While She Was Sleeping

If I was paid a nickel for every time I watched my daughter as she slept, I’d probably be filthy rich right now.  I’ll bet my bottom dollar (sure I can, with all the nickels I’ve saved!) that a thousand and one moms out there are guilty of doing the same thing.  We moms find unspoken delight in watching our kids- and husbands- as they sleep.  A certain wave of unexplained calmness sweeps over me as I look at my kid blissfully slip into dreamland.  A plethora of thoughts race through my mind in the still of the night- sometimes, in the wee hours of the morning- as I lovingly gaze on my sleeping daughter.

I can hardly believe how big she’s grown.  She’s only 5, but she’s as tall as an eight-year old.  She must’ve taken a bite out of those “Eat Me” Alice In Wonderland tablets (or was it cake?) and grown at lightning speed.

I can hardly believe how proud she has made me.   She has been doing well in school without feeling pressure from a doting mom .  She understands that it’s ok to make mistakes as long as she learns from them and resolves to do better next time.  She is the glue that binds her friends, always the mastermind of creative role-playing games.  I take pride in the fact that she has developed a sense of empathy and is generally kind to others

I think about the kind of future I wish for her.  She has the option to marry either someone who closely resembles David Beckham or the boy next door- it doesn’t matter as long as the man treats her right and makes her feel like she was on top of the world.

The thoughts go on and on … and then I go back to sleep, and wonder if somebody out there watches me as I sleep too…

About Pepper

I am a single working mom, trying to raise my kid the best way I know how. Join me as I navigate my way through the jungle that is Single Mom-hood, armed with rose-colored glasses and strength of spirit. As pepper adds spice to food, so does my daughter add spice to my life. She makes life no less than…PEPPERRIFIC!

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  1. lovingly mama says

    awwwww…..no words…just so sweet :d

  2. Yes, someone watch over you when you sleep, making sure you’ll wake up good and strong for your daughter :)

    i really love this post :) I also do watch my kids when they are sleeping since they are small :)

  3. what a sweet post. i love watching my little prince sleep too. wouldn’t it be great to know that someone watches us sleep and thinks such loving thoughts about us? nice.

  4. I did just that a few minutes ago. Can’t help but STILL be amazed and awed.

  5. How very sweet! I’ve always loved watching my kids as they sleep. They are so innocent and peaceful. It’s such a great time to just immerse myself in how much I love them!

  6. This is so sweet! They are little angels while they are sleeping!

  7. I love watching my kids sleep because they are QUIET!! Just kidding, or not. But I see what you’re saying. They certainly redeem themselves that way! :-)

  8. I do that when my son sleeps, too, one of my stress busters.

  9. I think every mother is guilty of this, taking pleasure at the sight of our child sleeping calmly as if the world is a big wonderland.Sometimes I wished they never grow up and stayed as a baby.. LOL..

  10. Awww…I do that a lot…watching my son in sleep and stroking his hair. Congratulations for teaching your daughter well…she’ll surely go by.

  11. You are absolutely right – we are all guilty! It’s such a sweet time to hit “pause” for a moment and take note of how much they’ve grown and yet how sweet and innocent they will always be in our eyes.

  12. surely there is someone looking at you while sleeping…and that is no other than GOD….:-)

  13. hello Peps..I also do it to my kids and looking at them while they are sleeping just simply makes me proud that I am their Mom..I guess it’s the most simple way of having the joys of motherhood and gaining our inner strength as single Moms through them ;)

    *xensya sis I haven’t visited your site for a while..been busy with my eldest..halloween and now book fair and she will be snow white ;)* gudnyt Peps..have a restful sleep ;)

  14. hello!
    sali ka na sa BC Bloggers its not too late…
    maraming salamat sa bisita, i return the visit di lang nagkocomment

  15. I also do that thing. watching my 4 yr old kyla while sleeping and thinking so many things. Like you single mom din kasi so many things to think while watching her. God is watching you sis ;)

  16. Samantha Bangayan says

    This is such a touching post, Pepper. I don’t have children yet, so I can’t imagine all the thoughts racing through your head as she sleeps so tranquilly. The best way I can relate, which isn’t even close to your experience, is seeing how quickly my two kittens have grown up. I don’t have dreams for them like you do for your daughter, but I sure do miss those moments when they were younger! Life sure does speed by!

  17. Watching our kids while sleeping is one the most sweetest thing a parent can do. Even me, I love watching my kiddos when they are asleep.

  18. Sleeping Pill Review says

    It is true they are all little angels when they sleep and it is hard not to just watch them.

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