3 Hairstyle Ideas to Match Your Sexy Crop Tops


Ivana Trump once said that “gorgeous hair is the best revenge.” And I agree. The crowning glory of a woman will always be her hair. Whatever the color and style, a good crop on your head is the best way to show the world that you are a woman of substance and flair and not just a pretty face. When a gorgeous hairstyle and matching sets of sexy crop tops merge, you just won half the battle in your quest for ultimate sexiness.

The thing is, not all women can afford to go to the salon just to get a makeover and look good. Some women think that even the simplest of hairstyles done on actual human hair is a talent not everyone can acquire. But really, all it takes is a good eye for whatever looks good on you. And if you’re a fan of crop tops (which by the way, looks good on any body type), then it’s time to upgrade the look of your locks to best complement it.


  1. The lob. If you’re more of a low-maintenance kind of gal, you will love this haircut. A compromise between the bob and long hair, the lob is a bob that’s usually shoulder length. It’s not too long yet not too short. You don’t need to use hair styling aids as this is perfect as a come-and-go, casual yet sexy style. You can put short or long side bangs to frame your face. You can let your natural waves flow freely without the use of a hair dryer. Finger comb that hair for an attractive woke-up-like-this look or sleek up your hair with some polish to bring out your inner party animal. Whatever your lob’s style, pair that off with a crop top and jeans (or a free-flowing skirt) to give you that lasting, alluring look.
  2. Braid it up. Gone are the days when braids had to be Wednesday-Adams-perfect. A crop top and long skirt paired with a messy braid gives off a captivating country vibe that both men and women find almost impossible to resist. Loosely braid your hair to one side, then tie it with a ribbon. Don’t fret if some strands fall on the opposite side. In fact, it adds more oomph to a laidback yet cozy charm only you exude.
  3. A high bun. If you happen to have an off-shoulder crop top while possessing flawlessly beautiful shoulders at the same time, go for a hairstyle that flaunts perfection. Put your hair up in a high bun at the crown of your head. It will draw attention to both your face and your shoulders. If you have waist-long hair and more time on your hands, you can even braid it first before putting it up in a bun. You can even opt to frame your face with some wisps of side bangs. If you are going to a somewhat formal party, this will give you a seemingly simple yet highly sophisticated look.


You don’t need to be a supermodel or a Kardashian just to look fab. The clothes you wear and the look you put out needs to be comfortable for you to be you. As long as you’re confident in what you look like, then that’s all that matters.

3 Reasons to Give a Name Necklace as a Gift


With barely two months before Christmas, it’s never too early to start thinking about what gifts to give the people you love.  Although it can be a bit of a chore to search high and low for that perfect gift- what with all the options out there.  

One great present to give is a name necklace.  If you’re not quite sure if this is the right present to give your loved ones, read on as I share with you 3 reasons to get a name necklace to give as a gift.

It makes the person feel special.  What could be more special than having your name immortalized in gold?  When your mom gets this as a gift from you, she’ll appreciate it for the extra effort you took to having her name engraved on precious metal.   

It’s trendy.  Need I say more?  Some famous celebrities have been seen sporting a name necklace.  There’s Kanye West, Jennifer Lopez, Lindsay Lohan, Taylor Swift, and Adele, to name a few.  When you wear a name necklace around your neck, heads will surely turn in your direction. You’ll be the topic of every girl group’s conversation.

It’s memorable.  If you give your significant other a silver cross bar necklace with his name on it, you can bet that he will remember you for life.  Whenever he sees or runs his fingers over his engraved name, the first person he’ll think about is you.  It will be a constant reminder to him of all the fun times you have together.  

Searching for the perfect gift to give that special person in your life no longer has to be a struggle.  You’ll see necklace options for everyone on getnamenecklace.com.  Go and look for that perfect piece that speaks of your feelings for the person you’re giving it to.  It’s going to engrave you in their hearts forever.

Lace Wigs: The Secret to Gorgeous Hair

What’s worse than missing the next episode of Stranger Things because you just realized that your Netflix subscription has ended?  A bad-hair day! 

In my case, my bad hair days seem to have taken over most of my adolescent and adult life. I can count with the fingers on my hand the times when my hair was impeccably stunning.  I was often left with no choice but to either tie my hair in a ponytail or cut it short altogether.

Imagine my delight when I learned about Wiggins hair lace wigs! These human hair bundles are the answer to my lifelong prayer. Lace wigs look so natural because you can barely see the hairline.  The hair looks as if it grew out of your own head.

