A Simple Guide To Involving Your Children In Your Wedding or Vow Renewal




More and more people are now having children before they get married. In many ways, it makes sense. A wedding is an expensive endeavor that you can’t necessarily afford when you’re young, but having kids at a young age is beneficial for both health and practical reasons. So it’s more common than ever to have children in your 20s and save the wedding for your 30s.


Even for those that are already married, there is always a vow renewal ceremony. These are most often done during the big years for wedding anniversaries, such as five, 10 or 20 years. It’s a nice way of renewing your commitment to one another and if you didn’t have the chance on your original wedding, to involve your kids in the celebration.


Whether it’s a wedding-after-kids or a renewal, you’re tasked with the same desire: to find a way to incorporate your children into your ceremony. You can unite the whole family in a day of celebration and create memories that you will never forget.


If you’re looking for a little inspiration on how to ensure your children don’t feel left out from the festivities, then here are a few ideas to get you started:


  1. Let Them Choose Rings


Wedding bands are the symbol you take with you throughout your life as a reminder of your spouse. It, therefore, makes sense to add an extra layer of celebration and have your children choose the rings.


If you don’t fancy giving them full rein in a jewelry store, then they can always choose from a shortlist that you put together. That way you can select something you know you will like without having to worry about a huge price tag from a ring they set their hearts on. Steer them towards 1 karat diamond and precious metals that you know you love, and you won’t go far wrong.


  1. Write The Place Settings


If you’re having a formal party after the ceremony, then have your children write the name settings. If they’re younger, then there is a certain charm to misinformed letters – far more than any printed version could manage. For older kids, it’s a chance to practice their cursive!


  1. Ask Them To Come Up With A Play


Imagination is a vital part of childhood, and you should make an effort to encourage yours at any point. A perfect way to do this is to ask them to come up with a play at the reception to entertain you and your guests.


Go all out on this one, setting aside a budget for costumes and encouraging them to tell whatever story they want. Make sure you capture the whole thing on film of course; it’s definitely something you will want to look back on.


  1. Ask Them To Give Speeches


Obviously, for children of a certain age, this is not feasible. However, if it is possible and they don’t feel too nervous at the prospect, then it could be a beautiful touch to the day.




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