Why Freelance Writing Might Be the Best At-Home Job for You

What does the American dream mean to you? For most, it’s the option of being their own boss without the hassle of deadlines and work-related stresses. Many people know that they want to be something more than the 9-to-5 desk jockey. They want to have creative freedom, imaginative flow, and the ability to make an impression and an impact, while caring for a home and a family. If this sounds like you—perhaps a full-time career as an at-home freelance writer would be your best profession.

You Are Your Own Boss, Within Reason

When you’re a full-time freelance writer, you are, essentially, your own boss. You take contracts you want from clients you approve of and write the content that you want to write. However, this comes with limitations. To make an actual living as a full-time freelance writer, you have to be a disciplined boss to yourself. Set a schedule, stick to a routine, and strive to make a certain amount of income each day.

You Set Your Own Schedule

Schedules are important, regardless of the lines of work you do. For freelance writers, schedules revolve around sleep, kids, care of the home and loved ones, and other important life stuff. You have to be both flexible and strict. Make a routine, but have a back-up plan that you can stick to. Without a schedule, you’ll fail to make enough to live off of that allows you to work 100-percent from home.

Your Earnings Depend 100-Percent on Your Hard Work

As you become well-established in the freelance writing profession, you have the opportunity to make more money. However, you get out what you put in. The harder work you throw into the proverbial writers’ pools, the better your chances of making a viable living as a full-time, at-home freelance writer. Your earnings are 100-percent dependent on your dedication.

A Negative or Two:

Like any profession, regardless of where you go to make money, comes with a few negatives. Being an at-home freelance writer, for instance, has a few negatives, like:

– You have to earn your reputation. At first you will take very low income projects to gain a reliable reputation in the writer communities. After months, even years, your reputation will be good enough to accomplish higher-paying projects.

– You don’t always get to write about what YOU want to write about. Sometimes clients need content that goes beyond your interests. In which case, you gain an interest, do your research, and write it anyway.

– There are months with no work—especially in the beginnings. Freelance writing is a competitive profession because everyone thinks they can do it. However, not everyone is good at it. Hone your skills. Give clients a reason to keep you around, and you will never be without work.

Choosing the Coverage for Your Everyday Needs

You never know what will happen in your life on a day-to-day basis. As much as you want to control your circumstances, you may find yourself subject to events that are beyond your control.

These circumstances can take a toll on your finances, security, and even your legal freedom. By investing in coverage like car, home, business, or life insurance Elk Grove CA clients like you can take necessary measures to safeguard your future and maintain some control over your life.

Shopping for Policies

You do not have to be an expert in finances or insurance law to shop for a policy that will suit your needs. When you visit the website, you can immediately click on the products link to discover what types of coverage the business offers. You can choose between personal or business insurance depending on what types of protection in which you are most interested.

Personal insurance can be vital if you are married, have children, or do not want to leave behind debts for your loved ones to pay. Even if you are single, you may still want this kind of policy to pay for your final expenses and to settle debts that might otherwise not be forgiven after you pass.

Married individuals and people with families likewise find it prudent to invest in this coverage to spare their families from having to pay for a funeral out-of-pocket. The money can also be used to pay for medical bills that might otherwise be passed onto a spouse or children after you die.

Pricing It Out

As much as you might want to invest in this type of protection, you also do not want to spend loads of cash on the premiums. You have control over the price you pay for your policy, however. Your pricing will be based in part on how much coverage you purchase as well as other factors like your overall health and medical history.

In general, people who are younger and in relatively good health pay less for their coverage than people who are older or have serious medical issues. Even so, you can price out the policy and decide what kind of coverage is right for you using the quote options found on the website. You can then pay for your policy and get it started that very same day, ensuring you are protected now.

The Highest Paying Jobs in the USA

While businessmen are the ones who are at the top of the food chain when it comes to earning the real dollars, this list is not about them. It’s about people with professional skills that hold regular jobs but earn salaries or receive payments that would make the rest of us rethink our life choices! So, without further delay, here are some of the highest paying jobs that you can opt for in the USA, provided you are still of the right age and have the necessary aptitude.

Pharmacy Manager (Median Annual Salary: $149,064 as of 2017)

In short, a pharmacy manager is responsible for almost anything and everything related to medicines and their supply and availability to patients. As it entails ethical, medical, and legal knowledge of medicine administration and supply, they must go through a lot of studying and certification processes to earn their licenses. When they do get through everything though, money is most definitely not a problem anymore for them.

