What You Need to Know about Appliance Repair

The appliances in your home are some of the most important components to a functioning environment. Without appliances, you would have to wash dishes and clothes by hand. Without appliances, you wouldn’t be able to have cold food and you’d have to cook your food over an open fire. So, when an appliance breaks, you’ll feel a noticeable difference in the way your house runs. That’s why time of the essence when it comes to getting your appliances repaired. When you hire a quality company such as Lamar’s Appliance Repair to do the repair, you’ll be back on track in no time.

Finding a Repair Company

There are tons of appliance repair companies out there, but you want to find the one that will get the job done right the first time for a fair price. But how do you choose one repair company from the masses? First, start by getting recommendations from friends and family. If you can find someone who has recently had a repair done to their appliances and  is pleased with the service, you’ll be ahead of the curve. Next, if you can’t get any recommendations, you’ll need to rely on your own skills and search the Internet to find a local repair company. Typically, if you’re looking online, you’ll be able to view previous clients’ reviews on the services provided from the repair company.

Scheduling an Appointment

The next step to getting your appliances fixed is an easy one. Give two to three companies a call and set up an initial appointment. This is the time you can take to have the appliance technician take a look at the broken appliance and give you an estimate on how much it will cost to fix. Try to get this quote in written form. If you get two or three quotes, you’ll be able to decide which appliance repair company like Lamar’s Appliance Repair you like best. During the consultation, make sure the technician clearly explains what’s wrong with the appliance, in terms you can understand. If you feel uncomfortable with the technician for any reason, don’t hesitate to pass and find another company to do the repair.


Why a TV Mount Counts

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  But when life gives you a 30-sq. meter condo unit to live in, you need to get yourself one of those wall mounts for your TV.  It’s an excellent space-saver, and doesn’t compromise the overall look of your living room.

Television owners are sure to find what they need when they shop monitor mounts at StandsandMounts.com. This selection features monitor mounts made by name brand, trusted manufacturers. Some of those manufacturers include Peerless as well as Premier Mounts. Customers know they’re getting quality monitor mounts that will reliably serve their purpose. Check out some other great features of the monitor mounts available at StandsandMounts.com.

Many Design Options. At StandsandMounts.com, shoppers enjoy a vast selection of monitor mounts. For instance, there’s the swing out design as well as an under the cabinet design. There are floor pedestals and mounts that are suitable for outdoors. Shoppers can peruse this selection to find a monitor mount that fits their television viewing needs perfectly.

Benefits of These Mounts. One of the biggest benefits of shopping for a monitor mount is that it clears space for other items in the room where the television is enjoyed. With the help of a simple monitor mount, a television is up off a table and out of the way. Books, papers, decorative crafts or even a lamp can sit in the place where the television used to be!

Protecting the Television. Finally, a monitor mount can keep a television out of the reach of a young child. Children can sometimes damage a television or use it when they are not supposed to when they have full access to it. A monitor mount can prevent any misuse of the TV by little kids.

I know I’m getting myself a TV mount.  It’s an unobtrusive accent to an otherwise drab and dreary wall.  Anything that prettifies my pepperrific house is fine by me.

Choosing Kid-Friendly Carpets

This week I have made a vow to myself.  I promised dear old pepperrific me that I’m going to start doing this new workout to help keep me fit and energetic.    This type of workout entails a lot of jumping, though, so I’m a bit worried about how my downstairs neighbor might react to this.  That’s why I’m considering getting a carpet for my living room, to somewhat help cushion the blow.  But since I have a daughter, I must Get More Info Here and also look for a carpet which will complement her overall health and needs at home.

When searching around for kid-friendly carpets, you must think about allergies.  Kids are most prone to this, so choose carpets with a natural fiber- like wool.  These are naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial at the same time.

The carpet should be soft and comfortable for kids to roll around in.  If they bump their heads on the carpet, concussions will be the last thing you’ll have to worry about.

Think about aesthetics as well.  If you plan to put the carpet in your toddler’s nursery, it would be nice if the color or design matched that of the walls.

Proper maintenance will of course be in order here.  Quickly clean up spills before they set in.  Make it a habit to vacuum up dirt and debris so they don’t get pushed deeper into the carpet.


