Three Top Tips for Getting a Quality Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep has a direct effect on your physical and mental health and the overall quality of your life. If you are experiencing issues with your sleep or functioning on very little sleep each night, then this can quickly begin to cause your health to deteriorate, leading to problems such as headaches, depleted energy levels, sore muscles, poor mental health, and even weight gain. Not getting enough sleep at night can also take its toll on your appearance, leaving you looking tired with dull skin, limp hair, and more frequent break-outs.

Not sleeping well can be caused by several different factors. However, the good news is that there are steps that you can take to ensure that your sleep is improved each night. Here’s what to do to get the best night’s sleep of your life!

Tip #1. Change Your Bedding

Have you ever considered that it could be something simple, such as the firmness of your pillow, that is preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep? Or, perhaps it’s the thickness of your duvet that isn’t regulating your temperature properly, leaving you tossing and turning during the night. If you tend to sleep on your back, then having a pillow that is too soft and unsupportive to your head and neck can also lead to upper back pain, which will surely keep you awake at night. Take a look at to get an idea of the best pillow to choose to keep you comfortable in bed.

Tip #2. Switch Off

Smartphones, laptops, and tablets have quickly become an integral part of our daily lives and with all the information that we need now available online, it’s not uncommon for many people to go to bed taking their technology with them. If you enjoy checking up on your friends on social media, watching the latest news or reading your emails before you go to bed, then the bad news is that rethinking your night-time routine may be in order. Using technology has many undeniable advantages, but one big drawback is that staring at a smartphone screen can cause physical changes to the body’s melatonin production, which results in you waking up rather than feeling sleepy at night. So, switching off from technology at least an hour before you go to bed will encourage your body and mind to wind down and relax.

Tip #3. Exercise During the Day

Exercising isn’t just good for weight loss and building muscle strength; it also improves every aspect of your health, including your sleep habits. Getting some exercise during the day can have a huge impact on your sleep quality. A moderate to vigorous workout will speed up your metabolism, stimulate hormones such as cortisol, and raise your body temperature. However, bear in mind that this should be done at least three hours before bedtime, as any later and it could have the opposite effect and interfere with your sleep. If you prefer exercising in the evening, light stretching exercises such as yoga can help you relax.

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The Top 5 Surprising Health Benefits of Chlorophyll

It seems like there’s always something in the news about this or that being the the newest superfood. If you’re one of the millions of people looking for facts about how to reach and maintain an optimal level of health, here are five surprising facts about chlorophyll, a naturally occurring substance will a long history of proven health benefits.

What is Chlorophyll?

If you think back to your first science class back in elementary school, you’ll probably recall that chlorophyll is the substance that makes plants green. Like most green leafy vegetables, chlorophyll contains a lot of nutrients, including vitamins A, C, E and K. It also has minerals like copper, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and essential fatty acids as well as anti-oxidants that fight aging and disease.

While it may not surprise you that any food containing high levels of anti-oxidants to boost your immune system, there are some delightful perks you may not have heard before.

1. Gets rid of body odor

You may be pleased to learn that chlorophyll packs a double-whammy: it fights body odor and bad breath. As a natural deodorizer and anti-fungal agent, it balances the flora in your digestive system from point of entry to exit. This is especially useful to patients after colostomies and metabolic disorders like trimethylaminuria by naturally reducing odors from urine and fecal matter. You can also use it topically to help heal malodorous wounds and infections.

2. Eliminates fungus and cleans out your intestines

As mentioned above, chlorophyll is an anti-fungal agent that contributes to digestive and oral health. It also helps balance the ratio of alkali to acids, which improves oxygen levels in the blood. A favorable acid-alkali ratio makes your body an inhospitable environment for yeast like Candida albicans and inhibits the development of pathogens.

3. Fights cancer

Research shows a definitive link between excess acidity and cancer. Because chlorophyll improves oxygen levels and alkalinity in your biological systems, it’s being looked at in cancer treatments. Because of the benefits to digestive health and the colon cleansing properties of chlorophyll, doctors are especially hopeful about about the role this substance might play in protecting against colon cancer. It also stimulates stimulates apoptosis induction to detoxify you body and rid it of environmental pollutants and carcinogens.

4. Balances hormones

Not only is chlorophyll a safe, natural source of estrogen, the presence of Vitamin E also balance testosterone levels in men. This improves overall mood and enhances sexual function.