Here’s what you should know about 6*6 wigs:


  • 6” Deep Parting

A 6*6 closure wig is made of 6*6 closure and hair weft sewn together. A 6″ deep parting lace front cap allows you to freely change your parting in the top front area as wide as 6″ * 6″

  • Swiss Lace

This comes in either medium brown or a transparent color


  • Pre-plucked

A pre-plucked hairline makes your look even more natural.

  • Have straps and combs in it

There are adjustable straps and combs in 13*6 lace front wigs, so they can match the head better. You can also add a plastic band to tighten the cap.

  • Density

The density of 13*6 lace front wigs ranges from 130% – 250% density.

  • Texture


You don’t have to limit yourself to straight wigs. You can choose from a wide array of wigs with body wave, loose deep wave, natural wave, deep wave, and curly textures.

My hair isn’t doomed for life, after all.  I can now have gorgeous hair and enhance my overall look by using lace wigs.  With a quick flip of my locks, I can effortlessly turn heads in my direction. Goodbye, bad hair days!

How to Buy Fine Diamond Jewelry in the 21st Century

In these modern times, it is commonplace for a shopper to turn to Google to steer them in the right direction. When it comes to diamonds for an engagement ring, search engines are increasingly likely to direct you toward lab-created, manufactured diamonds on the idea that they are, supposedly, an ethical alternative. Unfortunately, the product being sold is not comparable to a diamond and their inevitable, often sudden, drop in value continues to leave many buyers with a sense of being duped. Before buying your engagement ring, an item that is to represent your relationship, it is important to know the facts.

Modern designer engagement rings are held to incredibly high standards of authenticity and value. If you are looking to purchase a ring from one of these sought after designers, such as Tacori, you can be confident that it is certain to be of fantastic quality. That is because these designers work with certification authorities such as the International Gemological Institute (IDI), American Gemological Society (AGS), or Gemological Institute of America (GIA).


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These are the initialisms that will (or certainly should) appear with each diamond purchased. The institutes use the most powerful technology as well as uphold the most rigorous standards to authenticate each stone. Working the timeless standards of the four Cs (carat, color, cut, and clarity), the certification will assure the most integral profile of your diamond. With this certification, you will have the most certain understanding of the diamond’s value. Not only is this important to you, but also your insurer. This is an estimate that, as history tells us, maintains its value across decades. Alternative diamonds, however, fail to say the same.

Cultured and synthetic diamonds inevitably fall in value. The nature of their market, one where scarcity is no factor, means that, as more are produced, they become less valuable. Despite being described as ethical alternatives, this is seldom told. Purchasing a man-made ring is a risky investment, which is why reputable modern ring designers continue to avoid them.


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It is almost non-existent for a diamond to be sold within the United States without having been held to incredibly high ethical standards. The IDI, AGS, and GIA each support the Kimberley Certification Process Scheme, which continues to approve that the diamonds are conflict-free. Your jeweler will be able to offer documentation of your chosen diamond’s history, describing each step from mining to sale. This is another reason why searching online may be misleading. More often opinions are written by those who have little experience within the diamond industry or little idea of how it really works. Reputation and expertize should always be referred to.

Your online research should lead you only to the experts. Find a modern engagement ring designer or jeweler who has the expertize of the industry. They will not only be able to give you official and accurate documentation with each diamond, but they will also be able to advise you on the most perfect ring for your proposal.

Matching Your Figure: 6 Types of Women’s Body Types and the Right Clothing to Go with Them

Have you ever seen a dress look great on one person but a lot less flattering on another? Have you ever had high hopes for an outfit but then realized it just didn’t hit the mark when you tried it on? Chances are, the answer lies in body type. While some silhouettes are universally flattering, others look their best on certain body shapes. When you know your shape, you can dress accordingly. Let’s look at the five most common body types.


Women with apple figures are generally well-proportioned but their shoulders are broader than their hips and they carry weight around the midsection. Their busts are usually fuller, and their waistline is not well-defined. If you have this body shape, flowy tunics, V-necks and tops and blazers made from thicker fabrics tend to look great. Make sure jackets or vests hit at the hip or upper thigh. Options like Filly Flair Maxi Dresses and wrap dresses will flatter you along with most cuts of pants.


Women with hourglass bodies have proportionate tops and bottoms and a defined waist. Most pieces of clothing will look great on this body type so you’ll simply need to decide what you want to highlight on a given day. Dresses which cinch in your waist will be particularly flattering but if you don’t want the focus to be on your figure, you can opt for looser silhouettes.


