4 Must-Have Items Every Mom of Multiples Should Have

It’s no secret that taking care of multiple children can be challenging, especially if you’re not properly equipped and don’t have lots of help. The challenge is even more intense when some of your children are close in age or twins, as having two or more little ones is much more demanding than have a smaller baby and a toddler. With multiple children in the same age bracket you’ll have to accommodate similar needs and demands and oftentimes you might feel like you need to be in two places at once. To minimize the hassle and keep your sanity, you’ll want to at least make sure you have the following items.

1.     Play Yard

A play yard can really come in handy when things get hectic and you have several kids trying their best to destroy everything at the same time. Play yards are particularly helpful for pregnant mothers who aren’t in any shape to be chasing kids around and bending over to keep them out of mischief. Other tips for pregnant moms juggling multiples can be found on sites like Preg Med (view site). While you could just confine them to their rooms, having a play yard ensures they can’t get into their dresser drawers, pull down the blinds, knock stuff over, and exploit any other loopholes that you might’ve overlooked in your babyproofing process.

2.     Baby Carrier

If you have a little one that demands your attention throughout the day and you simply don’t have the free hands to carry him/her around non-stop, a baby carrier can be a huge lifesaver. Baby carriers are great for getting chores done without having to put a fussy baby down. As long as they’re snuggled on your chest, they won’t mind you doing your duties minus the temper tantrum drama.

3.     Double (or Triple) Stroller

For times when you want to travel somewhere on foot and you don’t have any help with stroller pushing, you’ll need a multi stroller that can carry everyone. Even if you don’t foresee this being an issue due to your nanny or significant other being there to push the other stroller, you never know when you’ll be on your own and needing the ability to walk somewhere.

4.     Breast Pump

Breastfeeding a little baby while you’re trying to care for other kids can seem impossible. Every time you get the little one latched on and feeding, the next thing you know another kid needs your help with something and duty calls. By using a breast pump to collect the breastmilk and store it in containers in the fridge, you can stockpile your supply and have it on hand for convenient bottle feeding when needed.

Equipping Yourself for Easier Parenting

Ultimately, the goal is to simplify and streamline your job as a parent as much as possible, so equipping yourself with the right tools and techniques is important to prevent yourself from stressing out. With the right equipment and schedule, you can refine your processes to the point where keeping watch of all your rascals becomes a simple part of everyday life.

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