3 Hairstyle Ideas to Match Your Sexy Crop Tops


Ivana Trump once said that “gorgeous hair is the best revenge.” And I agree. The crowning glory of a woman will always be her hair. Whatever the color and style, a good crop on your head is the best way to show the world that you are a woman of substance and flair and not just a pretty face. When a gorgeous hairstyle and matching sets of sexy crop tops merge, you just won half the battle in your quest for ultimate sexiness.

The thing is, not all women can afford to go to the salon just to get a makeover and look good. Some women think that even the simplest of hairstyles done on actual human hair is a talent not everyone can acquire. But really, all it takes is a good eye for whatever looks good on you. And if you’re a fan of crop tops (which by the way, looks good on any body type), then it’s time to upgrade the look of your locks to best complement it.


  1. The lob. If you’re more of a low-maintenance kind of gal, you will love this haircut. A compromise between the bob and long hair, the lob is a bob that’s usually shoulder length. It’s not too long yet not too short. You don’t need to use hair styling aids as this is perfect as a come-and-go, casual yet sexy style. You can put short or long side bangs to frame your face. You can let your natural waves flow freely without the use of a hair dryer. Finger comb that hair for an attractive woke-up-like-this look or sleek up your hair with some polish to bring out your inner party animal. Whatever your lob’s style, pair that off with a crop top and jeans (or a free-flowing skirt) to give you that lasting, alluring look.
  2. Braid it up. Gone are the days when braids had to be Wednesday-Adams-perfect. A crop top and long skirt paired with a messy braid gives off a captivating country vibe that both men and women find almost impossible to resist. Loosely braid your hair to one side, then tie it with a ribbon. Don’t fret if some strands fall on the opposite side. In fact, it adds more oomph to a laidback yet cozy charm only you exude.
  3. A high bun. If you happen to have an off-shoulder crop top while possessing flawlessly beautiful shoulders at the same time, go for a hairstyle that flaunts perfection. Put your hair up in a high bun at the crown of your head. It will draw attention to both your face and your shoulders. If you have waist-long hair and more time on your hands, you can even braid it first before putting it up in a bun. You can even opt to frame your face with some wisps of side bangs. If you are going to a somewhat formal party, this will give you a seemingly simple yet highly sophisticated look.


You don’t need to be a supermodel or a Kardashian just to look fab. The clothes you wear and the look you put out needs to be comfortable for you to be you. As long as you’re confident in what you look like, then that’s all that matters.

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