How to Dress Appropriately

It is becoming more confusing than ever to dress for special occasions. With the popularity of destination weddings, there are many more invitations going out with specific dress requirements. Although this was customary long ago, most of us today don’t know exactly what each type of dress requires.


Casual attire is the simplest and most affordable to pull off. Most people have everything they need in their closet already. Casual is often requested for picnic style lunches and dinners as well as more solemn occasions such as weddings on the beach. Jeans, t-shirts, and shorts are acceptable for both men and women in these situations. Look for fashions like Old Navy or Elan clothing from local retailers or online sites such as Sedona East. Children can wear there play clothes, and teens can come in their everyday styles.

Dressy Casual

Dressy Casual is one step above casual, but it doesn’t need to be overly formal. Men will want to wear dress pants or khakis with a collared dress shirt. Neck ties are optional. Women could choose a nice blouse and skirt, a simple dress, or an elegant pants suit. Children and teens should dress similarly with dresses for the girls and a nice pair of pants and a collared shirt for the boys.


Semi-formal events will require the men to wear a three piece suit. Women will want to choose a cocktail dress or long gown for the evening. High heeled shoes and appropriate jewelry is expected. Both men and women will want to pick darker colors such as black and gray. Children are not often invited to formal affairs, but if they do attend, you will want the girls in fancier dresses and the boys in suit sets.

Formal Attire

Evening events that request formal attire require a tuxedo for the men and evening gowns for the women. Children are rarely invited to these upscale gatherings. This is the time to choose the nicest pieces of jewelry such as pearls and diamonds. All accessories should coordinate, and they need to give the impression of high fashion. Hair is often worn up.

You will always be dressed appropriately if you follow these basic guide lines. Today’s latest styles and trends can be incorporated into any look for a modern feel, but most importantly, pick clothing that you feel comfortable in.

How to Make the Most of a Minimalist Wardrobe

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We live in a disposable culture of planned obsolescence. Many buy clothes and other items of dubious quality just to keep up with the trends and without thinking about their long-term wear life. But did you know that you are actually just throwing away money when you dress to honor flash-in-the-pan fads?

In order to get more wear for your dollar you need to consider the longevity of your clothing and style choices – this means making simple switches towards classic, simple, designs over time. Here are five tips for maximizing your wardrobe to save money long-term.

Invest in Classics


You can’t go wrong in solid color shirts, shirts and pants. Invest in a few simple blazers as well to layer in the colder months. The simpler your wardrobe, and the milder the colors, the easier it will be to coordinate outfits each evening when prepping for the day ahead. Remember, you can always purchase bold and beautiful accessories to punch up the look with of an outfit without going overboard with those trendy all-over prints.

Mix and match


Make sure that when you are shopping for new pieces they fit with the colors and styles of the other separates you already have in your wardrobe. If you don’t know what you’ll wear it with then you probably shouldn’t purchase it.

As your style evolves and you become more conscious of your clothing choices, you’ll be well on your way to saving money as well. This is accomplished by only buying quality clothes that you actually need, not just strange or silly items that you only want.



Once you have the basic classic clothes in hand, then you can work with accessories that honor the fads and trends to change up the look. There is a reason that all women are advised to have a little black dress and all men should own a black suit, these pieces are timeless and can be dressed up and down in a hundred different ways.

Aim to collect a variety of inexpensive bright, bold and colorful accessories like belts, purses, bangles, scarves, and necklaces. These additions can take your basic outfits to the next level, and help you stay in vogue without going over the top. Your classic tops and bottoms will weather the tests of time, your accessories won’t. But you can easily ditch the accessories before you ever need to replace your clothes, which is a less expensive win in the long run.

Try tailoring


When something fits well you are much more likely to wear it, this means that you get more bang for your buck over time. When shopping for new clothes, make sure that the item either fits like a dream or has the potential to be altered by a professional tailor to get the look you need for your unique shape. Not only will tailored clothes look great on, but they will give you an extra confidence boost as well.

Aim for quality, not quantity


There are always going to be clothes available that are made in dank and dreary human-rights abusing sweatshops. Their prices seem like a steal when you see them at the store. But when you purchase these low-quality items they may only last a season, or even less, before they fall apart at the seams and unravel before your eyes. Purchasing these items also supports often deplorable living and working conditions in third-world countries, and should come with an extra dose of guilt.

