Why I Should Not Be (Unreasonably) Afraid

It pains me to say it, but I don’t feel safe living in this day and age. In this part of the world, you’ll be shocked at the types of crime committed. Around a month ago, news of a six-year-old boy being kidnapped on a school bus was broken, which coincided with other reported kidnappings on the streets and abductions of kids at play has filled many parents with fear, myself included.

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Whenever my six-year-old daughter goes to her new school, which is much larger than her old one, I instantly become paranoid because of all those stories I read in the news. I sometimes wish that, after I drop her off at school, I could live out my Tinkerbell fantasy where I shrink to a size where I can fit into her pocket, just so I can be with her at all times wherever she goes. As for the weekends she spends with her father, I’m always worried about whether she eats enough or goes to the toilet when she needs to.

When my daughter goes on holiday with her dad to Singapore in a few months’ time, I’ll be even more of a nervous wreck. As she’ll be in a different country that’s hundreds of miles away, I can never be too sure about what’s going to happen to her. Just to be sure, I’ll be praying to god to keep an eye on her and help reassure me that everything will be fine.

Aside from getting help from above, a friend of mine told me about help from specialist law firms like First4Lawyers, who can assist me in making a claim for compensation should my daughter become injured as the result of an accident abroad. This really helped to alleviate my fears, especially as I now know what to do if such a thing happens to her. I now have peace of mind because I know where to get help if my daughter ever gets hurt during a vacation or overseas trip.

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  1. It’s hard not to worry as a parent! But a trip to Singapore – what an opportunity for your daughter! And yes, scary for you as a mom!

  2. I guess that’s just how us moms really are – we can’t help but worry for our children especially when they’re not with us. Praying for them and trusting that God will protect them is definitely the best thing to do.

  3. I am scared too, for my children’s welfare. Lahat naman ata ng nanay nag aalala para sa mga anak nila. Tsaka sabihin mo lang sa daddy ng anak mo na bantayan nya ng mabuti ang anak nyo:)

  4. Times are different now. I understand your pain. ANy parent would have the exact same sentiments. =(

  5. i guess it’s innate in us when we became parents to worry about our children. we can really never tell what will happen in the next minute or hour, but yes, we can always pray and ask God’s grace and mercies.

  6. Il be paranoid din cguro when my kid goes to school n rin. I think ganun talaga tayong mga momies we can’t take them out our mind.

  7. Our world today is really different. The weather, people and different crimes are reported everywhere. As a mom I am afraid too but we have to be strong and pray hard for our family.

  8. I guess us moms are constant worrywarts when it comes to our kids’ safety :( Oh, I like your first line of action: prayer, such a powerful tool! :) Keep it up!

  9. Yeah, we as a society seems to be sliding down a slippery slope (I covered this in my latest blog post as of this writing http://www.lessonsofadad.com/2012/07/my-reflections-on-colorado-movie.html).

    But once you already cover all your bases, prayer is the only thing you can do, really.

    I feel ya when it comes to being paranoid, especially now that my daughter is 12 and she now goes out with friends. It freaks me out that I’m often tempted to call her like every 30 seconds.

  10. I truly do not know how I would face all the evil in the world today if it were not for my faith. Thankful I know I have a protector who will see me through no matter what happens to me or my family.

  11. Water Damage says

    That is how my 5 year old daughter looked on Monday Morning when she saw that huge bus roll up. LOL

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