Bali High at the Hyatt

Flossing has become a daily habit for me.  Last night though, flossing proved to be a somewhat challenging stunt, as I had more bits of food stuck between my teeth.  This was because I just came from the Balinese Food Festival at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and Casino.  I was one of the bloggers invited to this gastronomic event which lasts for 10 days starting on Aug. 30, 2013.

Every year, the Hyatt holds an international food festival, and this year’s spotlight is on Balinese cuisine.  Chefs from Bali have been flown in to prepare authentic Balinese food.  I must say, they failed to disappoint even the most discriminating foodie.
bali resized
I immensely enjoyed their Seafood Coconut Soup.  The taste was something new to me, but I loved how the flavor of the shrimp and fish blended with the coconut. Yummy!

This Bread and Butter Pudding was also something I’m glad I didn’t pass up on.  It had just the right amount of buttery-ness that left me wanting more.

My barbecue cravings were satisfied by this Sate with Peanut Sauce.

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Other than Balinese food, there was also a wide selection of Chinese, Italian, and Japanese cuisine to choose from.

There was also a salad bar with various types of dressing to choose from.  I especially found their Yogurt-Citrus dressing refreshing.

The pizza was something unlike anything I’ve tasted in the more popular pizza chains.  It was tasty, it was delectably different.

Dinner will never be complete without ice cream!  Their blueberry and cream cheese flavors are to die for!  The other dessert options were just as delightful.

So goes my Balinese food experience at the Hyatt Hotel.  Don’t just take my word for it.  Go and check it out yourself, and see how I’ve been telling the truth all this time.


For more information, please contact:

Rachel Drew Yam

Administrative Assistant

Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila






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  1. They all look superb! I love their food presentation :)

  2. nice! makes me wanna eat them!

  3. Oh my! I feel hungry just by looking at the photos! :)

  4. Excellent photos, you made me even more hungry. :/

  5. Wow! Everything looks delicious! Nagugutom tuloy ako. Hihi. :)

  6. I take your word for it. Hyatt has this reputation. Sounds like a yummy treat.

  7. Gutom na ko.

  8. wow! sarap nmn! kakagutom. how much ung entrance?

  9. Yay! I love desserts and the bread pudding looks really yummy :)

  10. Everything looks DELICIOUS, and did you say 10 days?!??! Gahhhhhhhhhh, that’s a delight!!! Glad you got to go, that’s really awesome!

  11. How fun would that be! Especially all of the different food that we wouldn’t have here. I like trying new things like that.

  12. woow so delicious ^^ love it

  13. Really superb food presentation I like this .Please tell me how to eat if I’m very hungry. Thanks for again posting for food presentation.

  14. Now I’m hungry again. I ate five minutes ago palang. Haha!

  15. Prashant Patil says

    Superb Food Presentation, I have to eat them………

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