4 Money Saving Tips to Keep Your Vacation Affordable

The thing about going on vacation is that it’s a balance. You want to mix inexpensive activities with more expensive ones to blend the daily cost of being on vacation. A decadent life is nice in theory, but in reality, it’s not affordable for most people unless your last name is Kardashian!

Here are four tips for saving money before and during your next vacation.

Saving Money on Airlines

When booking in advance, there are considerable savings to be made. Whether it’s discounted pricing or special early bird offers, it’s possible to knock sometimes hundreds of dollars off the cost of a couple of flights. Also, depending how light you pack, when there’s an option of flying direct or taking connecting flights with a bit of wait time in the airport lounge, weigh up the pros and cons with your partner.

In most cases, we all fail to travel light when it comes to travel. We pack too many bags and stuff them to the brim with a myriad of possessions we cannot stand to leave at home. Airlines are very restrictive when it comes to the number of bags and the weight of the luggage you can bring with you. Oversized bags and extra pounds of luggage bring surcharges that add up fast.

Cutting the Cost of Car Rentals

When leaving your car at home and flying into your destination, there are various ways to save when renting your transportation. It’s not always necessary to match the rental car to the size and class type of your own vehicle. Do you really need that much car for a two-week vacation?

Consider which days you’ll need a car and plan to schedule those days consecutively to reduce the total number of rental days. Some credit card providers insure you for rental cars when paying the cost with their card. Check this out before you fly to save on insurance. And, check whether free child/baby seats are provided by the rental company or whether you should bring yours along. Also, only fill up the gas for what you need and don’t use the fill up service with the company because they’ll fill the tank up to full whether you require it or not. Also, look for discount coupons online.

Be Choosy About Tourist Traps

Every city and town has its tourist traps. Not every tourist activity is worth the price of admission. Quite often, walking around on your own tour is free and just as interesting as the guided ones when you’ve done your research ahead of time. Google Maps is your friend (you can download an offline map of the area). A travel guide that covers the city is also a useful thing to carry with you and most are available in digital versions accessible on your smartphone or tablet during your visit.

Splurge Where There’s Value to You

If you’re someone who places a high significance on where you stay during a vacation, then the choice of accommodations is key. A place like WhiteBuffaloClub.com in Jackson Hole has its own USDA Steak house, a full fitness center, and wireless internet access. It’s the kind of place that is a delight to visit.

Saving money when booking a vacation and during your time away is all about being smart. Clever planning ahead of time, and picking and choosing what is important when you’re there, is key. Most things have a price, but not everything offers you value. Be selective.

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