How to Teach Your Kids About the Importance of Education

A lot of us, when we think back to being in school, don’t necessarily miss it! It can, therefore, be easy to relate to our kids when they say that school is boring, or that they don’t see the point in certain things they are taught there (like trigonometry – which let’s face it, unless you are planning to work in physics or engineering, is unlikely to be knowledge that you’ll ever have to draw upon after you finish studying it at school!).

Of course, as adults, we do know that education is important, and we want our kids to understand that too. However, this isn’t something that is always that easy to grasp when you are actually a kid, and the people you look up to are more likely to be athletes and pop stars than those with advanced degrees!

Here are some of the things to think about when talking to your kids about why education is important.

Communication and Participation

Kids today are growing up in a world where literacy is more important than ever before, thanks to the internet and mobile devices. To be functional in that world and get the most out of life, you need to be good at reading and writing. Imagine not having the confidence to say what you want in a message in today’s society – you just can’t replace written communication with a phone call or face to face contact. Teaching kids that studying hard when it comes to language will make them able to have more fun with their friends, find out about the things that interest them the most online, and make everything generally easier for them, might be more relatable to them than telling them they need to have good writing skills because it will help them in a future career they can’t yet picture.

Preparing For Bigger Decisions

Teaching kids that at school, they should try and learn about all of the topics put in front of them because it will help them know what really interests them, can help them with bigger decisions later on, such as which college courses to take. Explain to them that even if their dream career is something they don’t see as traditionally academic, such as art or music, every study path, even in these fields, will require them to be good at learning in terms of researching, absorbing knowledge, and questioning things. You can even show them the requirements for varied career study paths, for example, at to give them an idea of just how much things like math and literacy are important for most paths.

Learning Independently

As well as the education they can get at school, it can also help to teach kids that they have access to so much information that it can be a good use of their time to learn on their own about the things that actually inspire them. Almost everyone can find something they are passionate about and like watching videos about or reading about, so if your child loves dinosaurs, space, cars, fashion or anything else, encouraging them to learn about it can help them find their own love of learning more easily.

Getting kids fired up about education isn’t always easy, but by thinking of things that are relatable to their lives now, as well as in the future, you can show them just how powerful being well educated can be.


5 Real Creatures That Make Great Campfire Horror Stories

While the typical idea of a campfire horror story usually entails some sort of murderer in either alien or human form, very few go further than that, which is a shame. Earth is home to a plethora of terrifying critters that will scare the thermal socks off any kid when told near a campfire on a chilly night.

All you have to do is understand what makes the creature scary, from its lethal venom to its eyes that look right into your soul, then use a bit of imagination and twist those facts into a truly terrifying story. Your kids will think you’ve braved the deepest oceans and darkest dungeons to find these creatures and be able to fully describe them. Even when the truth is that you just read this article. But we’ll keep that between us.

So without further ado, here are five real creatures currently lurking among us that make for some great campfire horror stories.

Mata Mata Turtle

While the idea of an actual walking turtle the size of a human capable of using ninja skills to fend off attackers is quite terrifying, it isn’t real. The Mata Mata, however, is very real and very, very ugly. This abomination is native to South America and essentially looks like a giant spiked lizard that has outgrown its shell.

Now you’d be thinking, if the purpose of the shell is to protect the turtle, why is this one barely fitting inside of it? Well, look at it. Nobody is going to attack this thing – it’s going to attack them.

Coconut Crab

Don’t let its playful name fool you. This awful looking beast is not only huge, but its strong enough to crush a human skull with its pincers and it lives up to 60 years. Imagine a spider, but with a hard shell and a 38-inch length from leg to leg. Don’t forget the giant pincers.

If you’re interested in reading more about the Coconut Crab, Midday Daily News has a piece detailing all the facts.

Tailless Whip Scorpion

The Tailless Whip Scorpion, or Amblypygi, takes the worst qualities of a bug, spider and scorpion and puts them together to create a truly ugly little monster. It can shove prey into its mouth using its hands and has a whole array of other legs and feelers, making it look more like some sort of anorexic land urchin. Not the type of thing you’d want to touch.

