3 Surefire Ways To Get Your Security Deposit Back

Do you remember when you set your eyes on your unfurnished apartment a year ago? Crisp white walls, ambient lighting, and a great terrace? You knew that this would make a great pad for the next twelve months, so you signed the lease, handed over your security deposit and picked up the keys. One year down the line and there is a little bit of wear and tear. Or so you think. The carpet in the hallway did have that little stain on it prior to you moving in, didn’t it? If you are ending your lease any time soon, you’ll want to read on to make sure you maximise your chances of getting back your security deposit from your landlord.


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Now, before we tar all landlords with the same brush, it goes without saying that most are fair and understand that there will be general wear and tear after having a tenant in their property for twelve months. Others are not so honourable. They seem pleasant enough, popping a card through your mailbox at Christmas and sending you a text every so often to make sure all is ok. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. Remember, they are your landlord, and you are part of their business.


  1. Get Snap Happy


On move-in day, take photos of absolutely everything and make sure they are timestamped. Pay particular attention to anything that may be slightly damaged or worn. When you hand back the keys, if the landlord suggests that you stump up for the cracked tile in the bathroom you can whip out your photographic evidence to prove your innocence.


  1. Call In The Pros


There is absolutely no way you started your tenancy with a grease laden oven. Now it’s time to put on the gloves, mask, and goggles and get the heavy duty industrial oven cleaner out. If that doesn’t float your boat, consider paying for professional end of lease cleaning. For a fee, these experts come into your rental home and, seemingly like magic, they return your pad to its former state of cleanliness. Clean carpets, a sparkling bathroom, and a pruned terrace. There’s no way the landlord will be charging you for cleaning.


  1. Ban The Parties


If you are a night owl and have a tendency to enjoy your wild nights, make sure you party somewhere else. Inviting friends over may seem a good idea at the time but, if there is any chance the evening could turn into a raucous affair, don’t do it. You don’t want to have to explain the humiliating tale of how your best mate managed to get a cigarette burn in the curtains in your no smoking rental.


Renting gives you freedom, not tying you down to one area of the country and leaving you free to move on when you’re ready. Be sensible, get yourself an inventory, get help from the pros when you need it, and you shouldn’t have any issues when it comes to getting back what is rightfully yours when you say goodbye to your humble abode.

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