What’s the Best Razor Type for a Teenage Boy

One of the decisions that you will have to make as your boy graduates to manhood is choosing the right razor for him. Shaving is important to teenagers and is a kind of a rite of passage to manhood for some. However, choosing the right razor for a beginner can be tricky. If you do not know how to choose a razor for a teenager, here are a few tips on how to find one and a few shaving tips for beginners as well.

Non-Electric or Disposable Razor

There are many brands of plastic disposable razors that you can choose from in the market. Non-electric razors are a great place to start for teenagers because they are easy to use. And you can dispose the razor after use or replace the used blade. When buying a disposable razor, it’s always better to buy one with at least two blades. A razor with multiple blades will make it easier to shave than a single blade. You should check the manoeuvrability of the head as well. A flexible head enables you to shave at different angles while following the direction of hair growth.

The downside is that non-electric razors tend to irritate the skin more than electric razors. A teenager suffering from acne may find a disposable razor particularly irritating. So, if your teenager has sensitive skin or skin conditions, it would be better to go for another option.

An Electric Razor

An alternative to disposable razors are electric razors, and they’re usually better for teenagers. Teenagers are all about speed, and shaving is no exception. An electric razor is also the safer option for someone who’s just starting and need a fast and clean shave.

And contrary to popular opinion, some electric razors can give just as close of a shave as a disposable razor. If you’re looking for good electric razors, you can check out reviews on a site like mybestshaver.com before you make your decision.

Shaving and Maintenance Tips

Knowing how to shave is just as important as picking a razor. One of the most important tips for proper shaving is to always shave in the direction of hair growth. Shaving against the grain irritates the skin and can lead to a post-shave rash and ingrown hairs, and ingrown hairs will eventually lead to razor bumps.

Also make sure that they shave with a clean and sharp blade at all times. Using the right shaving cream and aftershave is also essential to avoid irritated or dry skin after a shave. You can experiment with different brands but don’t substitute with soap since it doesn’t have the same hydrating effect.

In most cases, teenagers will prefer the convenience and speed an electric razor will offer. Whatever you do, before you pick a razor, consider your boy’s personality and preference first. Involve him in the decision to ensure that your choice of a razor suits him the best.

How is Cauda Equina Syndrome Treated?

How is cauda equina syndrome treated?


Cauda equina syndrome is a serious medical condition caused by pressure on the cauda equina nerve bundle at the bottom of the spinal cord. If not treated promptly, cauda equina syndrome can cause permanent damage, leading to life long issues, including severe lower back pain, leg pain, muscle weakness and numbness in the lower body, incontinence and sexual dysfunction.

It is therefore vital that cauda equina syndrome is diagnosed quickly and the right treatment given in a timely fashion to minimise the risk of lasting symptoms.


Causes of cauda equina syndrome


There are various reasons people develop cauda equina syndrome, but the most common is as the result of a ruptured lumbar disc (widely referred to as a ‘slipped disc’). This is more common in people aged 20-40, but can happen at any time.

Other causes of cauda equina syndrome include:


  • Narrowing of the spinal canal (stenosis)
  • A tumour or lesion near the spine
  • An infection in the tissue around the spine causing swelling
  • Spinal injury e.g. from a car crash or fall
  • Complications following spinal surgery
  • A spinal birth defect


Spotting the symptoms of cauda equina syndrome


Cauda equina syndrome is often mistaken for other types of back pain, leading it to be commonly misdiagnosed or diagnosed late. Given the importance of swift treatment, recognising the symptoms of cauda equina syndrome early can make a big difference to the final outcome.

Common signs of cauda equina syndrome include:


  • Severe, sharp lower back pain
  • Pain radiating into the legs
  • Weakness or numbness of the pelvic region and legs
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control
  • Sexual dysfunction e.g. erectile dysfunction or loss of sensation


Treating cauda equina syndrome

Exactly what treatment you need will depend on the cause of your cauda equina syndrome.

Lumbar decompression surgery – In many cases emergency surgery will be needed to relieve the pressure on the cauda equina. Ideally this should be done within 48 hours of symptoms first occurring to minimise the risk of lasting damage.

Medication – If the issue is caused by swelling, you may be given steroids to reduce this. Antibiotics will normally be given if the swelling is due to an infection. You will also likely be given painkillers to help with the symptoms of cauda equina syndrome.

Physical therapy – This can help to mitigate any lasting issues after initial treatment, including muscle weakness and loss of bowel and bladder control. Physical therapy may include pelvic floor exercises, strength training and exercises to improve your balance and gait.