Deep Sea Holothurian

Commonly known as “Cthulhu Larva,” this blob of yuck has no face and feeds on the ocean floor. The species is surprisingly resilient and has lived for a long time. This is likely due to the fact that no creature would want to lay its teeth into it based on looks alone.

Deep Sea Hatchetfish

Remember that line about the creature with eyes that look into your soul? Well, this is it. Due to its preference for darkness, it has two disgusting black and gray spheres attached to the side of its head that were once eyes. Pair that with a ghoulish droopy mouth and you have some proper nightmare fuel.

The world is full of strange creatures and critters and these are just the tip of the iceberg!

3 Things You Should Consider when Picking a Family Dog

Choosing a family dog is a choice that you’ll have to live with for years to come. You hopefully want to make the new dog an integral part of the family and nobody buys a dog with the intention of giving it away because he was incompatible. This is why there are many factors that need to be considered before you bring one home. Here are some of the main things you should think about when buying a family dog.

Why do You Want a Dog?

The first thing you have to consider is why you want the dog in the first place. Are you simply looking for a dog your children will be able to play with, or do you want a dog with a purpose, such as a watchdog for instance? Do you need him to be able to follow you when you go jogging or cycling in the morning, or do you want an “accessory” dog like Paris Hilton and the like? All these questions will narrow down which type of breed you should be looking for – and which ones to avoid.

How Much Space Do You Have?

This is also a major factor to consider when buying any dog. Some dogs need more space than others and some work better as homebodies. Some breeds need to be active and won’t be happy if you don’t have a big yard they’ll be able to play in. Others may become depressed and restless if kept inside all the time and might develop behavioral issues. All these factors are central when choosing the right dog for you.

Which Breed Works the Best for You?

Now that you’ve narrowed down these two issues, you can start thinking about dog breeds. Different breeds have developed differently over the years and have acquired different attributes, depending on their environment.

If you’re looking for a watchdog, for instance, then you might go with something like a Bullmastiff or a Doberman Pinscher. However, these may be intimidating for some people, especially if you have small children. If that is the case, then you could look at smaller watchdogs instead. Some of the best small watchdogs include miniature Schnauzers, the Silky Terrier and Klein German Spitzs. All of these smaller watchdogs are very good with children and also work well in indoor settings.

If you’re looking for a jogging partner, then you could consider going for something like a Labrador Retriever. Not only are they very active and love the great outdoors, they’re also great with kids, making them one of the best family dogs you can find. Labs have strong but lean frames that allow them to follow you wherever, whether it’s on skate, foot, or bike. Not only that, but they’re also very obedient and loyal, making them perfect adventure companions as well.


Adding a dog to your family can be great, but it also comes with a set of responsibilities. Choosing the right dog is the first step to ensuring that the integration goes as smoothly as possible.




Coffee Mugs Make Nice Gifts

Customized coffee mugs are appreciated by their recipients, especially when they are personalized with the person’s name or monogram. Most people are coffee drinkers, and having a special mug will bring you, the gift giver, to mind with every indulgent and relaxing sip and make a lasting impression on those you care for. A personalized gift indicates thoughtfulness and shows that you took time for planning. It stands out from the crowd and is unique.

Ceramic coffee mugs come in a range of colors, styles, and ounces and can be used for anything from a “spot of tea” or a single espresso shot up to a double latte or a giant drip coffee. The handle provides an easy way to support and lift the mug and protects your hand from burning on the sides of a mug due to the hot liquid.

These mugs and other gift items aren’t just for Christmas. They are fun for birthdays, graduations, as a “thank you” to a person or a special customer, congratulations for something like a promotion, get well wishes, or any type of occasion.

Some examples of the mug designs are a fashion car, a woman sitting on top of a set of luggage, many with decorative and colorful high heel shoes, different destination fashion cities including tropical ones, fancy hats, clothing, beautiful evening gowns, purses, cowgirl boots and hat, sports, and more.

Christmas ones feature a snow scene, several with different snowmen, a sleigh, several with reindeer, Christmas stockings, Santas, ornaments, gingerbread man, wreath, and many others with very distinctive designs.

