5 Ways to Conserve Gasoline

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It is no secret that the prices of goods, like the universal muffler and even gas, are going up and up. With no estimated date in sight as to when the prices will go down, consumers need to be smart about how to save on fuel costs before they reach the pump. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to save gas. The most effective way, however, is to actually reduce the amount of gas you use. When we find we must use gas to reach our destination, there are tricks that might cut back on gas consumption. Here are some ways you can save some of your car’s gasoline:

  1. Drive Less

There are a number of reasons why some people drive less and it is the rising cost of gas. If you plan to go on one errand, it is best to combine your errands into one trip to avoid repeat drives around town. If the place is near, consider walking instead of driving for nearby pick-ups. Or better yet, use your bicycle, if you have one. You will save gas and be able to have a mini-workout at the same time.

  1. Accelerate Slowly

Every time you punch the gas to accelerate after stopping, you are burning extra fuel and increasing tire wear. By accelerating slowly, you are only using the required fuel to get the vehicle to the speed you want. Use the gas and brake pedals as little as possible. Repeated braking simply wastes energy because it converts unnecessary heat energy, greatly reducing the service life of your brakes. Keep that in mind while driving to keep your gas usage to a minimum.

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  1. Drive until your tank is empty

A lighter car uses less gas. What does this mean? A lighter car means its tank is not full. When you hit that 1/3 of a tank and are tempted to fill up, give it a few more days. That last 1/3 may last you a bit longer than the first third did.

  1. Avoid Excessive Idling

If your car has been idle for more than a minute, it is better to turn off the engine to save gas. Also, when your car is new, it does not need to be warmed up often; just a couple of seconds will do the trick. If you are waiting for someone and he or she is taking too long, turn off the engine to save up some gas.

  1. Eliminate Wind Resistance

As much as possible, keep your windows closed. An open window increases drag and costs you fuel in the long run. In addition to that, it will keep you safe from snatchers especially during traffic. Another thing to remember is to remove unneeded car racks and carriers. If you drive around with a bicycle rack or luggage rack on your roof, take it off when it’s not in use to make your vehicle more aerodynamic.

Keep these tips in mind so you can save up on your gas and money.

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