5 Ways to Cure Writer’s Block

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At some point, I’m sure you have fallen victim to writer’s, or blogger’s block. It’s when you’re stuck in a rut and can’t seem to think of anything to write about. If you feel it’s not yet time to go so low as to blog about your next-door neighbor’s tighty whities hanging on the clothesline, then consider these pretty helpful ways to ease writer’s block

Read. No, not other people’s mail. Just read about what people are talking about. The net is replete with hot topics related to whatever your sphere of interest may be. Sign up for Google Alerts, and receive email updates on hot topics on any subject you desire.

Tweet away. If you find immeasurable ecstasy when you go on twitter, then this would be a good venue for you to find out hot topics worth writing about. People tweet about almost anything nowadays.

Look inside. Delve deep within your reachable levels of consciousness to dig up something worth divulging to the world. Be wary, as any information you give out on the internet can and may be used against you. You could pick up on any recent incident in your life, and work around that.

Have a say. Give your opinion on latest topics or world issues. Who knows, your two cents might come back to you a hundredfold.

Join memes. In the blogging world, memes are given themes or topics which you write about. This is likewise an excellent way to gain traffic for your blog, as other bloggers who joined a certain meme are obliged to visit your site to view your post for that particular meme.

If all else fails, just take consolation in the fact that writer’s block does happen to everyone, and it is not a permanent disease. You can always draw inspiration from the things you see and hear around you…yes, even if it’s your neighbor’s constant bickering.

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    I am working as a writer and I take hours just staring at the word document or browsing through several resources and the thing is, I cannot put even one sentence down. Talk about meeting the required number of articles that I have to write per day!

    Great post!

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