A Mom’s Guide To The Logistics Of Moving House With Children


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Moving home can be stressful at the best of times, but when you throw kids into the mix, it becomes a whole lot trickier. From managing their confusion and upset to ensuring Teddy isn’t accidentally stowed at the bottom of a box, even to making sure they settle in at their new school, moving house with children is in a stress category all of its own. But there are ways you can make it easier, both on yourself and your kids. To find out more, just keep reading.


Keep them in the loop

Any upset from children during this tumultuous time is usually because of a fear of the unknown. When you keep them in the loop with plans and expectations, they’re able to feel more in control of the changes they face. Show them pictures of their new home and school, ask them questions about how their bedroom should be arranged, and encourage them to speak to family and friends about their experiences with moving house. All of these things will enable your child to look forward to the adventure without necessarily fearing the upheaval.


Plan it like a military operation

Although this is the same when there are no children involved, it becomes particularly important to have a smooth transfer when they’re around. Start planning even before your moving date is decided. Plan to change internet provider and utility companies, start researching appliance removal companies and try to work out a plan of action for the week leading up to the move. Not only will it help the day run smoother, but it’ll help to keep your stress levels down when everything becomes a bit frantic.


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Have them help with the packing

When it comes to packing up the house, encourage your little one to help. Just like with the feeling of being kept in the loop, packing the house enables them to feel more in control of the changes you’re making to your lives. Ask them to put items in their bedroom in a box, and encourage them to label it so you can find it on the other end. It might just seem like a fun game to them, but it’s actually helping them to come to terms with the move in a positive way.


Take an emergency bag

Many things have a tendency to go wrong on moving day. Sometimes it’s as simple as the kettle being packed away in an unknown box, or toilet paper going walkabouts, and as adults, it can be those things which add an element of comedy to proceedings. However, with children, you could be one lost teddy away from a meltdown. To prevent this, pack an emergency bag with teddy, toilet paper, kettle and teabags, candles, towels, snacks, and a torch could really help out on the first night in a new house – it could even feel a bit like a camping trip.


Moving house with children adds a whole new level of logistical complexity, but as a Girl Guide should always know, the key to success is to ensure that you’re always prepared.


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