Tips on Choosing Raincoats for Kids

If Suri Cruise lived in the early 80’s, she’d probably be pulling her hair out in all directions.  The limited fashion options for kids back then would have left little Miss Cruise severely frustrated.  Back in the day, kids’ raincoats styles left much to be desired.  They all used to be just buttoned down yellow polyester coats.  It almost felt as if you were wearing a tent.

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Fast forward to today, these raincoats have gone through a major overhaul.  The fashionista in you will be pleased to find that your little girl now has more options for raincoats.  They now come in various designs, and often come with matching fur lined childrens gumboots.

More than trendiness though, there are some other important factors to look for when shopping for raincoats for your kids.

Comfort, of course, is a priority.  Look for breathable, waterproof childrens raincoats.  The raincoat should also be cut in a way that provides enough room for your kid to splash in the rain.

It would also be smart to look for a raincoat with reflective piping for increased visibility in the rain.  Raincoats with a polyester shell and cotton lining are heaven sent, as these are machine washable and the colors won’t fade.

“Tis the season of April showers, so those pieces of adorable childrens swimwear you’ve been eyeing will have to take a backseat for now.  Make playing in the rain a delightful experience for your little girl by getting her a raincoat which not only reflects her personal style, but also is functional and durable.

The Case of the Missing Sense of Humor

When I was 10, I was a huge Nancy Drew fan.  If anything, those books were probably the only ones I really read.  I remember being curled up by the window, reading for long stretches, unmindful of the hunger pangs creeping in.  These mystery stories always kept me on my toes, ready to dash out my bedroom door if I can no longer stand the suspense.

Now, I feel there’s a mystery I must solve.  The clues to solving it continue to elude me, though.  It’s the case of the missing sense of humor- mine, to be exact!  For some reason, I feel that I’m not as witty as I used to be.  The torch of humor I used to carry now ceases to burn as brightly.  Over time, I have grown to take things a little too seriously, consequently failing to find the funnies in the smallest of things.

Is it motherhood?  I’d like to think not.  Although my priorities have shifted tremendously because of the huge responsibility of raising a kid, I don’t think this is the primary reason I’ve lost my sense of humor.

Probably, it’s because of the people I hang out with these days.  Years ago, I used to work in a company where my co-workers were my closest friends.  Day in, day out, we’d have so much fun, even if it meant simply goofing around at our office desks.  We seemed to all be on the same wavelength, that’s why we’d all get each other’s jokes.

I guess I just have to dig deep inside me.  I should still be able to unearth that foot-stomping, snorting kind of humor.  I miss it…

Trends in Rings for Women

Thinking about buying yourself a new ring? Before you begin shopping, make sure you know about the latest trends in women’s rings; you want to get yourself something stylish and not something dated, right? Or maybe you want to look fashionable but you also want to stand out in the crowd. Either way, we have a few ideas to make your style pop.

Big Colored Gemstones

One of the most popular trends for women’s rings this year may seem a little out there at first; it turns out the ladies are loving big gemstone rings. These rings boast gemstones the size of a knuckle, sometimes larger. Additionally, instead of using a traditional diamond, the rings use colored diamonds or other colored gemstones.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Many women report that they only want to wear jewelry made of eco-friendly materials. Eco-friendly rings are made of conflict-free diamondsor gemstones. They are often set in recycled gold settings, or a non-gold setting. Examples of non-gold settings include copper, titanium, stainless steel, and silver.

Twisted Bands

Twisted bands are huge ring trend right now. These rings featuring curved or interlaced bands that are filled with diamonds, or lead to one single gemstone. Many of these twisted bands also use a tension setting to hold the focal gemstone in place.

Vintage Rings

A lot of women are opting for thrift store glamour, coveting vintage rings. From vintage cocktail rings to vintage wedding rings, vintage jewelry is definitely in style. Some vintage rings are extremely cheap, while others cost thousands of dollars. There are also many rings currently on the market that imitate vintage style, for a lower price than actually buying vintage.

Geometric Rings

Geometric rings are a big thing right now in terms of women’s fashion. These sleek, industrial looking rings are all the rage among working, independent women. Partially inspired by the fashion of Lady Gaga, girls across the globe are hoping to get some geometric bling to put on their finger. Geometric fashions are popular in both costume jewelry and high-end jewelry; teenage girls are buying up cheap geometric rings, while brides are paying thousands to have geometric wedding rings custom-made for them.

Out There

When it comes to women’s ring trends this year, think of the phrase “out there.” Women want something a little different, a bit funky, and a whole lot of fresh. Do you have any friends sporting black diamond engagement rings? That’s what I mean by out there because it screams personality without being crazy.

Jewelry is about expressing yourself, so do it!

Oldies Music is The New Botox

Peter Pan would be green with envy if anyone told him that there exists a fountain of youth.  Since time immemorial, man has been on the endless- and seemingly futile- search for that proverbial wellspring of youth and lasting happiness.  If that fountain came in capsules, I’d be one of the first to make a beeline at the nearest pharmacy, make no doubt about it.

