5 easy ways to keep a cold from getting worse

Nothing is more annoying than toting a box of Kleenex to your board meeting, or sniffing the time away as you try to finish reading to your child. Having a cold is a total drag, as it brings with it a ton of cumbersome symptoms: headaches, itchy throat, an irritating cough.

We moms are not exempt from this, as we are notorious multi-taskers, Yes, doing too much all at the same time does take its toll on our health sometimes (thank God for medicare insurance!). It weakens our immune system and makes us more susceptible to various types of disease. Being down with a cold is not the end of the world, though. There are simple ways to relieve colds quick:

• Sip some soup- the warmth from hot soup or tea may induce salivation and mucus secretions which prevent the throat from feeling dry and achy

• Shower away- taking two hot showers a day could help, as warm moisture enters mucus membranes and helps clear nasal passages.

• Work out- regular exercise helps shorten the lifespan of a cold. Word from the wise: if the symptoms you feel are from the neck up, you may do a light workout. But if they are below the neck, it’s best to rest until they’re gone.

• Blow ever so gently- studies show that blowing your nose too hard tends to push the mucus from the nose up into the sinuses. This could worsen your cold and lead to a sinus infection. The trick is to blow each nostril gently, one at a time. At the same time, you could take a nasal decongestant to inhibit fluid buildup. A product with both antihistamine and pseudoephedrine works better than medication with just one of those ingredients.

• Stay home- more than an excuse not to see your boss, resting at home helps you recover faster, thus lessening the need for more sick-leave days.

Follow these quick cold relief tips, and you’re sure to be sniffle-free in no time.



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  1. Mirage (marie) says

    Hi Pepper! Following you through gfc…I also added this blog to my list under Mom blogs but advise me which is more appropriate :) Thanks! -(fb user: gizelle)

  2. modern bathroom design says

    Nice one, Pepper. =) My two personal favorites are sipping hot tea and taking hot showers. Something about steam gives such relief to my sinuses when I’m not feeling well. Another good suggestion is the Netti-Pot, those work really well too. And the mother in me just has to remind everyone…Washing your hands regularly is the easiest way to stay healthy and stop the spreading of infection!

  3. admiralnakhimov says

    Nice staff, Pepper!!

  4. Excellent post, thanks so much it was a great read

  5. I absolutely hate having a cold so i hurried on over to read your tips! I especially believe in the one about exercise. I often try to run a cold out of my system.

  6. This is a good post, Pepper. And the shower one resonates with me, when I have a cold, a hot shower soothes my stuffy head almost always.

  7. super tips–I love a great cup of tea-even with out a cold ;D

  8. Awesome tips! I already use some of these!

  9. Thankfully it has been a while since my last cold. I will definitely keep your tips in mind! Thank you for sharing

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