Tips On Buying a Condo Unit

photo credit: Christopher Barson via photopin cc

Thumb-sucking was never something I loved doing when I was little- at least that’s what I think!  What I do remember is that I used to always bring along my Ernie (of Sesame Street) stuffed toy with me wherever I went.  That was my security blanket, my comfort object.

For most of us adults, our security blanket will have to be our home.  It’s our go to place whenever we feel the need to reconnect with our true selves after a long and stressful day.  Think about how you used to cry your eyes out inside your bedroom after a painful breakup.

It’s not easy choosing a home, though, as there are many factors to consider.  Condos have become the norm these days, as the more convenient option for living in a densely populated city.  But they don’t really come cheap, so you have to choose wisely before investing in a unit.  It’s always good to seek advice from the experts, just like those realtors in Springfield, MO

One of the foremost things to consider when buying a condominium unit is location.  The condo should be situated somewhere near important places such as the business district or modes of public transportation.  But if you want easy access to restaurants, be prepared for the noise.  Traffic might also be a problem, because it’s understandably going to be busy during the day with lots of people flocking to the area.

The reputation of the developer will also be a major factor here.  There have been cases where condo projects had to be stopped because the developer ran out of money.  If you’re getting a condo in the pre-selling stage, this is important.  If construction has to stop somewhere along the way, it might be difficult for you to get your money back.

When living in a condo, remember that you are bound by rules and regulations.  Some condos for instance require you to have only a certain color for curtains.  Some don’t allow pets at all.  You’ll also of course have to pay the association dues.  This is an added monthly expense you’ll have to think about.

Price alone does not determine whether or not you should go out and buy yourself a condo unit.  There are so many other things to consider.  Whatever you do, don’t make hasty decisions, as you wouldn’t want your hard earned money to simply go down the drain.

Remodeling Tips for Small Bathrooms

ID 10070755Image courtesy of nuttakit / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Every girl dreams of becoming a beauty queen someday.  When I was little, I used to picture myself with scepter in hand, and a bejeweled crown on my head.  Although I may never get to make that dream a reality, I still get to feel like a beauty queen at home.  Inside my bathroom, I feel like a beauty pageant contestant when I do my quarter turns.  Because of the cramped space of my bathroom, all I need is to make quarter turns, and everything is within reach.

If you’re like me who has a tiny bathroom, all hope is not lost.  Before claustrophobia creeps up on you, here are some remedial measures that even the experts at remodeling in Springfield, MO believe will work at making your small bathroom seem big.

Downscale things.  Imagine that you’re living in a Lilliputian village.  Think about getting a smaller toilet and a sink just wide enough for two people.    If you must get a tub, go for one with a narrow rim.  Bulky items will only eat up so much space.

When it comes to doors, have a pocket door installed instead of a hinged one.  This will save you space when opening or closing it.  It’s quite cool to have too!

Storage is always important- especially if you simply have lots of knick knacks and thingamajigs like I do!  Go for recessed cabinets with sliding doors to keep your essentials.

Proper lighting always does wonders at brightening up a room.  It’s the magic wand of interior design, I must say.  Instead of dreary fluorescent lighting for your tiny bathroom, opt for ambient lighting.  This helps create the illusion of a bigger room.  Add some task lighting near the mirror to provide you with that brightness you need when doing touch ups.

You can mount glass tiles around the walls in your bathroom, so it can bounce off light, making the room look bigger.  You can position those glass tiles in way that they form a continuous horizontal line across the walls of your bathroom.   This band pulls the eye across the room, giving the illusion of space.

In some cases, bigger really is better- just don’t tell that to your boyfriend!  Small bathrooms can cleverly be made to look spacious with the tips listed above.  Get the right person to do the job, and you’ll have the look and feel of a bigger bathroom.

How Many Single Moms Does It Take To Change a Light Bulb?

I swear I’ve heard way too many light bulb jokes in this lifetime, that I’m not sure anymore which answer goes with which joke.  One thing I do know, when it comes to electrical jobs or repairs at home, sometimes doing it yourself may not be the best move to make.  Instead of fixing things, you may ruin what could otherwise have been a simple light bulb-changing task.  Sometimes it’s best to seek the help of the experts, like those from Complete Electrical Solutions to get down and dirty and do the job.

