4 Reasons Your Child Won’t Listen To You

Kids, and even grown-ups, have this uncanny ability to filter out things they don’t want to hear. Oftentimes though, it’s not so much about what you say as it is about how your say it. But why exactly do our children give us the deaf ear whenever we have to say something really important?

  1. They’re in the middle of a game. Be it a garage basketball game or a Wii game they’re wrapped up in, kids don’t like being interrupted. Wouldn’t you just hate being disturbed while you’re in the throes of fun? Wait until the excitement has died down a bit, or gradually ease them out of their game and then try talking to them. They will be more able to focus on what you have to say then.
  2. They’re hungry. It’s either that, or they’re dead tired from school and can’t wait to hit the sack. Catching them when they’re sleepy or hungry is sure to instantly shut down their sense of hearing.
  3. You’re screaming your head off. Turning up the volume of your voice does little to make your kids listen to you. Same thing applies to your husband. When you shout, you elicit a response of defiance, either verbal or non-verbal. The more aggressive ones might even shout back at you, while others may simply give you the cold shoulder. And then, the message you wish to get across just vanishes into thin air.
  4. You’re not listening to them. Communication is a two-way street, so if you want them to listen to you, you must do the same to them. Hard as it seems, try not to be so overbearing that you fail to hear what they have to say. Just because you’re years ahead of them, doesn’t mean they have nothing important to bring to the table. Respect begets respect.

Children are known to have attention spans the size of a pea, so if you want to sit them down for an important talk, it’s going to take a great deal of effort. Timing is everything, so be sure to catch them when they’re in a good and receptive mood, so you’re efforts won’t be in vain. Remember that you have to be in a good mood yourself, so you won’t end up saying something you might regret later on.

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  1. thanks for sharing this. great post, so true with kids.

  2. I wish it were that easy though. Sometimes, they just don’t listen. :(

  3. i couldn’t agree more.

  4. C5 @ Life Is A Choice says

    Pag di sila nakinig, wala silang computer! :P By the way, you’re one of my Top 10 Emerging Influential Blog For 2011!

  5. the first one always applies to me especially to my youngest, he won’t budge a bit when I asked him to do something, but wait, watch him when I started shouting.. lol..

  6. Love the Article. No matter what we still love them and adore them. Care to exlinks dear?

  7. all of your advices sis are applicable..it depends on how your child react..kids have different levels of patience and ways on how you get their tickling obedient nerves..I have two kids and my eldest 6yr.old usually doesn’t follow when she is tired from school so the best thing I could do is to prepare her the merienda she wants, rest then talk to her about the different issues she and I wants to talk about..my youngest 3 yr.old, he always goes pa cute even when I am angry..

    but the two of them usually follow my commands when..I talk to them on a low tone, sweet voice and authority.As a mom you can be sweet but the respect and authority is still there :)

    gunyt sis..passing by antok na rin ako 9:45 na mwahhhh :)

  8. I do agree with you. My 2.5 toddler is fully potty trained but lately she’s always late getting to her potty. Why? She’s too engrossed in what she’s doing that she delays until it’s too late *sigh*

  9. Huh? Only 4? Just kidding. True all of them…:)

    • Hehe. Spot on, Cari! I think there are more reasons, I just didn’t want to end up with a 2,000-word post! :)

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