Wine and Pepper: An Affair to Remember

I have to admit that I’m helplessly attracted to anything within the bounds of sophistication and elegance.  Like a moth to a flame, I find myself drawn to things which hint of classiness and refinement.  That’s why when I got an invite to this Wine Tasting Activity hosted by Marks and Spencer, I didn’t have any second thoughts and RSVP’ed straight away.

On that fateful day of February 7th, more than a hundred other people and I were given the chance to sample a gamut of wines from the M&S arsenal.  I felt like a preschooler on the first day of school.  As I nervously clutched my wine glass, I sipped to my heart’s content as I tried to pay attention to the crash course in wine appreciation delivered by noted sommelier Chie Gatchalian.

Ms. Wine Wizard introduced us to a wide array of wines, ranging from reds, to whites to the sparkling stuff.  She gave us a rundown of which types of food go with each kind of wine.  I never realized how many types of cheeses there were!  Eat your heart out, Geronimo Stilton!

Ms. Chie went on to show us the ‘shake-sniff-sip’ technique when tasting wine (I wonder if that works with mouthwash too!).  Apparently there’s a proper way to work your nasal passages and mouth in order to get the most out of what wine has to offer.

The event left me with a light buzz and loads of knowledge about wines.  The next time I’m getting together with friends, I’m going to suggest wine in lieu of beer.  I’m not exactly a connoisseur, but at least now I can tell the difference between a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Merlot.

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  1. Yum, I love wine Pepper, it’s one of my fave pastimes … Getting sloshed, no kidding. I know u saw my post recently where I spent some time in the French vineyards (Burgundy) with my companion who owns a vineyard in Australia so we tasted a lot of beautiful wines. So nice … Hmmm I’m back there now for a moment … Dreaming of wines in france … Oh reality check – better go and get ready for another day of work and school tmr. Thanks for the loveley post.

  2. awww buti ka pa nakapunta. saw the email, a day after the event. sayang.

  3. without reading the bottle, it’s a good start to know the difference between cabernet, merlot and pinot noir. :)

  4. I used to do wine-outs with friends when I still had a lot of time. Wine is really an excellent way to bond with friends and Marks and Spencer is a great place to buy wines. By the way, I love the title of this post, very catchy.

  5. I wasn’t able to attend this event because it fell on a workday. I could have finally met you had I been able to go. :)

  6. I am supposed to be there but when I read the details OH EM GEE, can’t come because I am from Davao. But great you’ve attended the said event. Lucky for you.

  7. Sayang… I could have visited the place if I knew this beforehand

  8. They sell wines now? Nice! =)

    I love their cookies. Really good.

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