A Happy Rewind: Looking Back On Friendships Past

There’s just something about rainy days that make me all nostalgic.  The pitter-patter of the raindrops on the rooftops sends me back to my childhood.  As I sit here, looking out the window, imagining those raindrops to be lemon drops and gum drops, I suddenly remember my old pen friend.

I was in grade 4 when I had a pen friend from Germany.  We religiously wrote each other back, trading pictures and stories of our growing pains.  Whenever I’d get mail from her, I remember tearing the envelope with so much fervor, that it would make the mailman grin in amusement.  It felt like heaven.

I imagine how she is now.  Did she finally marry her hot boyfriend back then?  Will she and I ever get to meet personally after all these years?

The internet seems to answer everything, so I looked up how to find people by area code or name. I came across this website which allows you to find people from your past, simply by keying in their name, age, location in the search toolbar.  They then scour online profiles and databases and come up with a list of search results with their contact info.  It’s pretty amazing how the internet makes the world a smaller place.

I have to admit though, nothing beats the thrill you get from receiving mail, and sniffing that scented stationery…  But we always must keep moving forward, because that’s the only way to go.

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  1. Aw, I remember the old days, when we sent letters and had pen pals! I had a neighbor who moved back to Russia, and we kept in touch for years… But we lost touch, and I haven’t been able to find her online at all. I hope we can get in touch again some day.

  2. Oh my, now I’m nostalgic as well. Like you, I used to write a lot of letters when I was younger. Receiving a (snail) mail back then is really thrilling – receiving an email just can’t compare.

  3. So, did you finally find your friend? That’d be awesome if you were able to reconnect.

    But, yeah, I feel ya on the nostalgia. I especially feel this way when I see a young girl getting all giddy from receiving a text message from her beau. In the back of my mind, I was like, “Lame!”

    I just wanna somehow telaport to the sender of that message and say, “This is how you do it, son!” and hit him with the “old-fashioned” hand written love letter on a nice stationary…finishing it up with a few sprays of the men’s cologne that she likes the most.

  4. i also had a friend whom I write to when I was young. I’m glad I found him online and now it’s easier for us to communicate.

  5. Iba nga yung feeling when you get something from the mail.

    Ngayon, instant na lahat.

  6. Yeah, I do remember the days when we had penpals and would save money for postage stamps. :D Scented stationaries are also definitely better than emails.

  7. I normally use FB for finding old friends. I’ve had some amazing successes including finding my two brothers that came along with my dad’s second marriage. My sister and I are now in touch regularly with our brothers – which still feels strange to say – it took 30 years to find each other and five minutes on FB. Incredible♥

  8. The Chef says

    before, letters comes from the heart.. it does not matter if you are grammatically incorrect or something; for information before like dictionaries, thesaurus are not easily grasp not like now where you could get all you want from the internet..

    before sharing letter to friends takes effort.. paper, revise it when you made a mistake (totally revising it by hand), going to the post office.. and the feeling of waiting for a reply is the best part.. hahaha..

    thanks for sharing by the way there is a problem with your G+ there is always an error or something..

  9. I used to have loads of penpals as a kid and I really miss writing real letters. A dear friend from my childhood died when we were both teenagers and I am so grateful for having the letters still that she wrote to me. Emails just aren’t the same.

    • Oh, sorry to hear about your childhood friend. Yes, at least you have those letters to remember her by.

  10. I used to love getting letters from my pen-pals! I had some in Finland, Italy, and some other places and we kept up with each other for many many years!

  11. Rain has a way of doing that to you…

    Isn’t it crazy how easy the Internet makes it to find people?! I’ve had several people from my past find me online and it’s always mind blowing. LOL.

  12. There is something special about snail mail!

  13. Know what, I still kept a lot of letters from my friends all over the world:) and I do search them on Facebook but to no avail:( i just hope to see them one day, and have a cup of coffee together:)

  14. Ha! I too had a penpal from America…we had such different lives but, like you, I used to impatiently wait for her letters! It just isn’t the same sense of anticipation as waiting for an email, is it?!

    • No, it’s never the same. When the anticipation peaks, I get so high! It’s a priceless feeling…

  15. Nagiging sinte bigla si mama, nakikibasa din kasi.. may naalala yata sa past niya,.. thank mam for sharing this experience.

  16. i enjoy writing letters to friends and relatives during my younger days, i am missing the good old days, that feeling of excitement whenever the postman knocks at the gate shouting “sulat” hehe. scented stationary, glittered pen colored envelopes, kaka-miss :)

  17. haha yeah I can relate, I have so many penpals before.. and some of those mails are still with me I still read them every now and then. My latest relationship is a long distance one, aside from online thing, emails, chat and calls we also send snail mails every now and then. ;)

  18. The internet has been an effective way to reconnect with former friends and even those logistically away from you. Thanks to technology the world is now a smaller place.

  19. Ah, the good ol’ days. I remember back then I would have this huge envelope of really cute stationeries. Used to trade these with my playmates and schoolmates back in the day. I’d use these to send letters to my cousins and friends overseas, down to even using those wax sealants to seal the letters inside the envelopes before closing it and writing in big letters “S-W-A-K”. It would be great to do that again.

  20. Were you able to find her? The thought was summed up in a photo I posted once http://postcard-perfect.com/receiving-mails-then-and-now.

    I really find snail mail more personal and this is the reason why I send postcards across the world via postcrossing. :)

  21. I think every little girl went through that kind of nostalgic moments and it is absolutely worth remembering.

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