Why men love librarians

Pardon me if I’m alluding to the old stereotype of the bespectacled librarian with her hair in a tight bun. I’m simply using it as a personification of someone which men would find absolutely sexy. More than a scantily clad model in a Playboy centerfold, men find an irresistible appeal from women who are unreachable, so to speak. Why do men find these women sexy? Here are the reasons why:

Challenge: I guess everyone will agree with me that any warm-blooded, testosterone-driven man is into sports, right? Men enjoy sports because of the challenge. The librarian, or any woman for that matter, who falls under the definition of a snob, poses as a huge challenge for the man. He makes it his goal to unleash the sensuality buried underneath the librarian’s stern and callous exterior.

Confidence: The librarian who shushes noisy library patrons acts as if she owns the place and is the master of her turf. That’s a concrete manifestation of confidence. And nobody can deny that confidence is sexy.

Sex appeal is exuded not only via spaghetti straps and tight tank tops. Men undeniably find confidence and just the right amount of inaccessibility in women attractive. So, now you know why that man you keep turning down hasn’t stopped calling you.

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  1. maybe bcos of the way they see them

  2. They look too mysterious, i think!

  3. Brendan Nichols says

    I think librarians are mysterious looking and men would like to discover their other side!

  4. geek is sexy!

  5. Just saw this through the linkwithin widget. It caught my attention which is why I am here. I agree with both. Men are created to pursue challenges and they find confidence a point of interest. It’s an innate thing. I just hope that when you say “No” they take your word. Some men could be, well too persistent for their own good hahaha! Btw, I’m not a librarian, but I could relate to the last sentence :-)

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