6 Fun First Date Activities Worth Considering

Planning an exciting first date is never easy. You will want to ensure your date has an unforgettable time, which means you might want to offer something a little different to dinner and a movie. Check out the following six first date activities worth considering.

A Bike Ride

Connect with your date by heading off on a fun bike ride together. If your date doesn’t own a bike, you can always rent one or two before cycling in the park or across your neighborhood. It will provide you both with a chance to chat, so you learn more about each other. Also, you can choose to spend as much or as little time as you want in the great outdoors, so you can leave the date early if it doesn’t go well.

An Escape Room

Do you want to find out if you and your date are compatible? Book a Charlotte Escape Room, as you will both need to work together to make your way out of the room within sixty minutes. You will also learn more about your date, such as their likes, dislikes, and temperament. So, if you spend your time working together and having fun it could be the perfect opportunity to show this could be a relationship worth pursuing.


Similar to an escape room, you can learn a lot about a person by the way they approach a sporting activity, such as bowling. For example, a date that rants and raves or doesn’t particularly engage well on the date probably isn’t your soul mate. It is better to learn this on your first date before you invest any more time into the relationship. Yet, you will hopefully spend the evening laughing and chatting together, which could lead to a happy relationship.

A City Tour

One unique first date activity you might not have tried is a city tour. You’ll be able to hop on and off at different points in the tour to explore various landmarks, museums, and attractions, which can provide many hours of fun. It’s ideal for people who have yet to explore their hometown’s best attractions, and you’ll have plenty of things to talk about throughout the date.

Sunday Brunch

If you are looking for a casual, quick yet fun first date idea, you could arrange to go to Sunday brunch together. There will be no pressure on the relationship, as you can simply arrive separately to enjoy a delicious meal together and you can choose to carry on the date afterward or to go your separate ways.

A Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you want to sweep your date off his or her feet, a hot air balloon ride will be incredibly romantic. You can trust your date will be impressed as you gently soar across the sky and breathe in a beautiful backdrop. You could even pay for a bottle of champagne to toast a successful date a hundred feet in the air.

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