Being a single mom, I really don’t have a man in the house to count on for DIY repairs.  Oftentimes, I take the bold step of attempting to fix things on my own, but I do so with utmost caution- just like falling in love.  But I realized that sometimes, I have to ask for help.

One time, I wanted to have a water heater installed in my bathroom.  So, the electrician sent by the company who sold me the heater came over to have a look at things prior to the actual installation.  He didn’t seem to be too sure about the circuitry of our condominium, so I asked the building engineer to come and lend a hand.

Both experts debated over electrical stuff, and I just stood there stupefied, eagerly waiting for my hot shower to be ready.  Turns out, Mr. Electrician from the supplier was about to do something totally destructive.  It was a good thing Mr. Building Engineer came to the rescue, since he knew the electrical wiring of the entire building like the back of his hand

I could only imagine how my supposedly relaxing hot shower experience could have turned into a totally horrific electric shock.  I shudder at the thought.    It’s either that, or the entire building would have gone up in flames.

When it comes to DIY electrical projects, the most- and safest- any of us mere mortals can do is to change a light bulb or replace an old ceiling fan with a new one.  Upgrading devices which are already there is pretty easy, just as long as we remember to switch off the electricity first.

So the next time you’re contemplating on messing with intricate electric circuits and cables, just don’t.  It’s always wise to ask help from the experts, as they know best.



Tips On Cleaning Glass Windows

Ever since I can remember, I have always been enthralled by rainbows.  It’s not everyday I get to see one, so whenever I chance upon one of them rainbows, I almost get teary-eyed and feel a sense of hope and optimism rush through my body.

The last rainbow I saw was a couple of months back, while I was peering out through my friend’s glass windows that ​​Ideal Construction had recently installed in her newly furnished condo unit. Because her windows were immaculately clean, I instantly thought that she hired one of the best cleaning services in Springfield, MO to do her windows. I was pleasantly surprised when she told me that she does all the cleaning herself. If you want to have streak-free glass windows like hers, here are a few tips she shared with me:

Use distilled water.  Little do we know that what’s in our water will surely show on our glass windows.  If you use hard water on glass, you’ll definitely see it leave unsightly marks.  Instead, use distilled water so it’s free from any minerals which may leave ghastly deposits on glass.

Believe that vinegar works.  Your Aunt Mae couldn’t have been more right about the usefulness of this cheap cooking staple.  When mixed in equal parts with water, vinegar becomes an excellent cleaner without the harmful chemicals and hefty price tag.  Simply put your solution in a spray bottle and you’re good to go.

Say no to paper towels.  Sure they come in handy for quick fix ups but you should never use them to clean glass windows.  They leave nasty, linty streaks.  Totally ugly.  Here, it’s best to use a microfiber cloth, a squeegee or a handful of scrunched up newspaper.  Just be sure to wear gloves, as you don’t want all that ink to get on your fingers.

Remember to buff it.  Finish the job with a quick buff.  If you don’t have a microfiber cloth or chamois, you can always use any dependable rag.  Buff over the glass after cleaning, and see the streaks vanish before your eyes.

Try to make it a habit to clean your glass windows before stubborn dirt accumulates.  This makes the job much easier.  Simply spritz, swipe and buff.  Get the right tools, and crystal clear glass windows will soon be within your reach.  Then you can merrily gaze out through your windows, into the sky and chase rainbows like I do.


Tips On Decorating Your Sunroom

One of the reasons I particularly love watching the Sound of Music over and over again, is that I find Fraulein Maria’s mood infectious.  Her cheery disposition rubs off on me whenever I see her running over those hills, singing at the top of her lungs.  But I don’t have a voice as powerful as hers, nor hills to run around in.  Probably the next best thing to Prozac is to get some sun.  Studies show that Vitamin D or sunlight helps lift one’s moods.  What better and more convenient way to get some sunlight at home than by having one of those sunrooms at home.  If you happen to have a sunroom- or are contemplating on having one built in your home- here are some tips on how to decorate it:

For paint, choose bright whites or yellows.  You can also try orange or pink, to give off that cheery vibe.