Instead, aim for quality, well-stitched clothes with impeccable details and high-quality fabrics. They make cost more, but you’ll sleep easier knowing that you are being the change you want to see in the world by supporting the most ethical businesses around. You’ll also save money in the long term when the clothing items are still as good as new 5, 10, or even 20 years from now.

If you don’t’ know what to look for, spend time in a upscale boutique or department store, even if you can’t afford it, to check out the design and construction of quality clothing. Examine the thread count of the fabric, the number of stitches per inch in the seams, the quality of any appliques, and even how well the buttons are sewn on. You’ll soon learn how to recognize quality construction at a glance. Armed with this new knowledge you can then keep an trained eye out for amazing deals in stores that offer more affordable choices.

Creating a wardrobe of sensible classic clothing is not as hard as you may think. It comes down to making small changes every time we shop. It involves sticking to a list of wardrobe staples that we actually need, and not a bunch of low-quality wants. With some simple substitutions that emphasize sustainability, and support ethical business practices, we’ll be boosting our wardrobes knowing that we are contributing to a thriving and beautiful planet for all.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Communion Dress

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One of the more important milestones in any Catholic girl’s life is her first holy communion. This event signifies her readiness to receive the body and blood of Christ. As with any significant occasion, this calls for a lot of preparation- both emotionally and physically.  To take the guesswork out of the physical part, here are some tips to help you when looking for communion dresses:

Simplicity is key.  Modesty is quite relative, so this is a tricky one.  What may be simple to one, may be extravagant to another.  To play it safe, do check with the church prior to looking for first communion dresses.  Ask them particularly about acceptable requirements for the length of the dress, sleeves, etc.

White is it.  Don’t even think of scouring through anything other than white communion dresses.  This is the color associated with purity and being immaculate, so it goes without saying that going with any other color is simply out of the question.

Length.  Anything below the knee is appropriate. Wearing a short dress seems as if you’re going to a party.

Keep within your budget.  Before making any purchases, do set a limit to how much you plan to spend.  The last thing you’d want is to be stressing about how much you’ve overspent on first holy communion dresses.

Once you’ve found the perfect communion dress, you can then concentrate on the other aspects of this momentous occasion.  Be dressed, and be blessed!

Facts about Antique Pocket Watches You Must Know

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If you own or want to start collecting antique pocket watches, this article will discuss some fundamental facts that will give you the bigger picture. It’s a real interesting area and one can go as deep into the subject as they like.


You may be a seasoned watch collector who knows a thing or two or you could be a totally newbie to the world of pocket watches. Either way, it’s still good to get the facts from the experts and collectors so you can understand things from a fundamental level.


If you are a newbie, it’s great to start with a reliable seller who has been operating in the industry for decades. Kalmar Antiques is a prime example and have a stunning collection of antique pocket watches rich in history. If you take a look at their website, you can find some priceless antique pocket watches at Kalmar Antiques.


So, here’s what you need to know:


  1. An antique pocket watch is classified as a watch 100 years or older. Anything from 25 to 100 years is considered to be vintage. It’s useful to know however when navigating the antique scene, that industry professionals and experts will use both terms interchangeably. This is because watches considered to be classic can be both. However, one thing you can be sure of is that when an expert or seller refers to something antique, they are usually referring to pocket watches that have centuries of history behind them.


  1. Check the case, face and cover for initial telltale signs of the condition of a pocket watch. This is really essential to getting a quality piece at the right price. You will be checking for scratches or any areas which shows some wear and tear. Even checking the dial for any discoloration is highly recommended.


  1. Water and heat can be the biggest issue for antique pocket-watches. A humid environment and even the slightest bit of water not immediately cleaned can wreak havoc on the watches design. Such things can really affect the working of the clockwork inside. This seems to be important as scratches can be polished and a missing screw can be easily replaced. However, if the clockwork is damaged from the inside, it can be pricier to repair and decrease the value of the watch. It is also good to note that any dent or missing elements in the pocket watch will decrease the worth of the item.


  1. Brand is important. The brand of the pocket-watch you choose to buy will have a massive influence on value and how well it sells. Big brand names to look out for such as Rolex or Movado will fetch higher prices. You can focus on one brand solely or look into broadening your horizons.


