3 Tips on How to Stay Focused in School

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When school starts again it is really challenging to help your kids stay focused. Not only do they have to let go of the total freedom that summertime brought them, but they now have to learn how to readjust and get used to being focused and busy once more. If they are having a hard time getting used to a different schedule and focusing on their studies, offer suggestions on how they can get used to school again and stay productive.

Stay Focused When on the Internet

With Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media sites within a tempting click away, it’s easy for your child to get distracted when they’re doing research for paper writing and other assignments. Tell them that it’s important to stay focused and suggest to them that if they limit their time on the internet and only stay on the sites that they need to be on, they will be far more productive.

Asking for Help When Needed

No one goes through school doing everything perfectly, and that’s why it is alright for your child to ask for help. They can go to you as their parent, a professor, and even find affordable proofreading services . School is about learning, so if your child doesn’t understand a subject as much as they would like to when they’re in a difficult class, encourage them to keep going. Sometimes it takes time to achieve and learn and every day in school will definitely make a difference.

Set Realistic Goals

If your child sets realistic goals when they are in school they will feel proud of themselves when they accomplish the tasks they set out to complete. Setting simple goals like accomplishing one assignment in one hour’s time is a realistic goal, as opposed to them thinking they can get three assignments done in one hour. Over time they may become more productive with their homework, but until then realistic goal making will take them far.

There are many other tips that you can mention to your child when they are back to school for a new semester. Even if it may be early on in a new school year, as time goes on they will get used to the hard work ahead. Keep encouraging them to try their best and they will succeed in all that they do.


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  1. This is awesome. (I can use these tips for myself, actually!) lol!
    Although my children are not quite old enough to do their homework alone or work alone online, we can still apply many of these to homework/reading time. Thanks so much for sharing! Keep the valuable information coming! :-)

  2. My guys are homeschooled so the rhythm around here is a little different. Yet I thought this was perfect help for my cousin who has just gone back to school. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  3. I just enjoy my school days during that time. I am not a bookwork or very good in class. I am also not focus because of athletic sportsmanship in me. I am glad that there is no facebook that time. Simply I had a goal to pass and that is the reason why I made it.

  4. These are great tips! thank you for sharing. They are a gentle reminder for us parents especially that SY2012-2013 has officially started this week. We hope this year is going to be better four our children and students in their quest for education.

  5. Wonderful suggestions. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to stay focused with so many distractions!

  6. In all honesty, I’m thankful that I graduated early! I mean I can’t imagine myself studying right now for a test given all the current internet ‘bisyos’ that I have! :)) So these are great tips; but it would be a bit hard to try and have it ‘implemented’

  7. These are great tips Pepper. My son definitely struggles with regards to asking for help, especially in class. {with me he doesn’t seem to mind! ugh} I find at times, I am teaching him the entire lesson. So frustrating for both of us.

  8. These are such good tips. You KNOW if it’s easy for us to get distracted online (and it is!!), it’s got to be the same for the kiddos.

  9. This are great tips for us adults too! Once again good job :)

  10. thank you so much for these helpful tips.. will apply this to my kiddo

  11. These are great tips mommy and I am glad that our Internet Connection here is so slow that we have no other choice but use the encyclopedias and books for research

  12. Congratulations! I’d like you to know that I am awarding you this Versatile Blogger Award. You can check it here http://yobabsy.blogspot.com/2012/09/my-first-award-versatile-blogger.html

  13. We have a rule in the house during exam weeks: no laptops/online games for the little boy. That’s one way he stays focused in school. During ordinary days, he can only spend an hour playing online games and only after he’s done with his homework and reviews.

  14. thanks for this three helpful tips. kids easily get distracted i would say for i myself was like that during my school days or even until now, when i try to write my tasks it would take me forever to finish them all just because i always find myself scrolling and browsing on Facebook, lol.

  15. thanks for sharing this tips….very helpful and informative! I will keep this in mind.

  16. Don’t let kids play with the video games, facebook, iphone ,ipad or any modern tech during week days . and on weekends limit their use of the internet.Most kids has cellphone nowadays that is only one reason.I guess parents are usually the one to blame for this. if you want your kids to prioritized and focused school then quit spoiling them.

  17. Great and helpful tips you have here! A must read for students!

  18. Helpful suggestions you have here for kids to be focused again in their studies. Back-to-school time is not just for the kids to be busy but for the parents too.

  19. Kaye Figuracion says

    Great tips! These are not only useful in school but in our office work and even in our daily life as well. In all the things that we do “focus” is the most important key to get our jobs well done.

  20. Jessica Cassidy says

    Those are helpful tips Sis :-) I do appreciate them. My son has homework and it is too hard for me to understand. Sometimes I will search it in the computer to help me with the idea. It works that way just like in your tips :-)

  21. yeah! stay focused when on the internet, avoid going to facebook too! hehehe…it will make you unfocused and get distracted!

  22. These are great tips for those that are in school. I wish I have the self-discipline when I was doing my online class, I would have finished on time if I stay focused :-)

  23. Yes i need this very much for my boy on his home school :) thanks for sharing!

  24. Thank you for this school tips. Although I can’t relate yet because I don’t have kids who goes to school yet, I will remember to be always there for them for support and encouragement on what they can learn best in school.

  25. lesleyanneyp says

    these are great tips. my boys are easily tempted to check on their fb accounts whenever they have to use the internet for research. once they are caught, they are banned from using the net for the following week. :)

  26. very good tips. my son actually gets bored with the repetitive lesson in school. have been planning to transfer him to a progressive school but I think a traditional school is more appropriate for him since most schools here in the country teach the traditional way of education

  27. love and living says

    sometimes, it’s really hard to focus in school especially if you have many things in mind, nice tips.

  28. Great points! I’m not in school anymore but I can use this…oh wait, I’m starting school again, soon! :D

  29. I guess there should be one more point – motivate children to study. Without it they will not feel like studying.

  30. another tip: lead by example :)

  31. I’m so thankful that I didn’t have my internet vices back when I was still studying. I don’t think i’ll be able to really focus on my school work with all the blogging, FB and online games I’m hooked to now! :))

  32. Hello friend, These are such a good tips. You Know if it’s easy for us to get distracted online,it’s got to be the same for the kiddos. thanks

  33. Yahh,stay focused when on the internet, avoid going to facebook too! hehehe…it will make you unfocused and get distracted!

  34. These are such good tips. These are not only useful in school but in our office work. You have done a great job by posting such valuable information. Thanks for sharing your tips.

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