Furniture in natural material will best suit your sunroom.  Choose rattan or wicker for your pieces.   Typical outdoor furniture made of iron will also work.  Just make sure they’re comfortable and that they complement the overall style of your home.   But if you want to use indoor furniture, that’s fine, as long as they aren’t made of fabric which may fad in the sun.  Arrange you furniture in such a way that there is a focal point, and there’s just enough room for flow of traffic.

Windows will look good with bamboo blinds.  If you opt for fabric, choose light material to allow as much sunlight in.

Sunrooms are meant to make you feel as if you’re outdoors, when you’re actually inside your home.  If you pay special care to decorating it, you’ll get that relaxing feeling you need everyday.

In Need Of New Armchairs

I have recently moved into a new neighborhood, and I’m pretty much ecstatic with my new house despite the fact that there is a load of things for me to do. You know, the usual thing that you need to do whenever you find yourself moving into a new home.

I’ve been spending my time packing and unpacking and throwing away those old and useless stuff so they don’t clutter my new home the way they did in my old place. It’s an undeniably gruesome feat, considering that I don’t get much help from my friends or family to get it done. But tiring as it is, I discovered that the whole thing gives me quite a huge satisfaction. My new home is now junk free. I’ve finally gotten rid some old, broken furniture after much procrastination on my part.

De-cluttering is good for my heart, body and soul, but at the end of the day, I discovered that I need to make some necessary furniture purchases. One thing that tops my list right at the moment is of course, some armchairs as I’ve gotten rid of my old ones. I can live without a rickety kitchen table or a termite-infested TV rack, but I can never live without a comfortable armchair to sit on after a long day at work. I certainly can’t imagine myself sitting on the cold, hard floor every day. It will without a doubt gives me a terrible backache that will most definitely send me to the chiropractor’s office.

Do you know where I can get some reasonably priced armchairs? A good friend of mine recommended a furniture website for high quality armchairs with a reasonably good price. My friend is all but singing praises about that online shop. Should I check it out and make my purchase from there too? Right at the moment, online shopping sounds pretty tempting. I don’t think I have much energy left to go about after all those energy taxing de-cluttering sessions that I’ve done.

4 Valuable Unused Items You Can Sell in Your Home

We all have items in our homes that we haven’t used in a very long time, and will most likely not use again. Most people don’t realize how much money can be made from the old junk they have and then they end up throwing it away. Instead, try looking at everything you have that you don’t use and try to get some money from them. Here is a list of 4 common valuable items people don’t realize they can make some cash from.

Games, CDs, and DVDs

There is a lot of money to be made off your old disks that can increase the balance of your bank account. I have seen a countless amount of people end up giving these away to charity, other people, or just end up throwing them away. There are many ways to make money off of selling these. Services like         MusicMagpie can really make this process simple and easy. What you would have to do is enter the items you want to sell, they then give you a price. Once you have the price and accept it, they will send you a shipping label and then you receive money once they get the items.

Unused Appliances

Any type of appliance can be used by someone else, so why not give them a chance to pay a lower price for it? Whether it is a large appliance or a small one, try posting an ad to see if someone is willing to pay for it. You will be surprised at how much people will pay for them, just make sure to still have them priced lower than regular retail prices. You can also try and have a yard sale to get rid of them as well, but if you decide to do a yard sale, make sure you have enough because you will most likely have a lot of visitors.


When you plan on getting a new set of furniture, don’t just throw out or give away your current set. A lot of people tend to buy second hand furniture due to the high retail price of brand new furniture. Same as appliances, post up some advertisements in your local classifieds and see who contacts you. There are so many different ways to post ads up on the internet that will get you at least a few potential buyers.


Most people think that selling clothes isn’t a good idea and end up donating them or throwing them away. Although donating is a great option since it helps give back to the community, you can still get money from them, especially designer high quality clothes. While it might be hard to sell each piece separately, try selling them in bulk, this will appeal more to potential buyers and you will be able to offer them at a decent price.

There are plenty of other items in the typical household that will be worth some money, but these ideas should help you get started.