Top 10 things your boyfriend or husband isn’t telling you

It is a well-known fact that men are reticent beings, often keeping emotions to themselves. We women are then forced to become Criss Angel wannabes, trying to read men’s minds. Understanding their body language likewise becomes a painstaking struggle as we decode every shrug or blank stare from them. Inevitably, molehills grow into mountains, and a seemingly senseless issue turns into a heated argument. The key to the male psyche is…to ask, who else, a man! I nearly choked a male friend into giving out this info.

So, here are ten things your significant other wishes he could tell you, but just can’t:

1. Yes, you look fat, but I love you to bits anyway– After dressing up for a night out, for example, the last thing we should ask our men is, “Does this make me look fat?” Chances are, he won’t tell us the truth, lest he hurts our feelings. And men just hate it when they disappoint us. Since our man truly loves us, he sees past the bulges bursting at the seams.

2. Can I NOT carry your handbag…please? – Whenever we go out shopping with our man in tow, we often make it a habit to have them carry our handbag. Yes, they sometimes do it voluntarily because they assume it’s the norm. And again, they don’t want to risk hurting our feelings. It doesn’t matter if it’s Louis Vuitton, carrying our bag just cramps their style.

3. Our boys’ night out is always sacred– Yes, this is essential to their well-being as oxygen is to our lungs. Once in a while, it doesn’t hurt for our man to get together with his buddies. It reaffirms their manhood, and helps them touch base. This poses some benefits for us too, because after a night of drinking with the boys, our man will only look forward to coming home to his lady love.

4. The way to a man’s heart is NOT ONLY through his stomach– and I’m not referring to any sleazy parts of the male anatomy here…ehem…Men cannot resist a woman who can whip up a storm in the kitchen, but more than whetting his appetite, men do have a brain too, which appreciates us for how we think, what we say, and how we feel. So, we should also feed that hunger for sense and sensibility. They’re not as Neanderthal as we think.

5. Can you please not take so long in front of the mirror? – Our man is almost always already honking the car horn ready to go, when we find ourselves still preening in front of the mirror. Times like these, men tend to get impatient, so we should at least try to cut our prettifying time in half.

6. Yes, I did look at that hot girl who just passed us by, but that doesn’t mean I find you any less attractive – Men are visual beings. They just can’t help but appreciate things of beauty. But his ladylove will always be the prettiest in his eyes.

7. I am jealous of your male friends – Men are territorial. They still feel threatened by the idea of us getting too comfy with someone from the opposite sex.

8. Your cooking is a bit bland. – Again, they’d much rather lie than hurt our feelings.

9. Do you and your girlfriends really have to go to the bathroom together? – Paranoia creeps up on them, they feel we girls talk about them behind their backs when we huddle in the ladies’ room.

10. Don’t disturb me while I’m watching the game – Men just hate it when we keep asking them questions or talk about our day while they’re absorbed in the game, be it basketball or soccer. We better just wait for halftime.

Since we women are hardly mind-readers, communication will always help broaden our understanding of our partner. Well, if he won’t communicate, just wait for the proper timing….maybe after Lebron James sinks in that 3-point buzzer beater…

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  1. nice…good guide to understanding the male species :)

  2. Yes, this things are in fact true. =)

  3. You got them figured out :)!

  4. Hmmmm, generally true, but please not all the time.

  5. MommyLES says

    hmm..i agree with #7..they will never admit that they are jealous..but if you know how to read your can see it through his actions..nice post :D

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