Attorneys (Depends)

Thanks to shows like Suits, it’s no secret that lawyers can become pretty rich, and if you want to have a real-life estimation of how big that annual paycheck can be for an attorney, visit richestlifestyle.com to find out who the richest African-American lawyers are. Things are particularly peachy for patent attorneys, with a median base salary of $139,272 as of 2017.

Medical Science Liaison (Median Annual Salary: $132,842 as of 2017)

A unique branch of the medical field, the job of the medical science liaison is a complicated one that involves a lot of things; the most important of them is helping to maintain relationships in-between key medical personnel from various fields and organizations.

Applications Development Manager (Median Annual Salary: $112,045 as of 2017)

In a world that is being run by technology and mostly software, it should come as no surprise that software developers earn some of the most lucrative salaries in the US. When you are in charge of a project, or you are the applications development manager, to be precise, your salary shoots up even further and easily crosses the $100,000 mark. You will need extensive knowledge and experience in coding to become one though.

Doctor (Depends)

When human lives are in your hands, you are bound to be compensated accordingly, so believe us when we say that doctors are well compensated indeed. Consider the fact that spine and brain surgeons are often found to earn nearly a million dollars per year to get an estimate of what we are talking about here. Even the average gastroenterologist earns more than $500,000 per year, so if you are looking to become a doctor in the US, being rich is pretty much on the cards.

While the professions mentioned here do pay more than what you would get paid at almost every other job in the United States, it is to be remembered that you still need to be good at what you do. If you are particularly good at something, chances are that you will eventually earn well, irrespective of the field that you are in. Nevertheless, it does help things a lot if you can be good at any of the five mentioned above.

Three Ways You Can Make Money Online

Earning online can be a great way to bring some money in, or to supplement your income. You can usually do it from home or anywhere with an internet connection. It’s not as easy to make money online as some sites make it out to be, but it is possible – very possible. A few ways you can earn online include:


As long as there’s the written word, there will be a need for writers. If you feel you’re good at writing, why not get paid for it? There’s money to be made in that area and there’s a huge demand.

Rates vary depending on experience. If you don’t have experience, you could set up a blog in a topic or topics of your choosing and use that as your portfolio. What are you interested in? Technology? Food? TV shows? Fashion? Blog about that.

Or you could go deeper and blog about one niche – so more than technology, you write about all things artificial intelligence; more than food, you write about all things Vietnamese cuisine. TV shows? You set up a blog specializing in Netflix guides.

The advantage of this is that you not only then have a portfolio, but can charge more because you’re an expert in a particular subject.

Taking Online Surveys

Companies are interested in learning more about their target market so they know what to sell to them or can learn how to better improve on what they’re selling or plan to sell. It’s part of their research and development process and they’re willing to pay for it.

If you like sharing your opinions, then participating in surveys might be for you. It’s always best to do your research before deciding whether to join a survey site. Check out Survey Police for a rundown of the most common survey sites, along with reviews by those who’ve used the sites.

Virtual Assistance

There are lots of people out there (businesses and professionals) who need help with a number of things including admin support, technical support and social media support.

As a virtual assistant (or a VA, for short), you work remotely/communicate with the client via email, conference calls (via Skype, for example) and virtual work spaces.

It might be somewhat of a challenge to secure your first handful of clients (this applies to the abovementioned writing/blogging work too), but once you do, it’ll build momentum and get easier.

In securing your first few clients, it might be an idea to get in touch with employers you used to work for, letting them know of your availability as a VA and what you offer. Also, get in touch with friends and family. You never know who might take you up on it.

Making money online can be a good way to bring in the dollars. It can also be flexible, so you can do it around other responsibilities you have. It is worth looking into as a possible way to earn.

How to Make the Best Gadget Purchase Every Time

Here at Pepperrific, we love saving money. There are plenty of ways to save money on anything from everyday purchases to the latest gadgets. You just have to know how (and where) to get the best deals and how to make good purchase decisions.

When it comes to buying new gadgets, a part of making good purchase decisions is knowing which gadget to buy. Picking up the wrong smartphone or a kitchen appliance that doesn’t suit your needs is the kind of expensive mistakes you don’t want to make.

That is why in this article, we are going to discuss the best tips and tricks that will help you make the best gadget purchase every time. Let’s get started, shall we?