Funding treatment for cauda equina syndrome

While lumbar decompression surgery and some of the other treatment you will likely need for cauda equina syndrome are available on the NHS, you may prefer to be treated privately and some support you need may only be available privately.

If your condition was misdiagnosed, diagnosed late or your treatment was negligent, leaving you with on-going issues, such as pain, numbness and incontinence, you may be able to make a medical negligence claim. This can provide the money you need to fund the treatment and support you require, as well as compensating you for physical and emotional pain and lost income.

If you believe you may be eligible to make a claim, it is a good idea to consult a solicitor specialising in cauda equina compensation claims as they will be able to advise you on the strength of your case and how to start a claim.


Four Unique Methods to Enhance Your Body

Taking the time to consider and work on your body can be a wonderful journey of self-discovery that doesn’t necessarily need to be painful! While there are obvious acts to follow that are kind to your body – like exercising and eating well – sometimes it can be far more enjoyable to find your own unique and personal regime for body-enhancement. The gym’s not for everyone, after all! Here are four ideas that might help lead a unique individual into a body they’re more comfortable in without breaking the bank – sometimes even without breaking a sweat!




Your posture is a huge and under-appreciated element to your body’s appearance, and should not be overlooked when considering a makeover! Of course, a person’s posture is individual and unique and should not be erased completely. However, whether working at a desk all day or spending your time in the great outdoors, there are multiple benefits of concentrating on better posture, like training small and underused muscles that over time will hold your body high and tone areas without you having to work them in the gym!




It’s true what they say: hair frames the face. It’s a major source of our identity, so it’s understandable that many people maintain the same hairstyle throughout their lives. Familiarity has a tendency to become a little boring though, and you might be surprised to find a different hairstyle brings out completely different qualities in your face – chiseled cheekbones or that deep blue in your eyes – that you were failing to highlight before. Facial hair for men is also growing in popularity, and there are now dedicated barber shops to keeping their beards trim and styled.




From acupuncture and hydrotherapy to yoga-style stretching and a nice relaxing massage, there are hundreds of unique options out there for tweaking aspects of your body in subtle yet important ways. The health benefits of lesser-known treatments such as acupuncture go far beyond how your body looks from the outside, especially by relieving internal pain. Nonetheless, seeing the body as a whole, resolving internal conflicts, aches, and pains, can have a remarkable effect on the outward appliance of your skin and the muscles that lie beneath it.


Further Enhancements


It may not seem unusual in today’s modern world, but enhancing your body by going under the needle and being inked with cool and unique tattoos is more popular than ever. These days, even employers are beginning to relax their rules about whether their future employees can wear their tattoos, and piercings, out openly without having to cover themselves. Further unique body enhancement for men can be aided by the use of gentleman’s products like the Bathmate Hydromax.


When taking a long, hard look at our bodies and deciding to take the initiative to improve them, the two major solutions of exercise and dieting obscure smaller. There are a variety of more subtle, yet extremely useful methods that can have the wonderful effect of enhancing target areas while giving you a real sense of individuality and power that makes for a healthy body and a happy mind!

5 Ways To Maintain Healthy Teeth And Gums



Maintaining top-notch oral hygiene is relatively easy. That’s provided you follow a stringent oral hygiene regimen each and every day. Besides, your mouth is really your gateway to the body. That means that a health mouth usually equals a healthy body.

So, here are a few tips to help you easily maintain healthy teeth and gums.

  1. Never forget to rinse

So, you brush properly and twice a day and you floss, too. That’s great. Now, take your oral hygiene all the way by making sure your rinse, too. Rinsing your mouth regularly can help to fight bacteria that often result in bad breath and gum diseases. So, before you walk away from the basin, don’t forget to rinse.

  1. Practice brushing properly

Brushing properly is extremely important for healthy gums. However, you should try not to brush too hard. To brush properly, all you have to do is apply a little pressure on the teeth. Try to pick a toothbrush that has soft bristles and then hold the brush at a 45-degree angle to make sure that the bristles don’t damage your gums. You can always ask your dentists to teach you the right technique for brushing your teeth. Remember that a bad toothbrush and even improper brushing techniques tend to cause more harm than good.

  1. Cut out sugar

Sugar is a big culprit when it comes to tooth decay. Sugar loves to fuel the bacteria already present in plaque. It works to break down the sugar-laden food that is stuck in your teeth, and then produces acid. The acid damages the enamel and gums. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to cut back on sugar, there it is.

