Why Is It Important To Foster Your Child’s Connection With Nature?


The benefits to humans of connecting with nature is a well-researched topic. However, in this modern day and age, it is becoming even more difficult to find opportunities to spend time outside. In bigger cities, we are constantly faced with car fumes, skyscrapers and unnatural surroundings that suffocate our ability to be at one with the natural world. If you are a parent, it is essential to focus on nurturing a connection with nature in your child. There are a whole range of benefits to doing this, which we will take a look at here.

Reduce Stress

Spending time in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, inarguably helps to reduce stress. Not only does it offer the chance to breathe fresh air and clear a child’s mind, it will allow them to connect with an inner-feeling of peace that will be invaluable in helping them to focus.

Real World Science

The outdoor world is a natural science lab, where kids can learn about things like gravity and photosynthesis in a fun and interactive way. Being outside provides an excellent opportunity for you to foster a love of nature in your child and also to teach them about the importance of environmentalism and reducing climate change. If you lack the time to take your child on outdoor adventures, it may be a good idea to find a school that will focus on learning outside of the classroom. If your child is looking to study in international schools in Chiang Mai, this school presents an excellent option as a result of its holistic approach to learning and its green surroundings. With classes focusing on things such as environmental mindfulness and gardening, children can see how scientific principles are applied in the real world.

Problem Solving

The natural environment provides unparalleled opportunities for problem solving and team building. Climbing trees involves a huge amount of analysis and planning for a child, which can really help to stimulate their mind. Simple tasks such as crossing a stream or a bank of mud equally require mental capacity and forethought. Try setting up team activities such as raft building or sporting challenges to further enhance their social and leadership skills.

Stimulates Learning

Being outside has an unrivalled ability to stimulate learning. Children are encouraged to be curious and explore their surroundings, forcing them to reflect on their environment and respond to external stimuli. This is excellent for allowing children to focus on active learning and experiments have proven that time outside can increase a child’s attentiveness and reduce fatigue. It has even been suggested that simply walking in nature could improve your short-term memory.

Physical Health

Another important aspect of being outdoors is the health benefits that come with being active. With so many children constantly tied to their computer screens or smart phones, the great outdoors provides the perfect opportunity to tear them away.

With so many great effects of being outside, both you and your child are sure to benefit. So, ditch the sofa and get out there today!

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