Hoalt Design boasts of being from deep in the heart of Texas but with a desire to serve customers throughout the United States. Although they specialize in a large variety of Christmas items, their new blog will publish regular posts that will give you year-round ideas and helpful information for all your gift giving to family, friends, customers, and co-workers with an easy and convenient, easy “click.”

Their selection of outstanding and trendy one-of-a-kind items that add a custom touch include latte and other mugs, custom pillow covers from flowers to ones for kids and other categories, fashion art notes, Texas Christmas cards, notepads, thank you notes, cell phone cases, and more. Future plans will feature t-shirts and wall art. Contact them with any questions or for more details.

Understanding Marketing Techniques For Rehab Facilities

Understanding Marketing Techniques for Rehab Facilities

Google has recently started to come down hard on rehab facilities that create advertisements that contain images or language targeting the desperation felt among drug addicts, alcoholics and their families. In fact, many of the ads that Google removed during the purge contained false promises, guarantees and in some cases, outright lies designed to scare individuals into selecting the advertised facility over its competitors. Whether looking for inpatient alcohol rehab in Altoona or a program targeted at opioid users in Seattle, potential clients and their families deserve to be on the receiving end of quality marketing and truthful advertising in their search for recovery options.

Sending the Right Message

While marketing to those who are struggling with addiction seems deplorable to those who do not work in the field, the fact remains that businesses cannot succeed without some sort of advertising. However, unlike marketing and advertising for other types of companies, those attempting to reach drug and alcohol abusers are not simply out to sell their product; handled appropriately, marketing for rehab centers is the best way to respond to the increasing need for such facilities without cornering the addict on his or her behavior.

Reaching the Intended Audience

Like most other businesses, the majority of the marketing for drug and alcohol rehab programs is found on the internet. While some companies feel like search engine optimization is a dying concept, connecting with people through the medium that they use most often is still incredibly valuable. Because 75 percent of web users never browse beyond the first page of Google results, it is vital to ensure that a program’s advertising is optimized to directly target those who are looking for exactly what the rehab facility is offering.

Content, Keywords and Back Links

One of the best ways to reach those who need the resources that a rehab program provides is to offer website content that is relevant to the addict’s substance abuse issues. For example, a focused blog that addresses the health concerns, addictive behaviors or potential for recovery is an excellent way gain more website traffic and more business.

Of course, the blog in question will need to be carefully crafted to ensure that it is keyword-rich; the best rehab program in the world will go largely undiscovered if the website does not contain search terms the average internet user will enter when looking for information on addiction or rehab.

Another vitally important part of reaching the proper audience with useful information that could result in more business is the process of creating back links. Providing quality content that real addicts, alcoholics or their families can use is one of the best ways to ensure that the facility’s blog receives the attention that it deserves. Every time another company, news outlet or individual cites the original website, a back link is created; in essence, back linking is not only a great means of avoiding plagiarism, it is a fantastic way to gain organic website traffic.

Growing a Website Takes Time

While any webmaster can create a large volume of new content and place it on a website in a relatively short period of time, gaining the traffic needed to generate new business leads tends to take awhile. However, by using a series of effective keywords and providing content that could eventually become back linked to the site, rehab facilities will slowly improve their search engine ranking; as ranking increases, the likelihood of reaching those who need drug or alcohol-related treatment also grows.

Building a Community

A solid website is created around useful, interesting content that contains the type of keywords that an intended audience actually uses. However, those websites, and thereby the rehab facilities that they are promoting, can continuously keep their readers close at hand by creating a community. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube often come together cohesively to build a strong community of users who visited the original website for one reason or another. The more followers that businesses have on the various social media sites, the more likely they are to gain new business from their online marketing efforts.

Making Professionalism Count

Regardless of how a rehab facility chooses to conduct its web-based marketing, remaining professional and empathetic will go a long way toward reaching an audience of addicts or frightened family members. While drug rehab marketing is a sensitive area, proceeding with professionalism may generate excellent results for both the facility and those men and woman who they are serving.