5. Helps with insomnia

One of the least-known properties of chlorophyll is the affects it has on the nervous system. It acts as a natural nervous system suppressant that has a calming effect. Taking chlorophyll supplements will elevate your mood and help you feel more energized and less fatigued or nervous.

Although you can make chlorophyll yourself or get trace amounts through eating your greens, taking it as a supplement ensures that you’re getting enough to reap its advantages. Chlorophyll in it’s most basic form doesn’t survive in the digestive tract long enough for the body to absorb it and send it where it can do the most good. You can find chlorophyll in tablets, liquid or powder form at your local health food store, or websites like Health365 sell chlorophyll online.

Signs It’s Time to Quit Smoking

The effect that smoking has on our health is no great secret. Still, many smokers remain unaware of how much their daily habit is costing them, both financially and physically.

If you feel that your health is beginning to deteriorate, or you look older than your years, it might be time to think about stopping smoking. Remember, you don’t have to go cold turkey. These days, there are many safer alternatives to cigarettes that will still address your addiction, just with fewer health implications.

Here are five signs it’s time to quit smoking.


You Have Heartburn/Acid Reflux.


Heartburn and acid reflux can be signs of more than just a heavy meal. Smoking cigarettes can slow down the rate that your food digests, which also prolongs the time the acid is in your stomach, hence the reflux and heartburn. Over time, this can lead to stomach ulcers, which can be dangerous. Regular bouts of indigestion could be the first sign that something is amiss.

If you experience frequent heartburn, speak to your doctor about your symptoms and get yourself acquainted with the various nicotine alternatives. You might want to try nicotine patches, gum or e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are particularly trendy right now. This website has some great starter kits for new vapers, as well as e-liquids and refills to keep you topped up.


Persistent Cough/ Sore Throat


Coughs are triggered by excess particles in the respiratory system. When you smoke, the cilia (the small hairs in your throat and esophagus that fight off infection) don’t work as efficiently. This is why phlegm is expelled through coughing, hence the term, “smoker’s cough.” Over time, this cough will get more persistent and severe. Be sure to consult your doctor if your cough doesn’t go away, or if your phlegm turns black or green.



A chain smoker is someone who smokes one cigarette after another, getting through a pack or more a day. You may not consider yourself a chain-smoker, but it’s easy to let the habit creep up on you without fully grasping the extent of your addiction. If you’re regularly going outside for cigarette breaks at work, or you find yourself overcome with cravings when you’re traveling, it may be time to cut down.


You’re Draining Your Bank Balance


According to The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans spend $80 billion on cigarettes per year, with the average smoker dolling out $70 a week to fund their habit. This amount of money is bound to make a significant dent in your bank balance, so try to see it as a motivation tool. Tell yourself that if you give up smoking for a full month, you’ll have saved approximately $280 toward a new car, a holiday or the new pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing.


Is It Time to Quit?


If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be to curb your cigarette habit and start to look after your health. Don’t ignore the signs. Instead, speak to your doctor about an alternative treatment route, and enjoy better health and more money in your pocket as a result.


Symptoms of an Abscessed Tooth

A simple toothache can make you want to smack your head against the wall, but if you leave that ache untreated, you risk developing an abscess. An abscessed tooth is potentially dangerous because it can cause pain to spread through your head and to other parts of your body and make your mouth swell to the point where you can no longer chew or swallow. Some patients even develop an abscess that keeps them from breathing. If you experience any of the symptoms of an abscessed tooth, you should seek help right away.


Pain is one of the more common symptoms of an abscessed tooth. This pain usually centers on the affected tooth but can spread beyond that tooth too. Most patients describe this as a throbbing ache or pain that they feel all day. The pain can worsen to the point where you have a hard time sleeping and can stop you from eating or drinking. You may find that the pain spreads along your jaw and down your neck, but the pain can also spread to your ears and down your back.


If you have a toothache and fear that you have an abscessed tooth, open your mouth as wide as you can as you look in the mirror. Look for any red or pink pockets located around any of your teeth. These pockets typically form as pus builds up and puts pressure on your tooth, which causes the pain that you feel. This pocket may also be bright pink in color and have white streaks along the sides. Swelling in your nodes is another symptom of an abscessed tooth and can indicate that the infection caused by the puss spread.