  1. Antique pocket watches normally have markings. These special signature or mark that helps identify the designer or manufacturer will again increase the value of the watch. Look for a symbol that helps ID the item so further research into tracing its history can be done. It may be in a letter, symbol or numbers. A specialist will help you to make sense of the markings.


So if you are after high-quality antique watches, Kalmar Antiques may be the way to go whether you are an experienced collector or just starting fresh. Keeping these facts in mind when dealing with antique pocket watches will help you navigate the scene successfully and make some wise purchase decisions.


Do you have other things in mind you want to add? We would gladly appreciate it if you would share it to us in the comment section!






Choosing Jewelry for Your Daughter’s Birthday

If you have a daughter, buying birthday presents can be hard. She may want the latest gadgets or some cool new clothes, but perhaps you’d rather give her something more lasting she can keep and appreciate when she’s older. Jewelry can be a good compromise, because it gives her something fun to wear and show off to her friends, but it also won’t go out of date or stop fitting her in a year’s time. If it is a special birthday, like her 16th or 18th, then it can be an even better idea to opt for a special piece of jewelry that really marks the occasion and which she can keep as a reminder of the day forever. Here are some tips for picking the perfect thing:

Choose Something Wearable

It may sound obvious but it is important to choose something she can actually wear a lot. If you want to go high end, then simple diamond studs or a pretty pendant can be a better choice than expensive dangly earrings that will only really work with black tie clothing – aside from prom, she probably won’t have that many black tie events in her near future! Check out this website for more information about classic, stylish high end diamond jewelry suitable for gifts.

Choose A White Metal

Whether you are looking to spend a lot of money or have something less high end in mind, it is generally better to pick a white metal, whether it is platinum, white gold or silver, than yellow gold. This is because it will go together better with other, cheaper silver jewelry or metal pieces like watches than yellow gold, and is also generally more fashionable. Because white metals range from silver through to platinum there is something to suit every budget and you can find pieces with stones, colored enamel details and all kinds of other embellishments, or chunky pieces that can look really great on teens.

Fit with Her Taste

Whether you like her current style of dress or not, there’s no point getting something she won’t like, so you need to go with something that complements her style. That being said, if you want to get her something she’ll always love, it can be better to go with something plain that goes with anything rather than getting her a silver pentagram or skull to compliment her current gothy phase! Chains, simple rings with a nice stone, stud or cuff earrings and classic bangles are all pieces that can fit in with any look and can be a safe choice whether she is alternative or trendy in her current style. They are also good, classic pieces that work for girls who don’t usually wear jewelry.

Choosing jewelry for someone else is always hard, and when you add to that the changing tastes of a teen and the fact you want her to really appreciate the love that went in to the piece it can be doubly difficult. However, by bearing these things in mind, you can find the perfect gift.

The Best Prom Dress Styles that Mothers & Daughters Approve Of

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Your daughter’s prom will ultimately be one of her most memorable nights of her life. Prom dress shopping can be a fun mother and daughter bonding experience or it can become a stressful nightmare, depending on what you make it. Try some of these suggestions to keep it a fun experience for both of you, complete with bringing home the perfect dress.


  • Look at some prom dress styles ahead of time to get a feel of her favorites. Discuss the budget with your daughter as well so she knows exactly how much you can afford to chip in, and if she’ll have pay for some. Once you’ve narrowed it down to some affordable favorites, bring those with you to the dress boutique.


  • Choose a time to shop when you have plenty of time to browse and for your daughter to try on several types of prom dresses and compare. This is not the kind of shopping excursion that can be done quickly after school. It’s better to devote an entire Saturday and begin your day by eating a well-nourished breakfast so you’ll have energy for the day.


  • Stay somewhat flexible. While it’s important to pay attention to current trends like high-low hemlines or different colors, if your daughter doesn’t like those, then see which styles make her shine.


  • Select a prom dress that flatters her body physique. This extensive prom dress shopping guide suggests which styles look best on which body types. If your daughter was blessed with an hourglass figure, she’ll have lots of choices to show off her curves, included bandage or fitted dresses. If your daughter has more of an apple figure, it’s better to try a dress with an empire waist band, which makes your waist appear smaller or a short dress which skirts her hips nicely and lengthens toned legs.

