, then you should hire caregiver services. Home care will definitely provide your loved ones with the assistance that they need in order to live a comfortable and happy life.



Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy) is a Communications Degree holder, currently working as an online Marketing Representative for My Angels Homecare.


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