Foul Taste and/or Odor

You’ll also want to look out for any foul tastes or odors. The pus pocket associated with an abscessed tooth will keep growing until treated. Once it grows to a larger size though, there is a risk that it might pop when you brush your teeth or bite down on something hard. This will lead to a foul taste spreading through your mouth, which can smell so bad that others around you notice it. With an appointment to an emergency dentist Charlotte NC patients can get help for an abscessed tooth. The dentist can decide whether to remove that infected tooth or recommend another treatment option for you.

Staying Alive: The Steps to Saving Someone’s Life

You never know when an emergency is about to happen. For instance, you could be browsing groceries at the local supermarket when someone collapses and is in a precarious position. With these possibilities, it is, therefore, important that you learn and understand some of the most vital life-saving methods that anyone can learn and perform.

Here are some helpful tips that’ll help you save someone’s life when the time comes.

Contact emergency help

Once you have assessed the situation and concluded that someone is in danger and needs extra assistance, the first step is to contact emergency help. Obviously, time is of the essence, so if there’s someone else in the area with you, let them deal with arranging assistance from the emergency services.

The emergency services – whether it’s the EMT, fire department or even police – are professionals and are trained for all situations. Therefore, it’s important for you to dial 911 before administering any CPR or equivalent life-saving skills. Although you have training, you are still not a doctor, nurse or paramedic. You can help prolong their life, but you cannot treat them properly. Dial 911 as soon as a situation makes itself known.

Don’t put yourself in danger

While you never know how you will act in the heat of the moment, it is vital that you don’t place yourself in any unnecessary danger when helping someone. For instance, if you’re not a strong swimmer, avoid getting into the water when someone is drowning. Also, if a car crashes on a busy highway, crossing the road to get to them is far too perilous. Instead, call emergency services and if there is a chance to save them safely, then act.

Know the basics

From the Heimlich Maneuver to saving someone suffering from a stroke, there are various basics that need to be learned for if you face a life-threatening situation.


Many people still don’t know CPR or understand how to perform it correctly. As for the former, CPR is done in an attempt to save someone that has collapsed and is unconscious. It is a manual method of restoring blood circulation, helping to battle against cardiac arrest.

As for how to perform CPR, a ‘hands-only’ technique is one of the most recommended and universally used methods. This involves pressing down on the inflicted person’s chest by approximately two inches, and then it is a case of compressing at a steady rate of 100-120 compressions per minute. Go here for more information on CPR and how to do it correctly.

Bleeding profusely

If someone is profusely bleeding, there are plenty of things to consider when stopping the bleeding. Firstly, you need to get rid of any debris or dirt from the wound without removing any large objects which are causing the bleeding in the first place. This is because removing the object can increase the blood loss. You should then place a cloth or item of clothing (the cleanest you can find) and maintain the pressure. To save body heat, lay the injured person down if possible. Engage in conversation and keep them conscious.


The saying is, “when a stroke strikes, act FAST.” If someone’s face as fallen on one side, they cannot raise their arms, their speech is slurred, then it’s time to call 911 (or equivalent depending on the country). Face, Arms, Speech, Time – this is how to react when someone is having a stroke.



How to Ease Pain and Inflammation

How to Ease Pain and Inflammation

Medicine and ice packs will only help to ease a person’s aches and pains to a certain degree. Those living with chronic inflammation will therefore need more effective treatment options to alleviate their swelling and discomfort. Find out how by reading these top tips on how to ease pain and inflammation.

Consume the Best Fats

Those living with inflammation should avoid trans fats like the plague, as they have inflammatory properties that may add to your discomfort. Saturated fats are also very bad for your body. It’s vital to avoid processed and greasy foods for this reason. Aim to add more unsaturated fat into your diet and eat more nuts, avocados, cold-water fish, coconuts and olives, as they can significantly reduce your body’s inflammation levels.

Try Yoga

Many people living with a painful inflammation condition, such as rheumatoid arthritis, might dread the thought of exercise, which can amplify their discomfort. However, there are some workouts that can ease pain while reducing inflammation. For instance, yoga is a relaxing exercise that can help to restore mobility while proving to be an effective pain relief.

Hemp Vape Oil

Medical marijuana can effectively and legally treat many conditions. Yet, medicinal cannabis is unfortunately not available in every US state. To ensure patients experience the benefits without the high, cannabidiol (CBD), also known as hemp vape oil, was created to treat inflammation, as well as cancer, anxiety, headaches, high blood pressure and more. This legal product can therefore help to reduce chronic inflammation to improve a person’s quality of life.

