A fool-proof Guide to Metro Manila Driving

It goes without saying that driving around the streets of Metro Manila is not for the faint of heart. Nowhere else around the globe will you find road rules being broken left and right. Drivers of public utility vehicles act like gods of the road, throwing all caution to the wind. Here are a few words of wisdom on driving, Metro Manila-style:

What is meant for two, can sometimes accommodate three– in extreme traffic, it comes as no surprise that 2-lane roads suddenly transform into 3 lanes. Extra care must be taken when driving through such streets, as only a strand of hair stands between your side mirror and that huge SUV to your right. Filipino drivers are notorious for filling in every visible gap, without considering the concept of space and volume.

Drivers of PUV’s have the lowest IQ of all– This is self-explanatory. Well, none of them went to driving school anyway. They’d cut you off whenever they can, and beat the traffic light like they didn’t know the difference between red and green.

Buses will never yield– If you happen to find yourself at the edge of the yellow lane, where buses are supposed to be, don’t be shocked if the bus driver suddenly swerves to the left, as he tries to cut you off. It’s best to just stay away from their lane as much as possible, as buses will never yield, no matter how loud you blast your horn.

PUV drivers will never use the signal light– We see this all the time. Jeepney drivers have a penchant for turning right or left without signaling.

Bus stop? What bus stop?- For some reason, bus and jeepney drivers choose to ignore bus and jeepney stops. They love to carry and drop their passengers off just wherever they fancy, even if it’s right smack in the middle of the road.

Having a basic awareness of the Metro Manila traffic situation and the behavior of Filipino drivers can help spare us a migraine attack, and a visit to the cardiologist. Just always remember to keep cool, and accept the fact that most drivers here have no idea what discipline means.

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