Harmless Pranks You Can Do to Your Non-Geeky Friends

It’s almost the end of the year, yet the news cycle doesn’t seem to slow down. Bitcoin surged past the $12,000 ceiling, the US announced its plan to move its embassy to Jerusalem, and the Emir’s busy schedules bring us more news on a daily basis. It is probably a good idea to take a break from all of that, don’t you agree?

Pranks and tricks are among the best ways to have fun with friends. Some pranks are harmless and purely fun; these are the pranks you want to try to unwind. Here are the best, harmless pranks you can do to your non-geeky friends.

VNC Remote Control

Most computers can be controlled remotely out of the box. The remote-control feature is designed to enable remote support and other services, particularly to help those who are non-technical in solving their computer problems. There are also third-party solutions for controlling PCs remotely, with VNC being one of the best – and free – alternative to use.

You can install VNC on your friends’ computer quietly. The next time they come around to use the PC, you can activate remote control and start pranking them. Try not to laugh as you see the face of your confused friends when they see the mouse pointer moves on its own.

Use Net Send

Sticking with Windows/PC-based pranks, there is another built-in command that is useful for pranking. That command is Net Send. The command, as you would’ve already guessed, is there to enable sending messages to other computers in the same network. You only need to know the recipient’s computer name or IP address to send a message.

For the prank to work, change the name of your computer first. Change it to something like “Ministry of Interior” or “Microsoft”, and then send a message to scare your friend. You need to type “net send [computer name or IP address] [message]” into your Command window and hit Enter to send the message.

Prank Calls

Do you know that there are websites that let you prank-call your friends in a few clicks? White Summary published a great list of prank dialer websites you can use to prank-call your friends easily. Using any of these websites, you can schedule a prank call with your own message.

These websites use text-to-speech to convert your message into speech. Keep in mind that not all of the voices are natural, so you might want to take that into account when setting the prank call. I’d go with something like a wake-up call or a notification from the credit card company.

IOS Dictionary Shortcuts

The last prank on our list involves swapping some words in the iOS Dictionary shortcuts. Swap a frequently used word with something absurd or funny; try to avoid getting too obscene if you can. The next time your friend types that word, iOS Dictionary will automatically replace the word. This can get very funny, very quickly.

These are all simple pranks to try. The year-end office party is just around the corner, which means now is the perfect time to put these pranks to good use.

What Not to Gift for Any Occasion

What Not to gift for any Occasion


Shopping for a gift can be a headache and may even reduce the spirit of the perfect holiday. Moreover, thinking of the right gift for a loved one can be a delicate task as the wrong present can lead to offending the receiver. To avoid such mishaps, and not spoil the mood of the holiday, you may want to avoid giving the following gifts.

  • Underwear

Although these can be a great gift for your beloved, presenting these to anyone else may only mortify you as well as the receiver. So, do not create an awkward situation by gifting one of these.

  • Pets

Anyone who looks forward to adopting a pet decides about it in the long run, and not instantaneously, as a pet is a living object that requires feeding, caring, etc. In addition, presenting a pet to someone who is not ready to have one will only annoy him/her. So, avoid it.

  • Clothes

Presenting someone with clothes is not a good idea as most people have their own choice of choosing a clothing and buying something for them from your own choice may not necessarily be a preferable option for the receiver as well. Moreover, there could be issues with a wrong size as well.

  • DVDs

While this may have been a great option to gift in the past, the current technology is more about streaming and downloading media. Therefore, your gifted DVD may not even be of much use to the person. It may only end up in an empty space in his/her room.

  • Money

Gifting money to kids may excite them, but presenting cash to a grown up may not be a good idea as it may look tacky. Instead of money, you can choose a gift card for them as a lovable present.

  • Household items

While regular household items may seem like a good choice for gifting, all may not warmly welcome them. Moreover, presenting someone with such items may make them think that they are not able to take proper care of their house on their own.

  • A gym membership

No matter how good your intentions are while gifting one of these, this could result in a negative implication in the mind of the receiver. Moreover, it may make them feel that you are criticizing their physique and want them to work out and get in shape or something.

  • Expensive gifts

This may seem a little too generous and may make the other person feel miserable if they are not at an equal financial level as you. So, avoid such a gift.

