Back Pain from Scoliosis: How I Deal With It

When I was in high school, I distinctly remember excitedly going with my friend to her Tae Kwon Do class on weekends.  It was a sport I was only too keen on getting into, but that’s all it ever was- and will be, I’m afraid- a dream.  It was also in high school when I was diagnosed with having scoliosis. Maybe my world shattered a bit, when I heard the news.  But I was okay.  All I knew was that my spine was curved, and that there were certain things I couldn’t do.  No biggie.

As I got older though, I started experiencing some back pain.  It’s never anything excruciating, but it bothers me somewhat.  I notice that it attacks whenever I sit or stand for long periods of time, or after I bend my body the wrong way.  It’s a real party-spoiler, make no mistake about it!

Sometimes, I wear a removable back support under my clothes.  It gives me the posture of a New York runway model.  It helps push my shoulders back and keeps my posture in check.  It helps alleviate the pain and boost my confidence as well.

At work, I put a pillow between my back and the back of the chair to keep me comfy.  Occasionally, I also get up and move about.

As for bedtime, I find that a pillow which supports my neck helps relieve me of any pain from scoliosis.  A friend gave me one of those special pillows which follow the natural curve of the neck.  It’s been the answer to those sleepless nights, as I finally got that neck support I needed.

I realize that scoliosis will be with me for the rest of my life, but with proper care, I should be fine.  Things could be worse.

Fast forward to today, that same friend from way back is now heavily into yoga, and is encouraging me to join her.  I’m a bit hesitant though, thinking that those pretzel-esque poses will do more harm to my spine than good.  But we’ll see.  I just might consider yoga.  I hear it does help ease scoliosis…


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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  1. mommy and papi says

    good a friend of yours gave u the pillow especially designed for scoliosis…thank God you’re now having good night’s sleep…take care always…papi & mommy love you pep <3 ^_^

  2. Good thing I don’t have scoliosis. What I usually experience is the back pain, I hate the feeling. I just rest when it triggers.

  3. My mom’s friend has this; she’s tall and very modelesque so she would say jokingly, “Ang scolio sakit lang ng magaganda.” :)

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