Why it Makes Sense to Use a Health Fund that Includes Oral Care


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Our health is not something we should take for granted and for most Australian families, joining a health fund is essential, as this would cover most medical situations. The high cost of medical treatment makes is necessary to have adequate health fund cover for the whole family and it makes perfect sense to include oral care in the package.

BUPA Health Cover

BUPA is one of the most popular health care providers and you can include oral care when taking out a policy, which will cover a large percentage of any dental treatment costs. If you are looking for BUPA dental in Brisbane, many dental clinics participate in the BUPA Members First package which should cover most of the cost. When talking to BUPA about their healthcare policies, you should stipulate that you require oral care to be included in the cover, which can cover you and your family.

On the Spot Claims

If you do require dental treatment, make sure you use a dental clinic that accepts BUPA members, and in most cases, the claim can be submitted electronically on the spot. One of the stressful things about dental treatment is not knowing how much the treatment will cost, yet with on the spot claiming, your BUPA cover will be taken into consideration and the dentist will be able to tell you exactly how much you need to pay.

Special Discounts

If you have a health fund, either with BUPA or another provider, there are dental clinics that offer special discounts for health fund members and these savings can add up over the years. If you are unsure whether or not your dentist is affiliated with a health fund provider, their website would have all the information, or failing that, you can call and speak to the receptionist.

Peace of Mind

If you add oral care to your health fund, this will cover the majority of costs for regular treatments and also any emergency treatment that you or a family member might require. It is crucial for children to have regular dental check-ups, as their teeth are developing and should there be an issue, the dentist will become aware of it and can carry out the right treatment in a timely manner.

Oral Care for All the Family

By including the children in your oral care plan, you are ensuring that they can have treatment immediately, and at a much reduced cost. If your health fund cover does not extend to oral care, contact your local representative who can provide you with an up to date quote for the extra cover. Whether you use BUPA or another provider, it is wise to cover for every eventuality, particularly dental costs, which can be very high with certain treatments, and for what it costs to add oral care, the peace of mind alone makes it worthwhile.

Good oral hygiene practices can go a long way to keeping tooth decay at bay, especially with children, and your local dentist will be happy to advise you on any aspect of oral hygiene, which will hopefully keep dental appointments to a minimum.

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