Gifting is an activity that requires one to be extra careful as to not hurt the emotions of the person. A better suggestion would be to gift something that you made on your own with your DIY experience. Such a gift will be more admired by the receiver without a doubt. You can find some tips and tricks on the online platform for coming up with cool ideas to do so.



20 Everyday Hacks to Make Your Life Easier


About the Author:
Swati is a Software Engineer by profession and a wife who loves to put life in words with a little sarcasm and fun. Her blog  is her passion and a platform she chose to express her interests and love for cooking, fashion and life.

Top Tips: When Not To Sell Your House

There will be occasions when you would need to stop selling your house. Those occasions palpably indicate adverse market conditions for property selling and thus, potentially go against the interests of the house owners.

Key areas of not selling your house

  • Sudden fall in property market: If the overall property price is experiencing a sudden fall in your niche market, it is advisable to hold selling a property for the time being. Having said that, we mean, until the property market regains, you should hold selling. After all, each bearish market is followed by a bullish market and the cycle keeps continuing throughout the world. Therefore, you should never sell a property when the market is going down reasonably fast. For instance, immediately after the 2016 BREXIT poll results in UK, the overall property price fell well below the mark all across the UK. Any attempt to sell a property during this period must have caused a huge loss on your investment.
  • Regression in the property market: There are times when the property market suffers from a regression for a sufficiently long period. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the property market will remain so forever. Instead, from our experience, we can tell you that it’s actually preparing for the biggest jump ever just like the lion that takes two steps back before a big jump. However, things like a change in the policies of the local governments work like a catalyst here. Therefore, stop selling your house until the market resurges for some obvious reasons.
  • Interest rate hike: If there is a sudden hike in interest rate in your niche market, it is almost certain that the property market will take a big jolt. Having said that, we mean, a hike in interest rate negatively impacts the property market. Therefore, waiting for the right opportunity to sell will be the biggest differentiator here. In other words, you have to be calculative and market savvy for the purpose of selling a property or two in your niche market.
  • Empty property: Avoid selling an empty property that fails to connect with a buyer’s thought process. What we mean here is that every buyer wants to visualise how a property is actually going to fit into his requirement before an actual buy. It’s the same way how you buy any product for you. In other words, as a house owner, you must think to be in the shoes of a buyer.
  • Property without renovation: A property with a poor maintenance spreads negative impression about it. Therefore, you must avoid selling such a property at the first place.
  • Selling on your own: Hire an expert such as an estate agent to sell your property as the expert has a database of prospective buyers backed by years of hands-on experience and expertise of property selling across the markets. In other words, you must avoid selling a property on your own at the first place.

In short, you must know the right timing for selling your house. It essentially holds the key to success here in terms of your happiness and the return on investment.

On the Go With the mifold Booster Seat: A Review


If I got paid a dollar for every time I heard somebody say, “It takes a village to raise a child.”, I’d be filthy rich by now- and probably buy my own village!  
I know for a fact that there is a load of truth to that adage.  Being a single mom, I can evidently say that it IS challenging to raise a child alone- and running errands or going on last minute trips with a fidgety child in tow is one of the challenges motherhood comes with.


Luckily, I got my hands on this portable car booster seat called mifold. It’s tiny enough to fit in a handbag, as it folds up to 10in x 5in and weighs 750g.  What it does is it brings the car seatbelt down to the right height, instead of lifting the child up.  That’s what sets it apart from the traditional booster seat.  It has three width settings, and doesn’t take a lot of muscle to unfold and use.  You simply pull the lap belt through the slots on either side of your child’s thighs, and then buckle the seatbelt in place.  Then, you fasten the shoulder belt above the child’s shoulder.  Easy peasy!
The mifold came in handy when I had to bring my son with me to visit a friend recently.  I managed to secure my child in the backseat of the taxi, and we were good to go.  It was just him and me, and I was carrying a lot of stuff, so the mifold proved to be really convenient.  Too bad, I wasn’t able to take photos of the mifold in action, as my child hates being photographed!
Check out the mifold booster seat here.  What other booster seats have you tried?