Reduce the Heat

Did you know that cooking meat or fish at a high temperature can cause inflammatory chemicals to form? Unfortunately, this can only heighten the pain and swelling, which can impact your day-to-day life. Cooking meat and fish on a direct heat source, such as a stove or grill, and ensure the temperature remains under 300° F to minimize inflammatory chemical formation.

Carbs from Fruit & Vegetables

Many people often consume carbs from sugars or processed starches. Yet, this could have a negative impact on your body, as carbs can contribute to metabolic dysfunction, such as increased inflammation in the body. Don’t allow the food you eat to determine your quality of life and instead enjoy a varied diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes.

Be Cautious of Personal Products

We all like to care for our bodies, but the products we use might have the opposite effect. Be cautious of using personal care products such as cosmetics, lotions, hair dye, fragrances and cleansers, as they can often contain inflammatory agents. Instead, aim to use more phthalate-free products that will effectively care for your body in many ways.

Filtered Water

Did you know that filtered water can reduce inflammation in the body? That’s because tap water may contain inflammatory chemicals. So, invest in a water filter that ensures each glass of water you drink is good for your body and will help you maintain a healthy metabolism.

4 Money Saving Ideas to Have a Hollywood Smile


Your teeth are not in the best condition? There are a number of dental procedures that can help transform your smile. If your gnashers are decayed or discolored, get porcelain crowns or veneers. If you are missing teeth, and you are not a fan of dentures, go for dental implants: they look like natural teeth and are a great permanent solution for active people. If you’re looking for substantial savings, check dental implants in Poland – they are affordable and guarantee Hollywood smile.

If you brush and floss daily and healthy teeth run in your family, you can probably end up not spending a penny on dental treatments for years (apart from professional cleaning once in a while). But what if the damage is already done and you need serious dental work but don’t want to spend a fortune? What are your options to have teeth you always wanted for a fraction of the price?

  1. Porcelain crowns

Dental crowns are fixed prosthetics which are cemented onto teeth. They can be placed and removed only by a dentist. Crowns will be perfect for you if you have badly damaged teeth but healthy roots. Crowns improve the appearance and alignment of teeth. Their colour and shape are adjusted to your natural teeth. Crowns are not a permanent solution – they usually last 5-10 years if cared for properly. After that they usually need to be replaced with new ones.

TIP: If you are getting a single crown, it is best to have it done at your local dental clinic. However, if you’re looking into complete smile makeover and need multiple crowns on your top and lower teeth, it is best to have dental treatment abroad and save money. You can save up to 70% (even including flight & accommodation) if you travel to Poland, Hungary or Croatia.

  1. Veneers

Veneers (sometimes referred to as porcelain veneers or laminates) are shells designed to cover the visible surface of your teeth. Veneers are perfect if your teeth are healthy but you do not like their colour, shape or size. Again they are placed by a dentist and are bonded to your natural teeth. Best material to use on veneers is porcelain – porcelain veneers are stain-resistant and stronger than resin veneers.

TIP: I recommend you use one of the professional platforms for patients which help find and contact the clinic you want in a destination of your choice. Such websites are free to use, list clinics from all over the world and offer you a multitude of free tools like price comparison or clinic ranking. Check one of the platforms: to find a professional clinic which specializes in smile makeover using veneers.

  1. Dental implants

This is the best solution if you have lost a single tooth or multiple teeth. Tooth implants are basically titanium posts which are inserted into your jaw bone to act as tooth roots. After healing period a crown is placed on top of the implant.

TIP: If you are looking for pocket-friendly solutions, you should consider affordable dental implants in Poland. They are usually much cheaper than in the US or the UK but still of high quality. Polish private dentistry is currently booming and you can be sure you get the quality of service and materials you’re paying for. Moreover, many Polish clinics offer discount vouchers for dental implants in Poland.

  1. Dental bridge on implants (all-on-4, all-on-6)

For those patients who lost all their teeth but want to have beautiful smile, there is a solution in a form of dental bridge on implant posts. In short, this system includes 4 or 6 dental implants and a bridge which is then screwed onto the implant posts. Such a bridge is easy to clean but can be removed only by a professional dentist (usually this is needed every few months for deep cleaning and maintenance). More and more people decide to get rid of traditional dentures and switch to bridge and dental implants.

TIP: In Poland a single tooth implants costs only 900-1,100 Euros. The savings are substantial. Also Poland is a great holiday destination: it is cheap, peaceful, has wonderful sandy beaches and epic mountains and great dental specialists!

