Can’t Move, Won’t Move: Upsize The Home You Love


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You have bought you perfect house and then, you had kids.  So you searched around to find something that you love as much as your home but has a little extra space for the children to grow in.  Problem is, there is nothing that gets you excited.  Maybe it’s time to upsize your home without moving.  It is possible you just need to get creative.

Using loft space to give you an extra room is a great idea.  Whilst conversions can be expensive they will add value to your property.  Get some good financial advice and see if there are any ways of reducing the cost, perhaps there are some schemes on eco or sustainable builds which will help you create another level to your home whilst bringing the price down a little.  

Whilst it’s common for a loft conversion to deliver a haven for parents, a bedroom tucked away from the hustle of the house, with a beautiful ensuite bathroom away from messy children there are other ways you can use this space.  Imagine a whole floor dedicated to kids.  Their own playroom which could grow with them into a trendy teenage den.  When they fly the roost you could retask the room as a guest suite.  

Structural changes to your current space could also maximise the livability of your current home. Taking out the wall divide between kitchen and living room will open your house up, increase natural light and become a natural hub for the whole family.  Installing a breakfast bar gives children a place to work whilst you are busy prepping meals.  It also allows you to keep your eye on what is going on, making a safer environment for your kids.

What about your garden? Outside space doesn’t have to be about grass and games of football.  There is a lot of maintenance involved in keeping a garden attractive and useable.  Take a look at your space and consider a swimming pool design that fits with what you have.  Having somewhere the kids can play and you can keep fit will not only give you great family time together, it will also add value to your home.  You can still have plants and shrubs, potted plants look really awesome on decking and including a living wall will ensure you still have plenty of lush green to admire.

Finally, if you have a garage at home maybe it’s time to think about how much you really use it?  A garage conversion could give you a really cool space for teenage children to hang out and feel independent.  They could also have access to it without heading in through the main door.  This will make them feel trusted and will help you keep on top of the footfall through your main home.

So before you consider moving from a home you adore, take a look at the ways you could change the space you have.  Get loads of advice from the professionals and see if what you want is realistic.  Then, get ready for the invasion of builders!

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