But more than looking young and cellulite-free, it’s important to feel young.  If you feel that you’re 10 or even 20 years younger than you actually are, you eventually end up looking younger as well.  Even if the gray hairs are starting to make their curtain call, you can still manage to stave off the unwanted depression that often comes with growing old by listening to oldies music.

When you listen to the music of yesteryears, you are inevitably transported back in time to when you were younger.  Nearly every joyous event of your childhood had some form of music as a backdrop, so if you listen to those songs once more, you relive those moments in an instant, as if you were in a time machine.

Listening to old music has this effect of making one happy.  When I’m in a particularly bad mood, I just look for an oldies radio station online, and suddenly I’m back in the spindly arms of my high school prom date, stuck in a time warp.  A wave of happy hormones comes over me, and in a jiffy, I am desensitized to whatever emotional pain I’m feeling.

When listening to oldies music, you can go as far back as the 60’s or 50’s.  You’d be almost amazed to know that you’d still find those types of music online.

If you want to minimize those fine lines showing on your face as you think about your distant love, just put on Gary Lewis and the Playboys, and you’ll “send him all your love everyday in a letter… sealed with a kiss…”


How to Make Money with Facebook

If memory serves me right, I think it was two years ago when I started going on Facebook.  I’m not one to succumb to pressure, but I finally got on the social networking bandwagon.  I have to admit that it was highly amusing to find out how my nerdy high school classmate looked stunning now, or how my orthodontist was a huge fan of puppies.  It was interesting to discover things about people I once met but never imagined would come across again.

More than connecting people and spying on their lives, Facebook provides opportunities for making money.  In between breaks from playing online poker on Facebook, you can actually make that virtual money real.  So how can you make money with your Facebook account?

If you didn’t already know, there are some Facebook applications which help you sell your stuff online.  One of these is Garage Sale.  It’s tied up with, and allows you to sell your old items to your hundreds of friends.

You can also create a Facebook fan page to promote your website.  Try to be a little more engaging by showing your fans that you care about what they need, and are not just out there to sell hard.  Happy customers of your service or product will eventually post on your page, and testify to the quality of your merchandise.

What could be more convenient than earning money online?  With a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll be well on your way to making money in ways you never thought possible.  You can start by adding me up on Facebook…


The (Humble) Beginnings of a Pepperrific Life

A few posts back, I wrote about February being the month of my blog’s anniversary.  Yes, it’s been a year since I started blogging.  I have finally found an online venue where I can showcase whatever writing prowess I think I possess.  Through this blog, I am also able to share with readers who stop by out of their own free will-no, I didn’t drug them- the tiny bits of insight on parenting I pick up here and there.

So, how did it all begin?  I didn’t just wake up one morning and decide that I wanted to build a website.  It did take a lot of careful discernment on my part, some and prodding from my cousin.  I was looking for something worthwhile to do to occupy my free time, and she encouraged me to start my own blog.  She introduced me to a blogger friend, and she helped show me the ropes of putting up a blog.

Over lunch break at work, I pondered on various ideas for a blog title.  I’m not quite sure what led me to choosing The Pepperrific Life, but that’s what I ended up with.  I wasted no time registering that domain name.  After buying a domain name, I subscribed to a web hosting service, got the WordPress platform set up, and the rest is pepperrific history.

If you don’t have one already, go ahead and start your own blog.  It will help get your creative juices flowing, and will open doors to opportunities and friendships.

I Heart Chef’s Uniforms

Let it be known that I have this secret fantasy of being a cast member of The Kitchen Musical.  I may not have been blessed with outstanding culinary prowess, but I believe that I’d look cute dancing around in a long sleeve chefs uniform.  What endears me to the show is not only their choice of music, but also their fascinating uniforms.

I hope this does not in any way classify me as weird, but I do enjoy feasting my eyes on cooks in chef whites.  It’s not a fetish, let me be clear on that.  I just feel there is a certain air of dignity that comes with a chef’s pants, robe and toque (I only found out recently that that’s the name for the tall hat they wear!).

Chefs do wear their uniforms with pride, as it signifies the hard work and training they have gone through to earn the right to be called a chef.  Gordon Ramsay in his short sleeve chefs uniform has the privilege of breathing down the contestants’ necks on Hell’s Kitchen because of his culinary expertise.

It’s important for them to wear these in order to project an image of cleanliness and professionalism in whatever restaurant they work for.  In most restaurants, customers are able to view the chefs at work right from their dining table, so they should look professional, even as they’re slicing and dicing away.

A chef’s uniform isn’t all about image though, as there is a lot of functionality to it.  The double-breasted jacket can be turned inside out just in case it gets too many stains on it.  And the extra cottony layer of the jacket itself helps protect the chef from extreme heat from the stove.  Even the houndstooth pattern on their pants helps conceal stains.