Start with Your Needs

You don’t have to buy the latest and greatest gadget every time. Doing so often means spending more money than you should on features you don’t really need. It is much better to take the time to understand what you personally need from a gadget before searching for options to look into.

Another important thing to keep in mind is your budget. You need to understand how much you can afford to spend on the gadget. This will help limit your options to gadgets you can actually afford, eliminating the temptation to go with something “slightly” more expensive altogether.

Read Reviews

Reviews, especially those found in the Review section of e-commerce sites, are often biased. They are based on the personal experience of each customer or the reviewers’ points of view. That said, there are a lot of things you can learn about the gadgets you want to buy from reading reviews.

Some sources are more reliable than the others. Graded Reviews, for example, is famous for its reviews of kitchen gadgets and home appliances. There are a lot of great insights you can get from browsing this site alone.

Check the Return Policy

Shopping for gadgets today – especially when you shop online – is a lot easier than you think. Most stores have display units that you can try, while online retailers offer up to a 90-day money back guarantee. Before hitting that Checkout button, be sure to understand the return policy carefully.

Being able to return the items that don’t meet your expectations is a huge plus. If the smart coffee maker you purchase isn’t working well with your Google Home, for example, you can choose to return the item and exchange it for something else.

Search for Deals

There is always a discount or special offer you can use; always. You just have to find the right coupon code to use before finalizing your purchase decision. Sites that specialize in coupon codes are definitely worth a visit; review sites often give away discounts and exclusive coupons too.

You never have to pay the full price for a gadget. If there isn’t any discount to benefit from, you will be able to find bonuses, freebies, cashbacks, and other deals from retailers. Refurbished tech from a specialist like Freestyll – could be an option as well. Essentially giving you the quality of a new product, but at a discounted rate. This is how you really save and still get the best gadgets you need.

Four Money-Saving Ideas for Delicious Dishes

Cooking delicious meals for you and your family takes more time – and money – than many realize. Not only do you have to spend time picking up the ingredients from the supermarket, but you also have to spend time in the kitchen bringing it to life. Such is the life of any home-maker!

While reducing the amount of time spent slaving away in the kitchen may not always be so easy, there are plenty of ways to reduce the amount spent on each meal. To all of you home chefs out there who are willing to roll up your sleeves and get creative, there are many unique ways to cook without breaking the bank.

Today, we’ll review four great ideas that can save you big money while still producing delectable dishes.

Go with the Casserole

One of the best ways to save money on cooking expenses is to find ways to create meals that can be enjoyed over and over again. Generally, cooking in bulk helps save money and can take a load off of you having to cook multiple meals each day.

One of the best examples is a casserole or hot-dish. Casseroles can be made from just about anything, meaning you already have many or all of the delicious ingredients you need in the kitchen. They also are the perfect item to cook when wanting to prepare something that’ll keep feeding the family for at least a couple of days.

There are literally thousands of casseroles and hot-dish recipes available online: check out this low-cost ham and egg casserole dish from pocketchangegourmet.com.

Use a Crock Pot

One of the easiest ways to simplify the cooking process while saving money is by using slow-cookers, pressure cookers and/or crock pots to prepare meals. With a crock pot, you can cook up virtually any dish imaginable.

Perfect for those who work full-time, a crock pot can be used to slowly cook meals to perfection while away from the house. Virtually any meat and vegetable combination can be used to cook healthy, inexpensive meals with minimal work.

One hot item on the market now is The Instant Pot, which uses a combination of slow-cooking and pressure cooking to generate crock pot-like results in a fraction of the time.

Replace Meat with Other Proteins

One of the most expensive ingredients in any meal is meat. Those who have transitioned fully to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle will tell you that preparing meals at home without meat significantly cut their grocery bills.

You don’t have to completely eliminate meat in order to enjoy savings, however. Protein is absolutely needed in a healthy meal, and you can find a variety of sources for it. From eggs and beans to peanut butter and various cheeses, focus on recipes that are filling but reduce or eliminate the amount of meat needed.

Buy in Bulk

It may seem like very broad advice, but shopping for groceries in bulk from one of many wholesale outlets or stores like Costco can help save huge sums when making delicious dishes. Whether you’re buying enough meat to last for one month or freezing huge blocks of cheese to use later, buying all of your basic ingredients in bulk can save as much as one-third of your total grocery bill.

