Affordable Ways to Decorate Your Kid’s Bedroom

Decorating your kids’ bedrooms is one of the more challenging aspects of parenting. Whether you live in a posh 8-bedroom house or a cramped condo unit, you can’t squirm away from the task of making your children’s bedroom as enjoyable to live in as possible. Here are some tips on how to decorate your kid’s bedroom, without breaking the bank:

Make a gallery. Designate one corner of your child’s bedroom as an art gallery of sorts (yes, your fridge door isn’t the only place to stick your kid’s artwork on!). You can put your kid’s drawings in various colored frames and hang them on the wall.   Drawings or paintings in different sizes, when clustered together, make for an interesting piece.


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Add décor to the floor. Instead of a boring rug, opt for one of those colorful play mats to go on your kid’s bedroom floor. It’s not only decorative, but also provides your kids with a safe and clean surface to roll around on. Because it’s made of foam, you won’t have to worry about your kids accidentally hitting their head on the floor.

Get long-lasting furniture. Pull out all the stops and scour different furniture stores– both online and offline- for pieces that will grow with your child. Instead of buying something he’ll outgrow, get stuff he can use for the long haul. For instance, invest in a quality cabinet or dresser that he can use from infancy well into his teen years.

Beautify the walls with decals. Add a touch of flair and color to the room by sticking some stencils or removable decals to the walls. Get them in your child’s favorite color or pattern and just fill out an otherwise bare, solid-colored wall.

Iron speaks louder than wood. Ditch the wooden bed frame, and instead go for a cheaper alternative: an iron bed. It still looks decorative, as it gives off a minimalist appeal. This is a good option for smaller spaces.

Get savvy with sheets. Wait for the next mall sale and grab some eye-catching bedding to go on your child’s bed. You can pick out bed sheets in your kid’s favorite cartoon character, perhaps. Even a simple comforter in a nice colorful plaid pattern will add pizazz to the room.

Use chalkboard paint. We all know how kids love to doodle on walls, don’t we? Why not indulge them by painting a section of the wall in chalkboard paint. They can then spend hours drawing or scribbling away on their very own chalkboard wall. This can even serve as a communication medium between you and your child.

When it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom, the possibilities are endless. Even the proverbial old woman who lived in a shoe (who had so many children, she didn’t know what to do) would realize that all she needs is inspiration to make her shoe-house more livable for her kids. Just keep thinking outside the box- and looking around on Pinterest- and you’re sure to come up with ways to transform that bedroom into a kid’s universe.


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