Beauty Beyond Bath

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.  Even in the midst of emotional turmoil or whatnot, seeing something beautiful helps ease the pain.  Sometimes, this beauty is found in the most unexpected places- like the bathroom.

There are so many things which can make a bathroom a thing of utter beauty.  If I had the resources, I’d like to have either a glass or fireclay sink installed.  I think a gorgeous sink sets the tone and brings life to an otherwise dreary bathroom.

Another addition to my heavenly bathroom would be a dual flush toilet.   It’s that flushing mechanism which uses two buttons to flush different levels of water.  Depending on the “necessity”, you don’t always need an ocean to flush out stuff.  With that, I’ll be able to save water.  Hey, a thing of beauty should also be practical, right?

Although my bathroom is far from dreamy, it is quite oddly a place where I seek refuge.  It’s my slice of nirvana where I can shut out the harsh world, even for a few minutes.  I guess it doesn’t hurt to splurge a little on something that would prove to be relaxing and aesthetically pleasing. Someday, when I win the lottery or something, I’ll make sure to get a professional bathroom renovation.

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  1. Hi Pepper, i love my bath – it’s an old clawfoot stand alone highbacked piece of paradise. When I need to rejuvenate, or think deeply, or recalibrate myself emotionally, i light some candles, add some oils and sink into the cocoon of hot water, sticking my feet out the end. I always feel better after it – like i’ve been bathed on the outside and inside too. x

  2. Oh My that bathroom look so cozy, if I own this kind of bathroom I probably stay inside the while time haha..

  3. My favorite part of my bathroom is the shower cubby. This one in the picture looks like a dream

  4. That ‘s a really lovely bathroom. It’s a pity we don’t have space for such lovely bathroom sinks in our place.

  5. We have managed to remodel most of our home, but still haven’t made it to the bathroom yet! I would love to get mine done unfortunately it always seems last on our “to do” list.(:

  6. Totally agree…the bathroom should be a place of beauty and relaxing. I had a dear friend who was much older and when she told me she had moved her rocking chair into her bathroom because it was the warmest room during the cold winter moths, I laughed. Now that I’m older and wiser it sounds like a lovely idea!

  7. A great idea for a bathroom! I hope when we get a house of our own, we can have a cozy and pretty bathroom, too! :)

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