I may be no Rachael Ray, but I do hope to one day don a uniform befitting a bona fide chef.

Mommy Music Cravings: An Honest Music Download Site Review

Back in the day, I was an mp3 junkie.  I used to spend hours downloading songs from the now extinct Napster.  In between doing research for my college thesis, I’d squeeze in some time to download Madonna and A-Ha songs.  My reason for getting an internet service provider then was more for music downloads than for schoolwork, I must admit.

Fast forward to today, I am a single mom with cellulite-laden thighs and an undying love for music.  Yes, the years may have taken their toll on my formerly dreamy body, but my burning desire for songs of various genres is still alive.  Napster may have died an untimely death, but it’s good to know that there is MP3Mixx. is an mp3 download site with a huge selection of music to choose from.  It’s always updated with the latest songs from your favorite artists.  My daughter is a major fan of Lady Gaga, and she’s only too happy to know that I am able to download her favorite songs from this site.  They go straight from the laptop to her mp3 player.

What’s nice about MP3Mixx is the interface isn’t intimidating.  It’s really easy to navigate and find the songs I want.  I can get pretty impatient, so it’s really convenient that this website is able to come up with search results quickly.

Another thing, if the song you’re looking for is not on their website, they’ll offer you suggestions of other songs by the same artist.  If you’re searching for a Beatles song, don’t worry, they won’t fill your screen with a list of songs by Pink.

If you’re not sure about a particular song, this website allows you to preview the mp3 before downloading it.  Don’t worry about the poor sound quality of the preview.  The actual mp3 sounds far better, and you can choose its bitrate prior to downloading.

Since I’m a mom, price is of the utmost importance.  MP3Mixx agrees with me, as the prices of its tracks come at a cheap 15 cents each.  Wow, you could get an entire album for only a few dollars!

MP3Mixx is now my go-to place to satisfy my cravings for music ranging from the 70’s to the present day.  Listening and dancing to music of all kinds is something my daughter and I enjoy doing together.  Who would’ve thought that an mp3 downloads site can keep that maternal bond ever so tight?

Why Tunics Work at Work

A single mom’s life is riddled with much anxiety.  Since there is a lot of uncertainty about my daughter marrying a wealthy prince in the future, I have to make sure that I provide for all her needs, so she doesn’t have to worry about finances as she grows up.  I constantly devise ways to earn an extra buck here and there, with the fervent desire to eventually put up my own business.  And, one of the businesses I have in mind is a beauty salon.

There’s just something about a beauty salon which attracts its usual denizens.   Be it the casual banter going on between hairdresser and client, or the promise of a stunning manicure, beauty salons never fail to have a steady stream of customers flowing in and out of their premises.

I have also noticed how beauty salon workers look more professional and dignified in their beauty tunics.  If and when I do put up my own beauty salon, I will make my staff wear tunics.   That way, customers can clearly identify a salon worker from a wannabe.   It makes the staff feel competent at what they do, thus compelling them to give customers better service.

What’s good about beauty tunics is they are both functional and fashionable.  They were made to withstand the tough stains they are susceptible to inside the salon.  At the same time, they come in various designs which are a far cry from the drab salon uniforms of centuries past.  They are also more form-fitting now, without constricting freedom to move about.

As I surfed the net for a good enough beauty tunic for women, I was surprised at the treasure trove of cheapbeauty tunics out there.  I never knew there was a wide range of salon tunics and uniforms to choose from.  The beauty tunic cotton industry seems to be in full swing with the huge selection of salon wear.

Salon tunics will definitely be part of my priorities list when I do manage to establish myself in the beauty salon industry. I can dream, can’t I?

Ich Liebe Blog Awards

I’m not one to brag about my accomplishments, not only because they are few and far between, but because I’m not really comfortable having the limelight to myself.   But since I am clothed in the shadows of my blog, I can safely boast that back in college- and I mean waaay baaack!- I used to be at the top of my German class.    But although I aced almost every quiz and exam, I don’t remember ever coming across the word “liebster”- until now.

I am deeply grateful to Taylor of TaylorCares for honoring The Pepperrific Life with the Liebster Blog Award.  I was pleasantly surprised and flattered to have been given this recognition.

Liebster is a German word which means “dearest” or “beloved”, but can also mean “favorite”.  The aim of the Liebster  Blog Award is to draw more attention to blogs with 300 or less followers.

If you happen to be a recipient of this award, you must do the following:

Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them

Share your top 5 picks for the award and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog

Post the award on your blog

Hope your recipients pass the award to their 5 favorite blogs to keep the love flowing

So, here are the five bloggers who I wish to present the Liebster Blog Award to:

Anne- Green Eggs and Moms

Tat – Mum in search

Natalie- From Corporate to Domestic

Cari- Bubble Gum on My Shoe

Sie- A Life’s Journey