  1. Stop smoking or consuming tobacco

You’ve probably told thousands of times to stop smoking, so stop! The tar and nicotine in cigarettes work to turn your teeth into ugly shades of brown and yellow. But, more importantly, they can damage your gums and, over time, increase your risk of tooth loss. Chewing on betel nut and areca nut and smoking cigarettes, as well as consuming other kinds of tobacco has been proven to lead to cancerous and precancerous lesions in the mouth.

  1. Use food to clean your teeth

Eating particular kinds of foods can help to clean your teeth. Foods like apples, carrots and celery (all in raw form) can really help with the health of your teeth. Eating one of these foods after a meal every day can help to remove plaque. If your teeth are stained, you could consider professional teeth whitening Sydney dentists offer.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you have a sensitive mouth, try using a toothbrush that has extra-soft bristles. If you tend to take your time brushing, extra-soft bristles can get your teeth just as clean as any other bristles.

If your teeth feel tight, why not try a different type of floss? Dental tape or a waxed flow can really get into tight spaces, especially if your teeth are close together.


With mouthwash, floss, and the right toothbrush, you can set yourself up for a lifetime of good oral hygiene and good overall health.

4 Tips for Fostering Better Baby Teeth Development

As parents we tend to worry about every aspect of our child’s development at one point or another, so when teeth start coming in, dental health and development usually become a concern. The teething stage is also particularly troublesome because many infants will require teething medication to soothe the pain, and you may have a hard time keeping them from chewing on everything they can get their hands on. Here are 4 things every parent should do to promote better dental health for their kids:

1. Use Orthodontic Pacifiers

Giving your baby a bottle every time they cry simply isn’t practical because excessive milk consumption can lead to problems like indigestion and vomiting. A pacifier is an acceptable substitute, but the wrong kind of pacifier can be detrimental to your child’s tooth and jaw development. Orthodontic pacifiers are designed to mimic the shape and texture of a mother’s nipple, so it’s also the best pacifier for breastfed babies. Ultimately, an ideal pacifier for tooth and jaw development will be ultra-soft and fully symmetrical – avoid hard or oddly shaped pacifiers.

2. Break the Bedtime Bottle Habit

Kids can crave a bottle at bedtime all the way up until they’re 2-3 years old, but physicians recommend weaning off of this habit at around 6-9 months, as it can be bad for toddler tooth development and alignment. Furthermore, excessive bottle feeding is known to heighten the risk of “baby bottle tooth decay,” a condition that typically affects the upper front teeth. Since your child’s teeth grow mostly at night, it’s not a good idea to let them hold a bottle nipple in their mouth while falling asleep.

3. Say No to “Toys for Teething”

The teething stage can be especially problematic when it comes to managing baby teeth health. It’s important to frequently feed foods that help with teething instead of letting your little one resort to chewing on a toy. No matter how much you feed, they’ll still try to teeth on other things, so keeping hard objects and toys out of their reach is an essential precautionary measure to take. Teething on toys can not only chip teeth, it also poses a potential choking hazard.

4. Only Give Teeth Healthy Foods

While kids will always want whatever snack you’re enjoying, avoid sharing simple sugars like candies and sodas with toddlers, even in small amounts. It’s a bad idea to expose your child to damaging foods when their tooth enamel is still in the process of developing, as this could heighten their risk of developing tooth decay and alignment problems in the future. Thus, try to only feed teeth healthy foods, especially during the teething stage.

Are Baby Teeth Really Important?

Some parents make the mistake of thinking “oh, they’re just baby teeth so they’re going to fall out and be replaced anyway.” While that is true, the way the tooth bone develops during infancy and toddler hood will have a long-term effect on the shape of the jaw and the pattern that the adult teeth take when they grow in. Thus, to ensure your little one has a picture-perfect smile when they get older, it’s a good idea to start focusing on dental health early on.

Crave Healthy: A Yummy Snack for the Pregnant Mom

I remember my last pregnancy like it was just yesterday: the nausea, emotional rollercoaster ride, and the incessant craving for potato chips!  It was extremely difficult for me to keep that craving for salty food in check, because I knew that I was battling against what was good for a pregnant mom like me.

Lucky for pregnant moms today, there is a snack called Crave Healthy.  It’s dubbed as “the first snack product in the Philippines that is specifically designed for the pregnant woman by doctors and nutritionists.”

Needless to say, it’s nutritious with a capital N, because it’s packed with essential nutrients such as folic acid, calcium and iron.  These minerals are crucial in fetal development.   This snack has less salt, and has just enough calories to provide the mom with the energy she needs.