Read more about quality dental implants in Poland and all-on-6 system on


How to Slow Down the Aging Process

How to Slow Down the Aging Process

Do you ever look in the mirror and not recognize the person staring back at you? Do you want your body to reflect the person inside? If so, there are many things you can do to restore a youthful complexion to boost your confidence. Read our top tips on how to slow down the aging process.

Consume Fresh Foods

You are what you eat. If you regularly consume processed, fatty foods, you can guarantee your skin will reflect your poor diet. You might be surprised to learn that genetically-engineered foods have been linked to aging. Instead, aim to eat fresh organic ingredients to create fresher skin that could make you look ten years younger.

Apply Less Makeup

Many women often apply makeup to hide emerging wrinkles that damage their self-esteem; however, those seemingly harmless beauty products could be causing your skin more harm than good. Avoid using products that contain paraben chemicals, as they are an estrogenic hormone disruptor, which may interrupt a women’s fertility and cause premature aging. So, not only can it age your skin, but it can also increase the aging of a woman’s eggs, too. If you can’t live without makeup, we recommend finding a safe product to use on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin-Deep Database.

Fat Injections

Take your youthful appearance into your own hands with a fat injection, which slows down the aging process. This simple procedure fills the wrinkles in your skin to make you appear younger than your years. However, it is important you only book an appointment with a qualified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Randy Wong.

Blow Out Scented Candles

Many people love nothing more than lighting a beautiful-smelling scented candle to create a pleasant aroma and atmosphere. Unfortunately, they might be playing havoc with your skin’s complexion. Paraffin wax combined with synthetic fragrances often feature benzene, which is a chemical that speeds up the aging process. We therefore recommend blowing out the scented candles and opening a window to create a fresh environment. However, if you do want to burn a candle, we suggest opting for a brand that contains 100% beeswax with cotton wicks.

Stop Smoking

Many smokers often find it difficult to quit. Unfortunately, this bad habit can have considerable health consequences. In addition to being a leading cause of cancer and heart disease, smoking can also accelerate the aging process. Don’t allow smoking to damage how you both look and feel and quit the harmful habit once and for all.

Skip the Soda

Did you know all sodas contain phosphates that ensures their long-term shelf life? Unfortunately, this acid not only causes muscle loss, heart problems and kidney complaints, but it is also believed to speed up the aging process. So, it might be time to ditch the soda and pick up an ice-cold glass of water instead.

A few little changes can transform the look and feel of your skin. Recover your confidence by following the above steps to slow down the aging process.

Start Living Clean And Feeling Better

Modern living offers us a lot of convenience. It’s just unfortunate that a lot of us focus on convenience more than what’s truly good for us. If we take the easy way out, be a little lazier, and don’t think about what we’re really putting in our life, it can do us a lot of harm. In some instances, it can make us feel worse about ourselves and keep us from focusing on what really matters. In other cases, it can genuinely endanger us physically.



Eat real foods

You can’t talk about clean living without talking about clean eating. There are some distinctions that people make when it comes to this. Whether you fall on the side of insisting that everything is organic or not, that’s up to you. However, the benefits of eating whole foods rather than processed foods is very well known. At first, it might seem restrictive, limiting options from you entirely. But the truth is that a whole foods diet often leads to you choosing ingredients you never have before and using them in more capacities, meaning you actually broaden your diet. It helps you avoid overeating things like salt and trans fats which, while good in certain amounts, can quickly become dangerous. Processed meals always tend to carry a much lower nutritional value compared to their whole food components.

Be kind to your body

A lot of us care about how we present to the world, as well. We want to look younger, to hide flaws, and to smell better. However, not all the cosmetics we use are good for us. In fact, not even all of the products we use to make our exteriors healthier really are. For instance, many skincare products we use with algae extract actually end up clogging our pores. Similarly, modern manufactured fragrances are widely recognized to contain a lot of harmful components in them. Look at the options for natural and organic perfumes, for skin creams that are genuinely good for your skin, and more. Your body deserves to be treated right. Don’t take the most convenient option but research products online before you buy them. You will find plenty of people picking through the ingredients and helping you identify those that might actually be harmful.


Don’t pollute the home

As far as toxic environments go, we tend to think of our home as a protection for them. However, as with cosmetics, perfumes, and skin care, many of the products we use in our home can actually make it that toxic environment. Bleach, fragrances in detergents, and more can act as an irritant in our skin, cause or worsen conditions like asthma, and even play a role as carcinogens. There are a lot of natural cleaning products starting to come into the market because of them, so keep an eye out for them.

