A Holistic Approach To Treating Substance Abuse

The problem of substance abuse, which relates to a dependence on drugs or alcohol that is compulsive and destructive to a person’s life, is a growing one in our modern society. That’s why so many people in Florida today who suffer from substance abuse problems are turning to various treatment centers and support groups, like a holistic rehab florida center in order to find healing.

Without treatment, an out-of-control dependence on drugs or alcohol can wreak utter havoc on a person’s life. Drug use can cause incredible chaos in a person’s life, leading to the destruction of relationships, job loss, prison terms, and physical and emotional ruin. On top of this, all of these problems can lead to financial ruin that leaves a person and his or her family without any resources for rehabilitation and recovery.

Healing the Whole Person

A person who is in the throes of addiction is impacted on many levels. The body will be weakened, just as their judgement and intellectual ability is negatively affected. All of this can ruin a person’s ability to make sound decisions and work effectively. The ability to continue healthy relationships can also be ruined by addiction. All of this points to the need for a healing approach that treats the whole person, not just the symptoms of the illness that is the addiction.

A Holistic Approach

There is a treatment approach in western medicine that can be seen as simply treating the symptoms of a serious health problem. Though in some cases, like in the treatment of an infection or a broken bone, this is a completely legitimate approach to treatment, in other cases, like in the case of substance abuse issues, it ignores the larger problem driving the issues.

A holistic approach to substance abuse problems.

Today there are may rehab clinics emerging that are focusing more on the whole person in treatment, as opposed to just treating the symptoms. Substance abuse is a complex problem that involves a physical dependance along with complicated psychological underpinnings. It’s been found that a treatment system that treats the patient as a whole has a much greater chance of success and a long term chance for the patient to stay sober.

People who tell sober stories in groups like Alcoholics Anonymous often acknowledge the need for talk therapy along with medical treatment in dealing with their addiction. This underlines the need for a holistic approach to treatment and the need for ongoing therapy even after a person has become sober.

A Multi-Faceted Approach to Treatment

When an addicted person first enters treatment at a holistic treatment center, they are usually given an assessment by an experienced counselor who takes note of their condition and outlines a treatment plan. A plan that is geared towards the individual’s specific health and psychological needs is one that will have the best chance for success.

The Detox Process

An assessment will usually be followed by detoxification. This process is very important, as it’s impossible for a client to work towards recovery if they are still under the influence of intoxicants. The detox process should be done with a slow withdrawal from drugs and/or alcohol, under the care and supervision of an experienced healthcare professional. The symptoms of withdrawal, which can include fevers, sweating, vomiting and diarrhea, can be serious, so it’s important that the patient is monitored as they come off of their addiction.

After detox, the patient will be placed in a therapeutic setting, where they can work with a counselor one-on-one or with a group of individuals who are also dealing with recovery. The support a patients gets in these sessions is invaluable.

After the patient has achieved sobriety, they need to establish a plan for staying sober as an outpatient. Some patients enroll in a group home so they can live with others who are working on their recovery. Other people will return home but continue to work with a therapist, and also attend meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. What’s crucial is that the patient in recovery stay committed to their program and to embrace this holistic approach to being whole and drug free.

A sober life is a new experience for an addicted person. It is a new beginning, and can be the start of many rich experiences and a joyful view of life.

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