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  • Compromise on a style that you both like that’s sexy enough and that won’t be too revealing for the prom dress code at school. Check out a reputable dress boutique that sells a wide selection of Sherri Hill prom dresses. In particular, the Sherri Hill prom dress 50086 would look flattering on most body types with its ruched bodice, beaded waistband and cap sleeves, and flowing chiffon skirt. If your daughter wants to show off her curves but still look appropriate, consider the Sherri Hill Bandage Fitted Dress 32293. It is super trendy cause its features a longer illusion skirt and a high illusion neckline and comes in fun colors like fuchsia and red.

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  • Find a dress in color that compliments her complexion. Besides skin undertones, keep in mind your daughter’s hair color and eye color. If your daughter has a warmer complexion, steer her to dresses in orange-reds, yellows, gold, or cream. However, if your daughter possesses a cool complexion, suggest dresses in hues of bright blues, hot pinks, bluish reds, or glittery silvers.


As you begin prom dress shopping with your daughter, remember to be prepared for a myriad of emotions from smiles to tears and take pictures to capture it all, as it’s only the first part in the experience of prom.


Make Your Dream Come True

I am pretty sure that there has been a time in every girl’s life that she has dreamt of her own wedding. It can be at any age for a girl to dream of the right man to come along and ask for her hand in marriage. It is just like in the old romance books that tell of a tall, dark and handsome prince that comes along on a horse, and how the fair lady falls madly in love with him, and they end up married happily ever after. Or in our modern age, a young, rich and romantic man comes with a bunch of roses to propose to the beautiful girl and they also end up happily married.
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Talking about romance and marriage, it is also every girl’s dream to be able to have a grand wedding and be the most beautiful bride in the eyes of her groom and her guests. For those whose marriage date has been confirmed, they will be busy looking into the preparation of their wedding. Besides all the many important things to prepare for a wedding, the most important thing for a bride-to-be is her wedding dress. Usually it will be a specially designed and custom made wedding dress.
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Not all wedding ceremonies are held indoors, though. Many choose outdoor wedding ceremonies, e.g. in beautiful parks, in garden resorts, beside a swimming pool in hotels or even a beach wedding.

For those who intend to hold an outdoor wedding ceremony, it is wise to choose a wedding dress suited for the weather. There are many websites where you can shop for the latest designed dresses, or have your wedding dress custom made according to your specific requirements.

One of these websites to check out is Lunss is a one-stop online shop that caters to everyone’s needs, ranging from wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, cute flower girl dresses, evening dresses, etc. Lunss offers Custom Made Dresses Service at affordable prices that will give you a better fit and sewed exactly the design you want.

Dress Up to Stand Out

Studies have shown that women wearing red look sexier than when they are wearing other colours. We can’t deny that red attracts attention. Red is bright and striking and demands attention. A red traffic light means STOP! Wherever we are, we easily pick up anything that is red. Red always stands out above all other colours. In other words, red means Stop and Take Notice!

There is one article stating that Red is one of the top 10 colours in the fashion world today. Red is an attractive colour and those who wear red look like they’re full of life. A red coloured dress makes a person stand out from the rest. Red is a head turner! Trust me, wear a gorgeous red dress to any function and you will definitely make heads turn. If you are one of those who do not have a red dress in your wardrobe, it is time to think about getting one.

I would like to share with you these 2 gorgeous, sexy red dresses that will surely catch the eye of everyone from At, the dresses are specially designed to look as close to the original designs of the celebrity and red carpet dresses as possible. This website also caters to individual requests for any alterations to the designs. For example, you may not want the slit to be too high up, or you may want to shorten the train of the dress. That’s because not many of us have the perfect figure to fit the standard sized dresses.
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If you are still not comfortable with wearing a bright red dress that will draw attention to you, you can browse through the other equally beautiful dresses at the same website or on other websites. They come in a wide range of designs and colours. I wish you happy shopping!


Trendy Colours for Mermaid Tails

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Image by Fitz Kids via Flickr

Mermaids are mythical creatures that have been loved for a very long time. Having the body of a female and a fish tail for legs, mermaids are loved by both men and women. The reason why girls love mermaids is due to Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” franchise. Another reason why mermaids are loved by girls in Australia, is the popular TV series “H2O: Just Add Water” and the Mako Mermaids. All of these series feature teenagers turning into mermaids and becoming water princesses.