Women with pear-shaped bodies carry their weight in their butt and thighs and have narrower shoulders and smaller busts. Wide-legged pants and A-line skirts will flatter while patterned or ruffled tops will help to balance out the upper half of your body. If you pair fitted pants with looser tops, you can create an hourglass shape if you so desire.

Rectangle or Boyish

Women with rectangle body shapes tend to have few curves. Neither their busts or hips are large, and they don’t have much of a defined waist. If this is your body shape, your arms and legs are likely to be your assets. A-line skirts, ruffles, and layers are flattering and help to add some bulk. You can wear sleeveless or strapless tops with ease but long blazers and jackets also look great.

Inverted Triangle

Women with an inverted triangle shape have shoulders which are broader than their hips. Consider wearing full or bootcut pants, horizontal stripes on the bottom or bulkier textures to help balance out your shape. On top, consider vertical stripes, soft textures, and darker colors. Open necklines, V-necks and strapless tops will also flatter you. Avoid chunky knits and big patterns on top.

Whatever your body shape, you can look fabulous!

The important thing is to identify your shape and try on a range of clothing options to find the ones which are most flattering, and which make you feel most confident. Use this list as a guide and go through your closet to see how much of your clothing really matches your body type. It can be difficult to find flattering clothing but once you know what looks great on you, it gets a lot easier.

Keeping Up with the Times: What Are the Most Popular Jewelry Trends for 2019?

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Jewelry can be a spectacular accessory to spice up your outfit. It is wise to constantly read magazines or online articles to see what new trends are occurring in the fashion world. By doing so, you will be able to accumulate versatile pieces for many outfits. If you are looking for new ways to spice up your jewelry collection, consider these new hot trends for 2019:

Jewelry Trends You Must Include in Your Fashion Repertoire

· In-Messy Layered Necklaces:

One trend that has been appearing in several influencer’s Instagram accounts is necklaces that vary in style that are layered. The idea here is to combine gold with mixed colors. Layering necklaces can happen with smaller chain necklaces or even by combining small chain necklaces with larger accent pieces. The end result adds so much expression and dimension to your outfit.

· Accenting Fashion with Shells & Beads:

Beading that is interlaced with shells is a key fashion item this year. This is particularly true for bright colored beads with white shells. Consider this for your next dinner date look or resort wear while vacationing.

· Bold Gold Chains:

Bold Gold Chains are a key trend with bright colored patterns or even that little black dress. Finding a key gold necklace with a thick chain is a piece that is not only trendy in 2019, but that will be able to be used for many years.

· Modern Pearls:

Modern Pearls are quite popular this year. This is influenced by the many Spanish designers integrating them into more mainstream fashion collections. Pearls are classic. Having a collection of modern pearls are ideal for more elegant functions you have to attend or even an everyday simple, yet casual look.

· Crystal Drop Earrings:

Dramatic earrings are absolutely in style. One such example is crystal drop earnings that come in various, colors, shapes, and sizes. The key is to make these earrings more dramatic than ever before. Pairing earrings such as these with bold solid colors really makes a nice contrast for a nice dinner outfit.

·Mismatched Earrings:

Mismatched earrings are very trendy this year. Pairing a large white pearl earring with a flower earring adds a great deal of dimension to a solid color blouse or dress. Be sure to experiment with this trend as it is big in 2019 with stud earrings along with hoops and dangly earrings.

Final Remarks

Jewelry can add so much to your outfit. It is wise to invest in jewelry that is not only trendy, but also of good quality. Many jewelry trends that are popular in 2019 can be worn for many years, which is why it is best to research carefully and select which pieces you are going to invest in. In order to find new jewelry pieces that are trendy and in style, click this. Once you do so, you will be able to find the right trends from 2019 for your outfits this upcoming year.

How to Make Your Tummy Look Smaller – Fast!

If you’re a fan of mystery stories, you’ve probably noticed that there is one mystery never written about- the mystery of your vanishing waistline! Countless Big Macs and plates of yummy pasta are possibly to blame for that atrocious crime to your belly.

Unforgivable as it may seem, there are some tricks to help quickly fix your tummy problem, and make you fit nicely in a Knix thong- just in time for that date at the end of the day!

Skip the sugar

Sugary treats are notorious at causing you to bloat. So instead of indulging in a donut, try having some pineapple. Bromelain, which is an enzyme in pineapples, helps in digestion as it breaks down protein in the stomach.

Forego the fizz

Tempting as it is to grab a soda to quench your thirst, do realize that fizzy drinks trap air in your body and cause bloating. Drinking water is a much healthier alternative.

