3 Budget Friendly Fashion Tips

Nobody likes being on a budget. It’s a reality that few of us can escape from. Being on a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the way you dress or the way you look and feel. Being fashionable doesn’t have to be an expensive affair – it can be done easily if you take a smart approach. In the following article we look into a few ways to save money when shopping so that you can be fashionable without spending a great deal.

#1: Know Where to Shop

When on a budget, your aim should be to uncover or unearth as many hidden “fashion gems” as you can. Look around and you’ll find that trendy clothes are everywhere – not just the top designer stores. For example, if you’re looking to buy No-Iron Dress Shirts for Women, don’t just go for brands – break out of your restricted shopping comfort-zone and move beyond. Take a leap of faith and venture out into the unknown. Experiment with shops and see what you can find. From vintage shops to charity shops to those cheaper high street stores that you would usually avoid going to – check all of them out. Initially, you may not be comfortable with this whole idea. However, this may help you stumble upon the cheapest and the best fashion find that doesn’t put a dent in your wallet.  For a great selection of stylish clothes and even better prices, check out top tier style

#2: Go for the Basics

At first, it does seem a little bit boring to spend your money on “basic clothing,” but as you do your wallet a favor, you will be thankful in the long run. Staple items – neutral colors and some decent fabrics like grey or black trousers, navy blue jeans and white or off-white shirts – will last you all through the year (and if you’re lucky, for a whole decade!). Be smart when it comes to being fashionable instead of looking for expensive items. A simple pair of jeans or a plain cardigan will always be in fashion no matter what, regardless of the season or place. This is the key advantage to buying the basics.

#3: Invest in Accessories

Using accessories is a proven way to pep up your wardrobe without spending a great deal of money on it. The best thing about accessories is that they can change a dress/outfit immediately and give it a fresh look. For instance, you could wear a plain t-shirt along with the same pair of worn out jeans for days, but with various types of accessories,  nobody would even notice. Try to find “statement” pieces of jewelry like eye-catching belts, unique-looking scarves, over sized necklaces, etc. Basically anything that lets you change or alter your appearance of your dress or outfit, and gives it that extra ‘zing’ factor will work.

Finally, if you don’t really want fashion to take a backseat when you’re on a budget, see to it that you take care of your bad spending habits and avoid impulse shopping. This way, you’ll be able to invest your money in the right places and buy items that actually add to your wardrobe in a sensible, affordable manner.


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  1. I think sticking to the basic would make you more flexible in terms of attires and also be able to save cost.

  2. ErikaRodica.com says

    Awesome tips! When really on a tight budget, I opt for thrifted. You can really find treasure in those stores ;)

  3. I like No-Iron shirts. :) Ironing is the chore I hate, hate, hate the most. Haha!

  4. I very much agree with you. You don’t have to buy all the expensive stuffs to be fashionable. There are a lot of cheap yet quality products around. Moms like us are best in finding the cheap stuffs. lol

  5. roviedear says

    true! i notice when i go to impulse shoppin i tend to spend so much. its always nice to have a specific goal when shopping. ako naman i invest on shoes :) haha

  6. Thanks for this, I’m a big fan of big street style alternative brands like criminal damage, but I can hardly afford a wardrobe full. I can’t wait to try out these tips!

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