Crave Healthy is sure to satisfy any pregnant mom’s cravings, as it comes in a delicious Sweet Corn flavor, without any aftertaste or those nasty nutrient fortifications normally found in your garden variety junk food.

This snack is also perfect for a breastfeeding mom like me.  Now, I can indulge myself in a yummy snack, and not worry about preservatives and whatnot.



A pack of Crave is worth Php 25.00 at 30 grams each. It’s available online at www.cravehealthysnacks.com, select Med Express branches, and select Robinsons Supermarket outlets.

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Athena: Health and Wonder in a Glass

If there’s one thing I learned last year, it’s that all this talk about work-life balance really is what it’s cracked up to be.  People toss the topic around a lot, and for good measure. I realized that if I wanted to be the best mom for my kids, I had to essentially take care of myself first.

Fortunately for us moms born in this lifetime, there is a yummy beverage that helps us meet our nutritional needs. It’s called Athena. Here’s a breakdown of the good stuff in it:

  • Calcium- your bones will thank you for the high calcium content in Athena.
  • Vitamins D, K, Magnesium and Phosphorous- nutrients that help maintain strong bones. Again, your bones will be grateful.
  • Antioxidants (Vit. A, E and Zinc)- We moms are suckers for anything that gives us healthy, glowing skin. And the immunity boost will definitely help.
  • (Low) Fat- Emphasis is on “low”. We can have this delicious drink without worrying about packing on the pounds.

Since the closest I’ll ever get to be a Wonder Woman like Gal Gadot is by being healthy, I will do whatever it takes to achieve that. With an easy-to-prepare drink like Athena, I can easily meet my health and fitness goals. And when I’m healthy, I’m happy, and end up being a more effective parent to my kids. Then, I’ll be my own Wonder Woman.


Athena comes in two flavors – Milk (180 grams – Php 130.00; 400 grams – Php 273.00) and Choco (180 grams – Php 130.00). It’s available online at www.athena.com.ph and in-store at Mercury Drugstore, Watsons, and Southstar.

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Five Tips for Keeping Your Feet Healthy

Healthy feet are important for feeling comfortable and staying active. Neglecting your feet can lead to unnecessary pain, discomfort, and even temporary immobility in the future. The good news is that looking after your feet consists of a series of easy steps, and ensuring that your feet stay healthy is simpler than you may think. Follow these top tips to help keep your feet in the healthiest condition.

Tip #1. Keep Your Feet Clean and Dry

Looking after your feet starts with the simple process of keeping them clean and dry. Good hygiene is essential for keeping your feet in the best condition, so make sure to thoroughly scrub them each time you shower or bathe with soap and water. Moist conditions are the best for breeding fungal infections, so keeping your feet clean and dry will make it more difficult for any fungus to thrive.

Tip #2. Check Your Feet Regularly

It’s a good idea to perform a foot exam at least once a week, preferably when you take a bath or shower, according to the experts. When you dry off your feet, check the soles for any scaling and in between your toes for any peeling areas, which could be an early symptom of athlete’s foot. Keep an eye out for any discoloration of your nails, which could signify a fungal infection. If you suffer from diabetes, bear in mind that you should examine your feet more regularly – at least once a day – since this condition leads to a higher risk of foot problems such as infections and sores.

Tip #3. Look After Your Toenails

Failing to properly look after your toenails can affect the health of your feet and lead to painful conditions such as ingrowing toenails and fungal infections in your nails. When cutting your toenails, it’s best to cut them straight across and avoid trimming them too close to the skin. You should also avoid drastically rounding the corners of the nails as this can lead to unsightly and painful toenail in-growing. If you find any issues with your toenails, it’s vital that you don’t hide or cover it up with nail varnish, as this can make the issue worse.

Tip #4. Choose the Right Shoes

Along with keeping fungal infections at bay, looking after your feet and keeping them healthy also means making wise choices when it comes to your footwear. To help keep your feet dry and clean, opt for breathable shoes, such as leather shoes, to allow the air to circulate. If you are prone to excessively sweaty feet, shoes made with breathable mesh are the best choice. It’s also important to always wear shoes that are the correct fit since ill-fitting shoes can lead to long-term foot problems such as bunions.

Tip #5. Know When to Seek Professional Help

Although there are various foot issues that you can treat yourself with the right care, it’s important to know when to seek professional help from a doctor or chiropractor. You can find more information about this at Echiro Practor, with several resources available about good foot care and health.

If you found these tips helpful, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.


How to Whiten Your Teeth at Home- Easily!

