6 Tips Every New Mom Should Know

Being a new mom is an exciting time in your life, but it can also present a whole set of hurdles and challenges you may not have anticipated. Follow these 6 tips every new mom should know to be the best mom you can be while preserving your sanity.

  • Don’t Forget to Plan Some Me-Time

The first big transition new mommies have to face is the fact that you are now constantly on-call. Whether you are actively caring for the baby or your partner is, you are now fully responsible for a human being, and that can take a lot of hard work. New parents often struggle at first to find the balance between taking care of the baby and taking care of themselves. So, here’s the first piece of advice: plan some me-time!

Give your partner some alone time with the new baby, or even hire a babysitter. Even if it’s just for a few hours in the evening, take some time to yourself to relax and catch up on your favorite television show. Hiring help at work so that you can watch your business grow even while you’re stuck at home, if you’re able, is a great idea and a great way to keep your life in order. Don’t feel bad admitting that you need a little help to keep all the things in your life in order.

  • Eating Healthy and Cruelty-Free on a Mommy Schedule

Every mother wants her child to eat healthy, but the cost and time required often deter from the ideal meal choice. Dedicating some time to shopping for simple snacks and doing a little meal-prep for the week is a great way to stick to a healthy meal plan without feeling like the only option is swinging through a McDonalds. Easy fruits and veggies take minutes to cut up and put in sandwich bags and are incredibly affordable.

For mommies with toddlers, planting a garden is a great way to save money and eat healthy while bonding with your child and teaching them about nature. Planting your own garden also allows you to find organic alternatives to harmful pesticides so that your child can enjoy some delicious, home-grown veggies without worrying about the damaging health effects of pesticides.

  • Finding Organization Among the Chaos

It can be difficult as a new mother to find simple solutions for a clean office space or a clean and organized home. Devoting all your time to raising a child can take a toll on the cleanliness and organization of the home and office. A big tip is to not feel guilty about a little disorganization or a little mess. It doesn’t mean you don’t have your life together; it just means you are suddenly very, very busy.

If the mess is driving you crazy though, why not skip the stressful full-clean and just do a few things at a time? Find contentment with simply washing two or three dishes or doing one load of laundry. A big mistake new mothers make is assuming that they will be able to keep up their current lifestyle when they jump into parenthood. You might not keep the perfect home anymore for a little while, but you can still stay functional and sane with a little five minute cleanup every few hours.

  • Take Care of Yourself

You are of no help to the baby if you are sick, overtired, or overworked. The biggest mistake new mothers make is sacrificing their health for the sake of the baby. Yes, it is inevitable that you will be tired and hungry and un-showered, but it is important that you take the time to remind yourself to take care of yourself too. Take the time the baby is napping to nap as well rather than do a little extra cleaning. Your back will ache from holding the baby all day, so find some ways to soothe your aching muscles. Shower, keep healthy teeth, hydrate, and don’t forget to eat!

  • Build a Support System

Whether it’s with the husband, parents, friends, or other new mothers, reach out and strengthen your support system. As a couple, surprising each other with thoughtful gifts is a great way to remind each other that you care. A phone call, a coffee date, or even just a text message conversation with people in your support system are great ways to keep you sane through the process of becoming a new mother.

  • Enjoy It

These few years are formative to your child’s journey into life, and if you’re lucky, you get to spend nearly every minute of it with them. You’ll be wishing for a break now, but in a few years you’ll wish they were back home with you. Enjoy every beautiful, messy moment you have as a new mother so that you can cherish those memories for a lifetime.

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