3 Awesome Tools for Starting a Business

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Beginning a business is not easy. A new business requires a lot of micro-managing and needs a lot of involvement. Businessmen tend to be disheartened when they find the task too exhausting. This is why online tools are quite useful in helping budding entrepreneurs sustain their initiatives. As up-and-coming businessmen, it’s hard to spend too much money. There is the need to shell out some capital, but the goal is to earn more and spend less to promote and keep the business in good working order. The good thing is that there are awesome tools that are free or low-cost and readily available online to help you with this undertaking. Here are three of them:

1.  Bitrix24.com

Bitrix24.com is an online tool that serves as an operational foundation for a business. It helps the people involved get used to handling things such as file sharing, operations monitoring, workforce management, live streaming, CRM and more, all in a unified work panel. This is perfect for starting businesses because it’s entirely free for enterprises with 12 employees or less. Yes, you read that right. It’s 100% free for those types of businesses. The support is immensely solid, and it won’t require too much computer space since everything is cloud-based – no installation required – and is accessible anywhere, anytime, making your virtual workstation right where you need it to be. There is room for expansion later in time for only $99 per month. This subscription plan already can accommodate an unlimited number of users.

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

2. PickyDomains.com

Part of starting a good business is getting the right business name, slogan or campaign title for your marketing efforts, whether that’s for the service or the goods you offer. If you can do this without outside help, good for you. If not, this is where PickyDomains.com comes in. Started in 2007 and with 50,000+ total contributors registered with the site to date, imagine receiving hundreds, if not thousands, of suggestions on any given day for just a fraction of the cost branding agencies charge. For $50 for a name or website domain (or $75 for a slogan), you become a client. And all you need to do next is furnish a short description of the name, domain or slogan you require. Your requirements will be taken by contributors into consideration when giving out suggestions. PickyDomains employs a satisfaction guarantee and will return your money in case you don’t achieve your desired results, that is, none of the suggestions are to your liking.

3. JetRadar.com

Limited budget is a common complaint among starting businesses. JetRadar.com, a meta search engine that functions like a fine-tooth comb, can access data from more than 700 airlines and hundreds of flight websites in its search for the best and cheapest airfare deals available, and makes this data publicly ready and accessible in a single site. Aside from saving you time and effort that you would otherwise have to utilize in the searching-and-comparing process, JetRadar also ensures that your limited budget can be stretched to the fullest.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I think Bitrix24 will be useful for me. I’m planning to set up a small business very soon, but at the moment, the vene is still being constructed.

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  3. This is great info. I really like Bitrix24. This is a great opp for small biz owners.

  4. Great resources! My hubby and I are taking the first steps to opening a microbrewery, so this is perfect timing. Thanks!

  5. Carla Barilá Karam says

    Pepper… how did you know I was starting a business? ;) Thank you for these fabulous tips!! Number one sounds interesting and will have to check it out, as well as number three. Thank you my dear! Blessings to you and yours!

  6. Great info! Wish I had these kinds of resources when I started my first business! Oh well, we slowly made it through!

  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I will be checking each out.

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