12 Tips to Have a Deeper Sleep

Sleep deprivation has many negative effects on our health from our brain’s ability to remember to our immune system. It can also affect our metabolism, therefore causing weight gain and can even have damaging consequences to our heart health. If you want to make sure you’ll have good sleep tonight, here are 12 tips to follow:


  1. Choose your pillow. A Swedish study showed that neck pillows shaped like a rectangle with a dimple in the middle doesn’t just reduce neck pain, but also enhances the quality of sleep. Meanwhile, pillows with the following traits were recommended for improved z’s:


  • With two supporting cores


  • Water-filled



  • Made of natural fiber


  • Hypoallergenic (especially for people with allergies)


  1. Reconsider your mattress. You’ll be surprised that your mattress has a huge impact on your sleep quality and duration. Many people prefer a mattress that’s not too soft and not too hard.. Try something in this firmness level, particularly if you’re rethinking your bed.


  1. Eat specific foods. While you shouldn’t snack before you’re about to go to bed, there are some foods that can help you enjoy a much deeper sleep. Bananas and warm milk have tryptophan and melatonin, which can improve your sleep experience.



  1. Smell a scent. Some people recommend lavender, which has always been associated with relaxation. However, if you’re new to it, you will most definitely be alert. Go for a scent that gives you that safe and comfortable feeling. This is why some people cling to their spouse’s shirt as it provides them that sense of comfort.


  1. Stick to a bedtime routine. If you sleep at nine, sleep at this time every day, including weekends. Be sure to stick to it as well as the time to rise. This will help synchronize your biological clock, so you sleep and wake up at the same time daily.



  1. Don’t take a nap. If you’re already having trouble falling asleep, don’t close your eyes in the afternoon even though this can help get you through the day.


  1. Being active doesn’t just keep you healthy, but also helps you sleep peacefully at night. You don’t have to do vigorous exercises all the time; even light ones are more preferred than being a couch potato.


Getting enough sleep doesn’t have to be so complicated. While having about eight hours of sleep is important, you don’t have to worry if you don’t get to the recommended number. Just enjoy sleep and not the hours you spend in bed.



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