Stick to shapewear

Conceal that big belly by wearing shapewear in your size. The miracle material in shapewear helps compress and tuck in those unsightly bulges. Look for a high performance level as indicated on the item tag. You can also check for the nylon content on the label. The higher the better.

Go low on salt

Try to steer clear of processed food, as these have high sodium content. Too much salt makes you bloat. Check food labels to make sure that you don’t take in more than 6 grams of sodium per day.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Seeing results from hours at the gym and disciplined dieting will take a while, so if you find yourself frantically figuring out ways to fake a flat tummy in a day, take consolation in the fact that the tricks listed above can help you tremendously.

Shades of Sophistication: 3 Best Rolex Watches from the Colourful Dial Collection

With contemporary fashion following the lead of mix and match culture, experimentation is becoming more and more common. Everyone wants to stand out with their style choices, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to play with colours. This rule can very well be applied to watches as well, and if you thought that luxury watches stick to convention of sophistication and simplicity, then you are in for a surprise.

Rolex watches are well known to amp up their oomph factor by going for brilliant and unusual dial colour choices in some of the watches from their collection. From emerald green to divine purple, you can pick and choose the perfect Rolex watches for men or women which sport a fancy colourful dial. Not only will they add class to your personality but also be great conversation starters and compliment winners. Such exclusively coloured Rolex watches are available only with genuine luxury watch dealers such as Ethos Watch Boutique. So, if you are in the mood to add a coloured dial Rolex watch to your collection, just walk right in at your nearest dealer.

Here, we bring you three sumptuous Rolex timepieces that feature stunning colourful dials. Care to take a pick?

Submariner Date 40



The Rolex Submariner collection is one for the purists who cherish the fine art of precision timekeeping, the design aesthetic of timepieces, and the grandeur of a luxury watch. The distinct luminous hour markers, the clean and industrial design, and the graduated Cerachrom rotatable bezel make the Submariner one of the most iconic Rolex watches. The model featured here is the gorgeous Submariner Date 40 which has its iconic dial in a very eye-catching shade of green. The geometric 18 ct gold markers are luminescent and go well with the dial colour. Overall, the combination of steel with green makes this watch seem like a treasure. The Oystersteel bracelet is corrosion resistant and maintains a distinctive sheen throughout its life. The famed precision of a Rolex in this watch comes from its 3135 perpetual movement, while the unidirectional bezel with engraved 60-minute graduations allow sea divers to perform calculations with supreme ease!

Day Date 36



The first wristwatch to feature a full-window Day and Date display, the Rolex Day Date is an image of perfection. Sticking to the principles of simplicity, this 18 ct gold Day Date 36 model will instantly leave onlookers stunned thanks to its gorgeous cherry dial and Bordeaux leather bracelet. The fluted bezel gives away the impression of guarding the precious dial that boasts of a highly luscious colour. The Day-Date display on this watch is available not just in English but other languages as well – so that gives you an additional option of personalisation. As is standard, this is another high precision Rolex watch with a 3155 movement and a power reserve of 48 hours.

Cosmograph Daytona


Planning to buy Rolex Daytona? Then its Cosmograph edition is what you need to have on your wish-list – especially one that features the bespoke ice blue dial such as the model which is featured here. The brown-rimmed sub-dials and the bezel create a stunning contrast with the ice blue colour, and make it a highly unique watch to own. A standard accessory of professional racing drivers, this Rolex wristwatch with a 950 platinum Oyster bracelet and the high performance start-drive-stop chronograph is the perfect accessory for those who want to come off as suave and urbane. It also features a 4130 high calibre movement and a chestnut brown Cerachrom bezel with graduations that corroborate its painstaking craftsmanship.

These were our picks for you for the ideal coloured dial watches from Rolex. If you need more options, then there are other colours available in various Rolex watch collections, such as chocolate, rose gold, purple, etc. It’s time to add a coloured feature watch that goes by the name of Rolex to your ultimate wristwatch collection!


An Essential Checklist to Help Ease Wedding Planning


Planning a wedding can be such a challenge considering that, for most of us, this event only happens once in a lifetime. Hence, the need to ensure that everything is planned for and that everything flawlessly goes as intended. And yet no matter how incredibly we plan for the big day, some things can be overlooked.

So, to minimize the possibilities of missing any of the important stuff, we’ve come up with the following checklist of essentials for your wedding:

1. Schedules

Creating a schedule has always proven helpful in keeping people organized. When you plot schedules, you are able to see not just what happens at that time or who is present but also what needs to be prepared. When the bridal party plots the schedules, having these schedules written down will make it easier to spot which ones are missing details or need improvements. For example, if you plan to have pictures with the sun setting in the background, you need to let your photographers know and this should be included on your wedding day photography timeline.