Ultimately, saving money doesn’t mean ditching the delicious dishes you love. You can make a meal plan work on virtually any budget – as long as you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease. Whether it’s buying in bulk, using slow cookers, replacing meat with other proteins or cooking big dishes that use affordable ingredients, put these tips to work for you and start saving today!

How to Afford to Take a Masters in Health Administration

Education is worth the investment, but it’s not free and takes time to be affordable. There are several different ways to pay for an Online Masters in Health Administration degree course which we’d like to explore in this blog post. The MHA degree online is an ideal solution for career-minded professionals who are willing to allocate some of their free time to its pursuit.

Here are several approaches on how to pay for a degree and get a significant return on your educational and time investment during your career.

Put Together Some Savings

While you may or may not have been successful at putting together some savings from your salary before, it all comes down to having a motivating goal that’s personally meaningful to you. In which case, cutting back on the cable TV package, adjusting your number of restaurant trips per month and doing away with the gym membership for jogs around the park doesn’t seem like much of a sacrifice any longer.

Put together a spreadsheet with the total cost of the course, enter the amount you can save every paycheck and calculate how many months it will take to save the money to pay for the degree in cash. Then do what you can to either reduce your expenses to save more, add a second job or get busy with a side hustle or two.

Side Hustles

Side hustles are all about coming up with mini businesses that can make money in the short to medium term with limited upfront investment. In most cases, there is still some capital required to get started, but you can prioritize the ideas that show promise and also are free or close to free to start.

Take out a piece of paper and a pen, and brainstorm the different ways you can think to start a side hustle. Perhaps it’s something you know how to do that you can offer as a service locally in the evenings or on the weekend? What if you developed a website to promote products through reviews to earn commission? Or become a teacher to younger students who need to learn new skills. There are many different possible side hustle projects. Find the one(s) that fit your personality and skill set and get started.

Take on a Second Job

A second job can be anything that brings quick income in the door that can double or triple your savings rate. Delivering pizzas is one job, doing odd jobs for people on the weekends or working as a handyperson to fill in for people on the weekend is another thing you can do.

The big difference with a second job is that you’ve already covered all your living expenses, so other than any additional transportation or clothing expenses, the net proceeds are yours to save up. While it’s difficult to juggle two jobs and you might have to keep it separate from your main employer, it can make the difference between getting ahead with your education or having to put aside the dream of advancement.

Affording further education is never easy. You can take out a student loan if you can qualify, but it will come with interest added on top and it’s not always the best option. If you can find a way to fund it yourself without relying on a clean credit history to pass a loan application, that’s likely to be the best move even if it takes you a little longer to get there. Then you’re able to study without the added pressure of another debt to pay later.

4 Innovative Ways to Supplement Your Income

Is money, that is, not having enough of it, negatively impacting your life? It’s easy to fall behind on monthly bills. As dunning notices collect in your mailbox you can quickly fall into a depressed state as you worry about what could happen if you can’t pay your auto loans, mortgage or utilities.

Even with a full-time job, you can end up short the money you need to make it through the month. Bringing in a supplemental income while you keep your day job can be a lifesaver for anyone who can’t quite make ends meet. Whether you need to get your head above water or just need some extra money to enjoy a vacation or buy your kids new clothes, there are ways to bring in that extra cash. Take a look at these four innovative ways to supplement your income and find out if any of them are right for you.

1. Start a Dog Walking Service

This is a side gig that works perfectly with most people’s work schedules. If you have a 9:00 am start time, why not get up a couple of hours earlier to walk the neighborhood dogs? You can make between $6 and $12 per hour per dog. Manage to get three or four clients, and you could bring in an extra $500 to $1000 per month working early mornings and after you get home from work.

2. Hold Yard Sales

I know, this sounds more like a one-off solution to your money problems, but there are ways to get a steady supply of merchandise for a weekly event that could make you hundreds of dollars extra per month. Just start scouring your local thrift stores for great deals on used appliances, kid’s snow gear or shoes and anything else that looks like you could sell it at a tidy profit. Sure, this idea requires that you invest some cash upfront. But if you have an eye for bargains, it could be a fantastic opportunity to supplement your income.

3. Start a Sales Business in Your Spare Time

Door to door sales is an old American tradition, but there are many incredible success stories about people who made it big. While other companies will expect you to figure it out by yourself, Amway Education is a program that starts off with 26 courses and teaches you what you need to know about starting and running a business. You’ll have a mentor to guide you through the beginning stages and can complete the course from your home. It could be the ticket to a career that pays better than your current job!