Sleep like you were supposed to

The exact nature and purpose of sleep is, by and large, unknown. What we do know are some of the helpful functions of it. It serves as a reset button for the mind, for one, helping us greet the new day with more focus and a great capacity to deal with situations and challenges as they arise. But it also serves to refresh the body and is where most of our natural healing and repair mechanisms take place. Make sure that you’re getting your full night’s sleep. For instance, don’t stay on the computer or the phone right up until you go to bed. Give yourself half an hour or an hour not staring at artificial light. Instead, relax outside, take part in a nightly face cleansing ritual or even go for a walk.



Cut the clutter

As far as the home goes, it’s not just about what chemicals we put in it. You should also be concerned with what kind of state it’s in. Physical clutter in the environment very easily translates to a cluttered, stressed mind. Sometimes a little extra storage like a hamper to temporarily store odds and ends can help you live with a much cleaner home. However, a much better long-term approach might be to go for the minimalist style of décor. Not only do things look much cleaner and better organized. It also becomes a lot easier to clean, to dust, and to wipe. You can get a lot more time in the day back thanks to a little minimalist touch here and there.

Clean the mind, too

Clean living isn’t just about making sure that you’re not letting too many harmful influences take residence in the body. You should give your mind the exact same treatment. Throughout the day, we pick up stresses, fears, and anxieties that stop us from simply relaxing, taking stock and appreciating the moment. When we go to bed, we take a lot of them with us. Instead of letting them fester from day to day, take some time to yourself. After you get in from work is the perfect time to meditate, to light some aromatherapy candles, or even to exercise. It lets us live the rest of the day in a healthier mindset.



Don’t fixate on failures

Sometimes, you’re going to fail to eat as clean as you would like. You will still use that one makeup brush you use even though you know it’s no good for you. While it’s important to make these changes, in time, you shouldn’t be beating yourself up for every little failure in life. Forgive yourself, look where you went wrong, and commit to making the change next time. Focus on the future instead of the past. Otherwise, you are going to constantly second guess yourself and your attempts at clean living will come with an unpleasant baggage that makes them harder to maintain.

Clean living is healthy living. You just have to make sure you focus on doing it both inside and out. Don’t let it become a fixation, but rather a series of changes you make slowly throughout your life in order to end up in a happier, safer place.


12 Tips to Have a Deeper Sleep

Sleep deprivation has many negative effects on our health from our brain’s ability to remember to our immune system. It can also affect our metabolism, therefore causing weight gain and can even have damaging consequences to our heart health. If you want to make sure you’ll have good sleep tonight, here are 12 tips to follow:


  1. Choose your pillow. A Swedish study showed that neck pillows shaped like a rectangle with a dimple in the middle doesn’t just reduce neck pain, but also enhances the quality of sleep. Meanwhile, pillows with the following traits were recommended for improved z’s:


  • With two supporting cores


  • Water-filled



  • Made of natural fiber


  • Hypoallergenic (especially for people with allergies)


  1. Reconsider your mattress. You’ll be surprised that your mattress has a huge impact on your sleep quality and duration. Many people prefer a mattress that’s not too soft and not too hard.. Try something in this firmness level, particularly if you’re rethinking your bed.


  1. Eat specific foods. While you shouldn’t snack before you’re about to go to bed, there are some foods that can help you enjoy a much deeper sleep. Bananas and warm milk have tryptophan and melatonin, which can improve your sleep experience.



  1. Smell a scent. Some people recommend lavender, which has always been associated with relaxation. However, if you’re new to it, you will most definitely be alert. Go for a scent that gives you that safe and comfortable feeling. This is why some people cling to their spouse’s shirt as it provides them that sense of comfort.


  1. Stick to a bedtime routine. If you sleep at nine, sleep at this time every day, including weekends. Be sure to stick to it as well as the time to rise. This will help synchronize your biological clock, so you sleep and wake up at the same time daily.



  1. Don’t take a nap. If you’re already having trouble falling asleep, don’t close your eyes in the afternoon even though this can help get you through the day.


  1. Being active doesn’t just keep you healthy, but also helps you sleep peacefully at night. You don’t have to do vigorous exercises all the time; even light ones are more preferred than being a couch potato.


Getting enough sleep doesn’t have to be so complicated. While having about eight hours of sleep is important, you don’t have to worry if you don’t get to the recommended number. Just enjoy sleep and not the hours you spend in bed.