When little girls watch these popular TV programs, they wish to be mermaids as well. Mermaid tails produced by companies like Dream Blue make their wish come true.


What are Mermaid Tails?

Mermaid tails are aquatic toys that resemble real mermaid fins. Wearers can don these mermaid tails and slip in the waters. Most of these tails allow the swimmers to swim in the water easily even with their legs bound in one piece. Girls love mermaid tails as presents, as they can experience what it feels like being a mermaid.


Trendy Colours

When it comes to buying mermaid tails, there are many trendy colours and designs to choose from. Some of the popular ones include:

  1. Turquoise

 Turquoise coloured mermaid tails resemble the crystal waters of the deep blue sea. With a shining texture, tails of this colour also resemble the sparkling water on the beach in a bright summery day.

  1. Rainbow

With the rainbow coloured tail, a surreal effect is created by the wearer underwater. The tail itself reflects the light under water in multiple arrays of colours and shades, presenting a beautiful scene for both the observers and the wearers.

  1. Pink

Another beautiful colour for mermaid tails is the fuchsia pink. Under water, this pink comes to life and resembles a beautiful pearl. Any girl wearing this beautiful piece of tail will have all eyes on her.

  1. Metallic Tie Dye

 If you are not into rainbow colour, then a metallic tie dye shade of two or three colours will be worth it. With a metallic sheen, the strong colour combination is sure to turn heads.

  1. Purple

 What is the colour of the deep ocean? Bluish purple. The dazzling purple coloured mermaid tail reminds the onlooker of the darkness in the deep ocean, giving a nostalgic yet magical effect overall.

  1. Light Blue

Another blue colour that is sure to dazzle everyone is the colour of the shallow waves. Under water, light blue mermaid tail creates similar effect as the waves rolling on the shore on a summery day.

There are also other designs that resemble different fish tails such as clownfish tail, dolphin tail etc. With a large variety of tails, designs, colours and sizes available, there is always something to choose from. A wonderful review was posted up by the blog “A Nation of Moms” regarding the mermaid tails available in Australia. If you have a daughter and you want her to feel like a princess, gift her a present of mermaid tails toda

Investing in Silver Jewellery

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Image by Fashion Jewelry News via Flickr

Many people look at gold jewellery as an investment, and entirely overlook the prospect of investing in silver jewellery. Gold is more expensive than silver, but silver is much more readily available. There are estimates that up until 2004, the total amount of silver mined was around 44 billion ounces. However, it is estimated that within the same timeframe, there has only been about 4 billion ounces of gold over the same period. So silver is readily available, and can be a safe investment when looking at the long term.


Exquisite Jewellery


There are many benefits to choosing silver for your jewellery as unlike gold, silver is a stronger metal, making it much more durable. You will find a wide variety of classy silver jewellery, which is of just as high quality as that made from gold or other precious metals. Just as much time and effort go into making exquisite silver jewellery that not only looks fabulous, but can also be seen as a good long-term investment.


A World of Choice


Just as with gold, any jewellery you can think of can be made from silver, and that includes using precious stones such as rubies and diamonds.


  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Chains
  • Body Piercings
  • Bracelets
  • Pendants


You can invest in silver jewellery because it is practical, durable and can be worn regularly, while still being a sound investment that will appreciate over time. You may even decide to invest in silver bullions if you wish. So you can see that there are a lot of choices available to someone who is open to investing in silver. You can always buy silver to give as a gift to a loved one!


Giving Silver as a Gift


As well as being a sound investment, silver jewellery can also be the perfect gift for someone that you love. Most reputable jewellers that have silver, as well as gold, will have a personalised collection available for their customers. What better way to show someone how important they are to your life than by giving him or her a beautiful piece of silver jewellery that has been personalised with a name or a message? Personalised jewellery will ensure that whatever you decide to give as a gift will be unique, with no other being the same. Just like the special person receiving the gift!


Finding a Reputable Jewellers


When you use the internet, it is a simple process to find reputable silver jewellers. With a few clicks of your mouse, you will be able to find different websites that offer fine quality silver jewellery for sale. You may find that the biggest problem you have is trying to choose what type of jewellery to buy! No matter what kind of jewellery you decide to buy, you are sure to put a smile on a loved one’s face, as you make a sound investment for the future.


So what are you waiting for, invest in silver jewellery today and have an investment that you can also enjoy in your everyday life!