There is nothing more beautiful than a nice bright smile. This is why many people make frequent visits to their local dentist to get their teeth whitened. Clean white teeth will always give a person full confidence in themselves, and this confidence will take them a long way in life.

Due to recent advanced technology, teeth whitening in Brooklyn has never been as quick and easy as it is today. Zoom is the name of a new in-office teeth whitening breakthrough that uses light activated gels to make a person’s teeth up to eight shades whiter. In the dental office, such as Park Slope Dentistry, an individual can have their teeth as white as possible in as little as 45 minutes. This convenience makes it possible for an individual to walk out of the dental office with instant results.

Many people are glad to hear that this advanced technology is also available as a take home treatment. The take home treatment uses a formula that will have an individual’s teeth whiter in as little as two weeks, and the best part is that it can all be done in the comfort of a person’s home. This home treatment has had similar effects as the Zoom in-office treatment and will also make a person’s teeth up to eight times whiter.

When home treatment is going to be used, the first thing that needs to be done is to get an impression taken of an individual’s mouth. Once this is done, a specialized tray is created that will hold the whitening bleach in place against an individual’s teeth. The specialized tray can be inserted any time a person chooses to. If there is no time during the day, insertion can also be done at night time while an individual sleeps. To achieve maximum results, it is recommended that the tray is placed over the teeth for two hours each day and for up to two weeks.

No longer is there a reason to have stained yellow teeth. Anybody can have super white teeth in under an hour. Whether a person wants to go in the dental office to get their teeth whitened, or if they would rather use the home treatment, it does not get any more convenient than this. Besides looking and feeling good about themselves, an individual will also be glad knowing that others find them pleasant to look at.

Four Money-Saving Ideas for Delicious Dishes

Cooking delicious meals for you and your family takes more time – and money – than many realize. Not only do you have to spend time picking up the ingredients from the supermarket, but you also have to spend time in the kitchen bringing it to life. Such is the life of any home-maker!

While reducing the amount of time spent slaving away in the kitchen may not always be so easy, there are plenty of ways to reduce the amount spent on each meal. To all of you home chefs out there who are willing to roll up your sleeves and get creative, there are many unique ways to cook without breaking the bank.

Today, we’ll review four great ideas that can save you big money while still producing delectable dishes.

Go with the Casserole

One of the best ways to save money on cooking expenses is to find ways to create meals that can be enjoyed over and over again. Generally, cooking in bulk helps save money and can take a load off of you having to cook multiple meals each day.

One of the best examples is a casserole or hot-dish. Casseroles can be made from just about anything, meaning you already have many or all of the delicious ingredients you need in the kitchen. They also are the perfect item to cook when wanting to prepare something that’ll keep feeding the family for at least a couple of days.

There are literally thousands of casseroles and hot-dish recipes available online: check out this low-cost ham and egg casserole dish from pocketchangegourmet.com.

Use a Crock Pot

One of the easiest ways to simplify the cooking process while saving money is by using slow-cookers, pressure cookers and/or crock pots to prepare meals. With a crock pot, you can cook up virtually any dish imaginable.

Perfect for those who work full-time, a crock pot can be used to slowly cook meals to perfection while away from the house. Virtually any meat and vegetable combination can be used to cook healthy, inexpensive meals with minimal work.

One hot item on the market now is The Instant Pot, which uses a combination of slow-cooking and pressure cooking to generate crock pot-like results in a fraction of the time.

Replace Meat with Other Proteins

One of the most expensive ingredients in any meal is meat. Those who have transitioned fully to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle will tell you that preparing meals at home without meat significantly cut their grocery bills.

You don’t have to completely eliminate meat in order to enjoy savings, however. Protein is absolutely needed in a healthy meal, and you can find a variety of sources for it. From eggs and beans to peanut butter and various cheeses, focus on recipes that are filling but reduce or eliminate the amount of meat needed.

Buy in Bulk

It may seem like very broad advice, but shopping for groceries in bulk from one of many wholesale outlets or stores like Costco can help save huge sums when making delicious dishes. Whether you’re buying enough meat to last for one month or freezing huge blocks of cheese to use later, buying all of your basic ingredients in bulk can save as much as one-third of your total grocery bill.

Ultimately, saving money doesn’t mean ditching the delicious dishes you love. You can make a meal plan work on virtually any budget – as long as you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease. Whether it’s buying in bulk, using slow cookers, replacing meat with other proteins or cooking big dishes that use affordable ingredients, put these tips to work for you and start saving today!