Add Fun to Your Life By Brewing Your Own Beer

Making your own fresh beer is a great hobby and a rewarding experience. There is nothing like pulling out your own crafted beer for company and having them marvel over the complexity of the brew you created. It is not an expensive hobby to get into and most new brewers can get away with just purchasing a homebrew starter kit. After that successful first batch, a serious hobbyist starts experimenting with different ingredients and kinds of beer. For the hatdcore brewers, having designer labels and a bottle labeler to showcase their own private microbrews becomes the next evolution of this hobby.

Tips for New Beginners

Making your own beer can be as simple as making a cup of tea, but there are ways to insure a truly amazing homebrew every time. The key is to make sure all your ingredients are fresh. Having a quality malt extract relies on using yeasts and hops that haven’t been sitting around on dusty shelves. When cooling down the wort, the best practice is to use an ice bath because this will reduce oxidation which can really affect the overall taste of the beer.

After the first brew, many hobbyist tend to try to create their own recipes. There is nothing wrong with experimenting but it is best for the first few batches to stick to tried and true recipes and focus on mastering the brew processes before switching things up.

Steps for Making a Good Beer

Brew day is here, so what do you first? The best thing to do is slow down and get everything ready. Read through the instructions in the starter kit entirely and gather up all the necessary ingredients. Watch a few videos on YouTube and see how others have handled extract brewing. Many of these people will give great advice and let you know of potential problems that arise during brewing. Clean all equipment before beginning and stick to proper measurements. Winging it and rushing the process will result in failure and a awful tasting brew.

Make sure that the water is the proper temperature by using a thermometer. Store and monitor the fermentation in the proper environment. Sanitize all equipment before filtering the beer and store bottles for about two weeks before drinking. The key to homebrews is fun and enjoyment and great tasting beer. With a little effort, a good batch of beer can be waiting just a few weeks away.

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