Plus, having these schedules printed out and distributed to all who are involved in helping keep the wedding as smooth-sailing and as impeccable as possible will definitely be a good idea.

2. Contingency Plans

Do you know what will happen in case the weather condition doesn’t turn out well on the day of your wedding? If you have an outdoor venue, then it is a must to have a wedding contingency plan for possible inclement weather, or when it rains, or gets too hot and sunny. To set realistic expectations for your big day and in order to make appropriate arrangements for the venue and the program activities, brides and grooms have to find out the weather and temperature for the scheduled event.

3. Insurance

Not everyone gets wedding insurance but every engaged couple should get one if they want to make sure that their ideal wedding goes through according to plan. The wedding insurance covers problems with the venue, the photographer, the caterer, or whatever aspect of the big day that may encounter some glitches. This means that in case something unwanted happens, you at least get financial coverage for these occasions.

In addition to the wedding insurance, make sure that you also get ring insurance. Your engagement ring and wedding rings will be among the priciest items you will most likely buy in this lifetime, so it’s logical to have these jewellery pieces insured. Even though you do your best to keep the stunning wedding rings from Sydney CBD or from your favourite jeweller safe, noting how easy it is to lose these rings, either by accident or unfortunately through theft, purchasing ring insurance as soon as they are procured is highly recommended.

4. Suppliers

One of the most important things to do that brides and grooms forget is to re-confirm with their suppliers at least a week before their wedding. If you booked them six months or a year ago, then you definitely need to remind them about their commitments. It would also be a good idea to confirm every detail of your supplier contract, from deliverables to balances.

You also need to update these suppliers of additional wedding information that may not have been available when you first contracted them, including time and venue of the wedding ceremony as well as the reception. In case you need them to render overtime or add additional chairs to accommodate more guests, you have to let your suppliers know. Your suppliers should also be included in the count that you give your caterer for people that need to be served.

Carefully plan the things discussed above so that you will have a worry-free wedding.

Coupons for Good: 3 Places to Shop That Give Back

Corporations have considerable weight and pull when it comes to their influence in their communities. They draw people into their stores, online or off, and generate large profits for their shareholders. What is sometimes less known is the fact that corporations also donate to charities. Donating is more than just a vehicle to reduce tax liability; it’s a way to create public good will and give a face to an otherwise faceless entity. Following are large corporations that give to charities while also offering coupons to help customers save money on the products they sell. They are not mutually exclusive, as corporations still give even when customers use coupons.

Saks Fifth Avenue

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Image via Flickr by Nicholas Eckhart

Saks Fifth Avenue donates to hundreds of charities on an annual basis and through various means. Its primary way of donating to charities is through its store credit card. Cardholders are given the option to pick a charity from a list provided in their charge statement. From there, Saks gives 5 percent of the purchases from a given month to the selected charity.

Another way Saks helps charities is by selling items that directly benefit charities through their sale. The corporation stocks merchandise that’s associated with a charity. When the item sells, the vendor donates a set amount from the sale to the stated charity.

Saks itself works with one charity a year in order to focus its efforts. Currently the corporation is working with the Water charity. Water provides clean drinking water to communities without access to safe and clean drinking water. One-hundred percent of all donations from Saks go directly to the charity.

Ann Taylor

This famous women’s clothing line donates money to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). In 2015, Ann Taylor raised $4.65 million for BCRF, and has donated over $26 million since 2005. The donated money goes directly to scientists who are actively engaged in research to fight breast cancer.

Ann Taylor raises money for the charity during annual donation drives through its Ann Taylor and LOVELOFT cards. The card costs $25 and gives the user 25 percent off their purchases for two months at Ann Taylor and LOFT stores. In turn, the corporation donates 90 percent of the purchase price to BCRF.


Williams-Sonoma is much more than a high-end cookware store. It gives back to the community through various charities that include St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, AIDS Walks in San Francisco, helping communities rebuild after a natural disaster, and through partnerships with its employees. Employees of Williams-Sonoma are encouraged to work with local charities. In turn, the corporation donates money to the local charities, directly affecting the community in a way that an overarching donation can’t. Williams-Sonoma feels strongly about corporate responsibility, and charity is just one of the ways it seeks to reach out to people from all walks of life.

These corporations focus on improving quality of life for individuals and communities around the world. They prove that they are more than just a profit center for shareholders by working on ways to help those who may have never heard of their brand.