4. Be an Online Juror

The proliferation of the internet into every part of our lives combined with trial attorneys looking for people to weigh in on cases that may not have been presented to a judge equals an opportunity to earn good money. The money you get paid ranges from $20 to $60 for up to an hour of work.

You can get paid well for reviewing legal cases online, answering a questionnaire and then your feedback is used by attorneys to discover the strengths and weaknesses of a case.


Top Money Saving Tips for Parents

There’s no two ways about it, being a parent can get really expensive. Even though we all know of this, surprisingly few of us seem to be properly prepared for it when the time comes. It is never too early to start budgeting for having a family and the sooner you prepare the easier it will be.

However, it is also true that it is never too late to start thinking about your family budget. Managing money isn’t a mystical skill that many of our friends seem to possess and we don’t, it is simply a matter of making the effort and dedicating yourself to your goal.

The best ways of saving money are the small things, the easy to do things, the things that you will barely notice if you start doing differently. For example, turning off lights when you leave a room, these small and easy savings will all add up a lot quicker than you might think.

In this article we take a look at some of the most effective, yet easiest to implement, things that you can do to start saving money for your family.

Make A Budget

Budgeting is the most important aspect of saving money. You will need to identify how much money you need to spend each week and then you will have an idea of how much money you have to play around with. Of course, it is up to you what percentage of the excess money you have that you’ll want to save, the more you can put away, the faster it will build.

Identify Your Goals

Be honest with yourself about the savings that you want to make and the savings that you think you are capable of making. You don’t want to set yourself up with an impossible task, it is therefore important that you are realistic and honest in your budgeting and planning. Set goals that you are confident you can stick to.

Free Samples

Free samples are an excellent way of scoring some free stuff and there is now a plethora of options for obtaining samples. Using the internet, it is possible to find a source for a sample of just about anything. For example, check out SampleStuff.com to trial Spotify Premium for free!


Coupons are a tried and tested method of making some great savings, there are a number of places where you can find coupons, traditionally they have been cut from magazines and newspapers, however these days the internet is probably a more reliable source.

Turn Things Off

This is one of the simplest yet most effective ways of making some serious savings. Whenever we leave the lights, or electronic devices switched on when they don’t need to be, we are paying needlessly for the privilege. Encourage your kids and spouse to also switch things off whenever they leave a room.

Saving money for your household carries with it a number of obvious advantages but the best part is that it will massively reduce the amount of stress and worry in your day to day life. For most people it is financial woes that cause the most stress and anxiety, having access to savings greatly reduces this.

Top 5 Ways You Can Get the Best Deals

No matter who you are or where you come from, everyone is on the lookout for a great deal. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on something you can get somewhere else cheaper. Many big companies know this, so they will use various ways to entice you to buy their products, even if it means giving a discount.

Here are a few tips on how you can get a great deal on almost anything if you know where to look.

Find Those Coupons

One of the best ways to get a deal is with coupons, and it isn’t as hard as it used to be. Before the internet, you have to rely on newspapers, magazines or your mail to be able to get coupons. Now, however, you can search for whatever coupon you need on the internet.

There are thousands of coupons out there for you to use on many different products, so finding the one you want is easy. You can download them and print them off, or some have a bar code that you can get scanned straight from your phone.

Wait to Checkout Online

If you like to use online shopping to buy your bargains, then why not try to get a voucher or coupon by waiting a little while. Next time you are shopping at your favorite online store, try to place what you want in the basket, then leave it in there for a day or two.

Some stores will send you an email asking if you want to buy your products and offer a discount as a result. It may not always work, but it is worth a try just to see if it will.

Discount Stores

In recent years there has been a big boom in the discount stores. Now, you can find these types of business both online and in the street. Online stores such as Deal Wiki, offer wiki deals that have discounted prices on various items.

You are often able to pick up a good bargain if you use them often as you can see the latest deals and get in there first. These types of business are great for birthday presents and other celebration gifts.

Gift Card Discounts

You might think gift cards are only useful as presents or when you’re on holiday, however, they can also be great for discounts. There are many sites out there that offer gift cards at a reduced price, or you may be able to pick them up from online discount stores.

The good thing about them is that you will then in effect, be getting a discount on the things you purchase with the gift card. You could also give them as presents and save a little money as well.

There are many ways that you can look and find those deals, all you need is to keep looking out for those offers. There are even forum sites that will tell people where they can find those coupons and deals.